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The 12th Planet written by Zecharia Sitchin (Audiobook)

The 12th Planet written by Zecharia Sitchin (Audiobook)
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Brave New World by Aldous Huxley Chapter One A SQUAT grey building of only thirty-four stories. Over the main entrance the words, CENTRAL LONDON HATCHERY AND CONDITIONING CENTRE, and, in a shield, the World State's motto, COMMUNITY, IDENTITY, STABILITY. The enormous room on the ground floor faced towards the north. Cold for all the summer beyond the panes, for all the tropical heat of the room itself, a harsh thin light glared through the windows, hungrily seeking some draped lay figure, some pallid shape of academic goose-flesh, but finding only the glass and nickel and bleakly shining porcelain of a laboratory. Wintriness responded to wintriness. "And this," said the Director opening the door, "is the Fertilizing Room." Bent over their instruments, three hundred Fertilizers were plunged, as the Director of Hatcheries and Conditioning entered the room, in the scarcely breathing silence, the absent-minded, soliloquizing hum or whistle, of absorbed concentration. Meanwhile, it was a privilege. Responds by budding. Mr.

The Battle for Your Mind: Brainwashing Techniques Being Used On The Public By Dick Sutphen Authoritarian followers Mind Control Subliminals By Dick Sutphen Summary of Contents The Birth of Conversion The Three Brain Phases How Revivalist Preachers Work Voice Roll Technique Six Conversion Techniques 1. keeping agreements 2.physical and mental fatigue 3. increase the tension 4. Uncertainty. 5. Jargon 6. No humor Stockholm SyndromeDecognition Process Step One is ALERTNESS REDUCTION Step Two is PROGRAMED CONFUSION Step Three is THOUGHT STOPPINGTrue Believers & Mass Movements Persuasion Techniques YES SET TRUISMS SUGGESTION Imbedded Commands INTERSPERSAL TECHNIQUE Visualisation SHOCK AND CONFUSIONSubliminal Programming Mass Misuse Vibrato Extra Low Frequencies The Neurophone Summary of Contents The Birth of Conversion/Brainwashing in Christian Revivalism in 1735. I'm Dick Sutphen and this tape is a studio-recorded, expanded version of a talk I delivered at the World Congress of Professional Hypnotists Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Birth of Conversion Charles J. Alright.

EXPLICATII SUMARE REFERITOARE LA SIGILIUL VA243 In acest articol as dori sa ofer pe scurt cateva raspunsuri la principalele critici aduseteoriei lui Sitchin, in legatura cu interpretarea data de acesta sigiliului acadian VA243. Obiectie: Soarele ilustrat in VA243 nu este soare deoarece soarele reprezentat de Shamash, erareprezentat intotdeauna in acelasi fel Raspuns: Nu este adevarat, soarele (Shamash) este reprezentat in cel putin 2 moduri diferite ingliptica, iar Shamash este insotit de cel putin 4 tipuri de reprezentare, unele maielaborate, altele mai putin. Cele din jurului soarelui nu sunt planete ci stele Improbabil, ar fi vorba despre 11 stele de diferite dimensiuni ce ar avea o oarecare relatiecu o stea mai mare (tinand cont ca sunt dispuse in jurul acesteia). Inscriptia de pe sigiliul VA243 nu prezinta o semnificatie astronomica Este normal sa nu prezinte o semnificatie astronomica sau astrologica deoarece sigiliulnu este de acest gen. Planetele nu reflecta dimensiunile si raporturile dintre planete in sistemul solar

1984 by George Orwell. Search eText, Read Online, Study, Discuss. (pub. 1949) Webmaster's Note, 5/10/2007 - We have been informed by the rights holder that this work is still copyrighted in our territory. So we have removed it. You may still read our original summary though to the left. Also commonly titled as Nineteen Eighty-Four 1984 is possibly the definitive dystopian novel, set in a world beyond our imagining. Winston Smith is a middle-aged, unhealthy character, based loosely on Orwell's own frail body, an underling of the ruling oligarchy, The Party. But Winston believes there is another way. 1984 joins Winston as he sets about another day, where his job is to change history by changing old newspaper records to match with the new truth as decided by the Party. "He who controls the past, controls the future" is a Party slogan to live by and it gives Winston his job, but Winston cannot see it like that. You will meet many recognisable characters, themes, and words which have become part of our everyday life as you read 1984. Fan of this book?

Cooperative In short, a coop can be defined as "a jointly owned enterprise engaging in the production or distribution of goods or the supplying of services, operated by its members for their mutual benefit, typically organized by consumers or farmers."[4] Cooperative businesses are typically more economically resilient than many other forms of enterprise, with twice the number of co-operatives (80%) surviving their first five years compared with other business ownership models (41%).[5] Cooperatives frequently have social goals which they aim to accomplish by investing a proportion of trading profits back into their communities. As an example of this, in 2013, retail co-operatives in the UK invested 6.9% of their pre-tax profits in the communities in which they trade as compared with 2.4% for other rival supermarkets.[6] The International Co-operative Alliance was the first international association formed by the cooperative movement. Origins[edit] Social economy[edit] Meaning[edit] Identity[edit]

ANALIZA TERMENULUI ANUNNAKI ANALIZA TERMENULUI ANUNNAKIde Alessandro Demontis Deja am mai scris in trecut 3 articole cu observatiiasupra termenului Anunnaki iar in versiunea lucrarii mele“Fenomenul Nibiru vol.2”, dedicat criticilor aduse de IanLawton lucrarii lui Sitchin, am decis sa pun laolaltadiversele observatii plus noi analize, in special cu referirela un alt termen in stransa legatura, si anume numele IGIGI.Intr-unul din documentele sale, Ian Lawton observa ca acesttermen ANUNNAKI este compus din radacinile AN (cer) si KI(pamant) fapt pentru care ar putea fi un nume ce identificaceva legat de aceste doua elemente, insa nu neaparat ‘cei cecoborara din cer pe pamant’ precum afirma Sitchin. ‘cei ce coborara din cer pe pamant’ ,acesta nu a tradus niciodata termenul literar silaba cusilaba.

Apology of Socrates A. These notes summarize the interpretation of parts of the Apology that I worked through with you in class. You should know that this interpretation is controversial. Many readers of the Apology would agree with it in whole or part. But many others would disagree. 1. a) What is irony? (1) When we speak or write ironically what we mean to convey to audience is different from what we literally say. b) The central dispute about this text is whether Socrates speaks ironically to the judges. (1) Did Socrates truly think himself innocent or guilty of the charges? (2) Did Socrates truly believe in the gods? c) To establish that Socrates speaks ironically only makes sense if we address not just what tells us, but why he speaks ironically. d) I shall try to address both what he says and why he says it in an ironic manner in these notes. B. C. A. B. C. A. 1. B. 1. (1) Perhaps, also, he says that he will not use the common legal phraseology. b) Yet (1) He speech is clearly orderly and even beautiful.

Self-organization Self-organization occurs in a variety of physical, chemical, biological, robotic, social and cognitive systems. Common examples include crystallization, the emergence of convection patterns in a liquid heated from below, chemical oscillators, swarming in groups of animals, and the way neural networks learn to recognize complex patterns. Overview[edit] The most robust and unambiguous examples[1] of self-organizing systems are from the physics of non-equilibrium processes. Sometimes the notion of self-organization is conflated with that of the related concept of emergence, because "[t]he order from chaos, presented by Self-Organizing models, is often interpreted in terms of emergence".[2] Properly defined, however, there may be instances of self-organization without emergence and emergence without self-organization, and it is clear from the literature that the phenomena are not the same. Self-organization usually relies on three basic ingredients:[3] Principles of self-organization[edit]

TEMPLUL CORICANCHA DIN CUZCO TEMPLUL CORICANCHA DIN CUZCOCum stiau Incasii despre Nibiru de Alessandro Demontis Regatele pierdute ”, text pe carevi-l recomand. In cadrul acestui articol as vrea sa fac unrezumat al chestiunii si sa demonstrez cum, din punctul meude vedere, aceasta tablita contine 2 informatii foarteimportante: confirmarea faptului ca inca din antichitate eraucunoscute 1) toate planetele sistemului solar, 2) existentaplanetei Nibiru.