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Constable Henry: Just a moment, sir. I know everyone in this neighborhood, but I’ve never seen your face before. Can you account for yourself? Freddy: Yes, I am Dr. by The FrankensTeam This guest post is from the E90E50 FrankensTeam, i.e., Roberto Mensa, Kris Szabó, and Gábor Madács. While I was reading Jon’s work using VBA Approaches to Plotting Gaps in Excel Charts I started to think, because I felt there had to be another solution which was waiting to be discovered… Jon provided two different VBA routines as a solution for the problem: one changes the chart series formatting, the other changes the underlying data. Some time ago I realized that it is possible to use union of ranges in chart series. Now, a few months later, thinking about the gap problem… Eureka! The union of separate ranges could be a solution, especially if we can build it up using the UDF within a named formula! Let us explain how it could work. The series formula of the chart looks like: =SERIES("ref to rng",,line_chart! Related:  Data visualisation toolsExcel

Data Visualization Review: Gephi, Free Graph Exploration Software I do not often get to play with networks, yet I find them fascinating and full of knowledge gathering potential. The data visualization works of Moritz Stefaner, Jer Thorp, and Mark Lombardi captivate me. I am intrigued by relationships, how we perceive them, and how we can understand them. Gephi, the "Open Graph Viz Platform", is not just for the hobbiest node nerd. So what is Gephi capable off? Gephi interface displaying airline traffic data. Pros — Options! Cons — Interface is a bit cluttered. Main interface displaying the Diseasome data. Review Overall, Gephi is a useful and interesting tool. There are some plugins available for Gephi that extend the functionality. The only thing keeping Gephi from being a professional grade tool is its bugginess and lack of documentation. Graph of Minard's data using Gephi and the GeoLayout plugin. For the Purists Gephi is a purist's delight. Two nerdy charts of network statistics that Gephi will output.

Pearson Software Consulting, LLC, Comprehensive Excel Information This web site is brought to you as a public service by Chip Pearson and Pearson Software Consulting, LLC. We provide complete consulting and custom application design and development for Excel, Office, Visual Basic, and the NET Framework in VB.NET and C#. For more information about how to turn Excel into a powerful application platform, contact Chip Pearson at (816) 214-6957. This web site contains about 500 individual topic pages that together cover all aspects of Excel, from simple formulas through Automation and COM Add Ins and into the NET Framework. The content of the site provides you with the tools you need to create workbooks and VBA projects. I have not yet upgraded all the modules to 64-bit Office, so some of the code may not work in 64-bit Office, especially code that uses the Windows API functions with the Declare syntax.

Welcome to The Digital Open! | The Digital Open bayapartmentbroker | Just another real estate investing blog SWF Charts > Introduction XML/SWF Charts is a simple, yet powerful tool to create attractive charts and graphs from XML data. Create an XML source to describe a chart, then pass it to this tool's flash file to generate the chart. The XML source can be prepared manually, or generated dynamically using any scripting language (PHP, ASP, CFML, Perl, etc.) XML/SWF Charts makes the best of both the XML and SWF worlds. Features: Quick generation of charts and graphs from static or dynamic data (any scripting language) Full updates and data streaming without reloading the web page. Testimonials I just wanted to pass along how well your script worked for our stock performance page. Good work! This is amazing software. Just want to thank you for this wonderful upgrade. I purchased your product a couple days ago and first had time to sit down and work with it this morning. Wow, you are the best! Thanks for your great script. I am very excited to have found your product on "hotcripts". You are freaking amazing. THIS ROCKS!

Excel Zoom 社会型学习实验室 SGLCTManual200905 出自SocialLearnLab (重定向自SLSS200905) 跳转到: 导航, 搜索 [编辑] 《村落学习——技术环境手册》 [编辑] 手册简介 项目名称: 《村落学习——技术环境手册》(原名:自生长社区技术进阶手册200905版) 缩写: SGLCTManual200905 ( Self-Growing Learning Community Technological Manual 200905) Tag: SGLCTManual200905 ,SGLCTManual 项目介绍: 为帮助新手快速进入和熟悉社会化网络学习环境,教育大发现社区(SocialLearnLab,SLL)组织编写了《村落学习》丛书,包括“技术环境手册”、“村民连接手册”、“村落管理手册”三部分。 编写《村落学习》丛书的过程,也是教育大发现社区对自身村落建设实践经验的提炼和沉淀过程。 《村落学习——技术环境手册》,主要是针对实践中,新手人群使用这些软件时,通常会碰到的典型关键问题,以问题与问题解决为线索,组织编写内容,旨在帮助新手入门上路,而不是要做到面面俱到介绍这些软件。 内容模块: 《村落学习——技术环境手册》,具体内容模块包括: Gmail GoogleGroups Haokanbu Wiki Diigo Twitter GoogleReader 编写原则: 通俗,平实,基础,明确,把任务切割,以实践中新手上路出现的典型问题为点,来组织内容片断的编写。 编写平台: [编辑] PDF电子版下载 从dropbox下载: 社区服务器下载: slideshare 在线查看及下载: 豆丁网阅读下载: [编辑] 版权说明 您可以自由: 惟须遵守下列条件: [编辑] 联系,反馈 [编辑] 概述 概 述 查看 导航

Moneychimp: learn Stock Investing, Index Funds, Valuation Models, and more. Student Performance Dashboard Dashboard Description: Top section gives comparative analysis of Class teachers Maths class (based on latest math assessment score) with the her other classes, overall school performance and district. Looking at the data her current class performance is below Average compared to her other classes. Class Summary: All Students are categorised in different colors based on their latest math assessment score. Similar to performance, I have categories behavioural data in different shades of blue. Top Right section gives comparative analysis of detailed student performance with other classes, school and district level students. Right bottom gives overall details of students which requires special disciplinary and performance attention.