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Harry Potter and the Heir of Slytherin Chapter 1: Days of Summer, a harry potter fanfic Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter. All rights of the books and Harry Potter franchise belong to JK Rowling. Book II Harry Potter and the Heir of Slytherin show us the report! Sadly for all of us chocolate lovers, the cocoa plant is one of the most corrupt agricultural crops in the world1, 2. We were upset to be presented an independent report by our trusted advisors at Free2Work that Harry Potter chocolate receives an "F" in human rights. Given our positive relationship with Warner Bros, we engaged in several friendly conversations regarding our advisors' concerns that the cocoa was coming from kidnapped children and exploited farmers.

MeekaKitty T Everything Buy MeekaKitty Merch, T-Shirts, Hoodies, Clothing Vendors: In My Head Chapter 6: Skipping Class Already, a harry potter fanfic In My Head Disclaimer: I neither own the rights to the Harry Potter franchise, nor do I make any money by writing this; it is a work of fanfiction. A quick note on the lesson plans. Bring it on Hogwarts Chapter 1: Disciplinary Action, a harry potter fanfic These characters and their setting are the property of J. Rowling and her associates and affiliates. I am only borrowing them to make them do things their original creator would never, EVER have dreamed of. The Potter Brand Chapter 1: A Stranger Appears, a harry potter fanfic Author's Note: This story begins on August 2, 1995, at the start of events occurring in Order of the Phoenix. Harry helps someone who seems in need, and discovers that being a Good Samaritan can have interesting — and unexpected — consequences. If you've ever read any Star Brand comics, either from the 1980's or the later versions, you'll probably recognize one of the characters you meet in the first chapter.

All The Dementors of Azkaban, a harry potter fanfic All the Dementors of Azkaban Alternate CoS: When Luna Lovegood is condemned to Azkaban prison for her part in opening the Chamber of Secrets, Harry Potter is the first to protest. Minister Fudge is reluctant to comply, but then again he never really had a choice in the first place. Warnings: Alternate Universe.

Harveste, a Harry Potter + Addams Family Crossover fanfic Title: Harveste Crossover: Harry Potter and The Addams Family Summary: He'd done it, finally. Death stained his hands, filling him with exhilaration. Now what? On Crimson Wings Chapter 1, a harry potter fanfic On Crimson Wings. Part 1 of The Heart of the Dragon. Harry's girlfriend has a secret. She's not human, but a magical creature. What happens when she receives her creature inheritance, and then passes it to Harry? Revelations and Expectations Chapter 1, a stargate: atlantis fanfic disclaimer: Don't own it, wish I did... ratings and warnings : Early chapters are probably K+ or T but later chapters are M for profanity befitting an angry military man and steamy scenes. A/N: Focuses on John Sheppard and 3 major relationships. John/Dave, John/Torren and John/Teyla. Makes reference to the story "The Bridge" and finishes the letter from Patrick in "A Letter from Pegasus" but it's not until ch. 18.

Blood of the Phoenix Chapter 1: Prologue, a harry potter fanfic disclaimer: i don't own harry potter, obviously, if i did there would have been way more harry/ginny a/n: this is my first harry potter story, it takes place during the fifth book and features HP/OC and HP/GW friendship (its a very close friendship if that helps). as a huge harry/ginny fan this is something a little different for me but i hope it works. please let me know what you think, reviews are much appreciated. Harry Potter was having a bad day. No, make that a bad week, month and year so far. His high spirits at spending time on the school train with his friends had evaporated immediately upon entering his uncle's car and the melancholy of having witnessed the death of Cedric Diggory and the return of Lord Voldemort to power had returned.

Too Much Time On My Hands Chapter 1: Prologue, a harry potter fanfic A/n: I know I need to update All it takes, guys, but I need a breather. I'm sure you understand. Too Much Time on My Hands Prologue Harry Potter and the Irish Choice Chapter 1: Year One, a harry potter fanfic Harry Potter and the Irish Choice Summary: With all the crappy stuff Harry goes through at Hogwarts, the smart money would be on him transferring to a different, better school early in his career. Here's one way it might have happened. In homage to the many good stories on this topic, here's my short series.

Chosen Chapter 1, a harry potter fanfic -1 Chosen Chapter one " Harry Potter.

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