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Blog : Twisted Architecture

Blog : Twisted Architecture
I didn’t set out to tie knots in Norman Foster’s Hearst Tower or wrinkle his Gherkin, but I got carried away. It’s one of the occupational hazards of working with Mathematica. It started with an innocent experiment in lofting, a technique also known as “skinning” that originated in boat-building. I wanted to explore some three-dimensional forms, and a basic lofting function seemed like a quick ticket to results. I dashed off the function Loft, which takes a stack of three-dimensional contours and covers it with a skin of polygons. Loft uses Mathematica‘s GraphicsComplex primitive to factor out the geometries of the polygons from their topologies. I tried out Loft by embedding it in a Manipulate, and was happily on my way discovering some interesting new forms. Even this trivial parameterization of a scaled and twisted half-sphere yields an amazing variety of forms, each of which suggests interesting avenues to explore. I wondered how convincingly I could model the Gherkin in Mathematica.

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Pages of Code / RVB / Back Pages of Code / RVB / Back Option Explicit ‘Script written by <Marc Fornes> ‘Script copyrighted by <Marc Fornes /> ‘Script version 13 September 2007 16:05:03 Call Main() Sub Main() Dim i,j,k Dim arrPt Dim dblLow : dblLow = -5 Dim dblUp : dblUp = 10 Dim arrPts() Dim n : n = 0 Call rhino.enableRedraw(False) Banach-Tarski Paradox Did you know that it is possible to cut a solid ball into 5 pieces, and by re-assembling them, using rigid motions only, form TWO solid balls, EACH THE SAME SIZE AND SHAPE as the original? This theorem is known as the Banach-Tarski paradox. So why can't you do this in real life, say, with a block of gold? The Astounding Design Of Eixample, Barcelona Constructed in the early 20th century, Eixample is a district of the Spanish city of Barcelona known for the urban planning that divided the district into octagonal blocks. Influenced by a range of schools of architecture, Eixample Barcelona was designed in a grid pattern with long streets, wide avenues, and rounded street corners. Despite being in the center of a thriving European metropolis, the district provides improved living conditions for inhabitants including extensive sun light, improved ventilation, and more open green space for public use. And of course, the result from the grid-like structure is astounding from above:

Dror Island If this comes to fruition, this may be the sweetest, or at least largest-scale design gig we've ever heard of: Dror Benshetrit designs an island for 300,000 inhabitants. Not just the structures they'll live in, but the entire island. The Canal Istanbul project is the current Turkish Prime Minister's plan to bisect Istanbul on the European side, connecting the Black Sea with the Sea of Marmara. The resultant waterway would create a new shipping lane, reportedly creating a more safe way for 56,000 vessels a year to traverse the two bodies of water. Dredging the canal would produce a reported one billion cubic meters of earth. What to do with all that soil? Pages of code RVB-Processing / B Pages of code RVB-Processing / Back Option Explicit ‘Script written by <insert name> ‘Script copyrighted by <insert company name> ‘Script version Wednesday, October 01, 2008 3:42:11 PM Call Main() Sub Main() Dim arrCrvs : arrCrvs = rhino.GetObjects(“pick crvs”) Dim i,j Dim xLayer,yLayer Dim arrpts Dim arrPlane Dim arrplaneRef : arrPlaneRef = Rhino.WorldXYPlane Dim srf, borders, borderCent Dim newOrigin Dim counter : counter = -1

process-work « Studio Two – Relational Architecture Laying out the industrial program on site in accordance to different degrees of flexibility and requirements of the elements. This is the first of 3 drawings showing the individual approaches of users, planting and industry. These drawings will then be over layered to form a specific site strategy. Page looking at the requirements for ethanol / vodka production, I have chosen to manipulate the process structure in such a way as to place unusual elements in close proximity to each other. Wonders of Math - The Game of Life What is the Game of Life? by Paul Callahan Rules of the Game of Life Life is played on a grid of square cells--like a chess board but extending infinitely in every direction.

Architecture Imagine the renovation dilemmas. A huge penthouse of a converted 1930s office building in TriBeCa, New York, is to be turned into a functioning home for a family with three teenagers. In fact, we can not quite imagine the issues that faced Steven Harris Architects when the family showed up, literally, at the doorstep of the celebrated architect and asked if he’d like to work on their home. Harris said yes and proceeded to make his magic. Ultra Modern and Luxurious Thailand Architecture Building Ole Scheeren September 10, 2009 by newhouseofart This is great modern architecture building pictures from Mahanakhon Ole Scheeren, OMA Thailand. All people always say that this is best architectural design. May be you can find and get inspiration to make your modern house design ideas.

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