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Learning Hebrew - Lesson 1

Sacred Name of God YHVH YHWH Tetragrammaton Yahveh Yahweh Yeshuah Yashuah Yahushuah A "Bible Revelations" Presentation - Created 1998, updated November 9, 2013 Why were the Sacred Names removed from the Scriptures? - 7000 times in the Old Testament and 1000 times in the New Testament? The Restoration thereof is flooding the world - You can share in it also! Copyright note Click here to read copyright note. Bible Translation Version - Click here for information of Version used here Introduction The use of the Sacred Name by Commentators, preachers and in special Sacred Name Bible publications, have been rapidly increasing over the last few decades. According to Jewish Orthodox tradition, the Sacred Name is not to be uttered and accordingly, the form "G-d " is used in writing or printing. With due respect to our Jewish readers and to the Almighty, we teach and print the Sacred Name for the following reasons, which we feel do override all other considerations: YAH or YAHU Obscure Preservation of the Sacred Name 'YAHU' This is how it appears in the Hebrew Scrolls:

Jehovah's Witness and Watchtower Information Online Adam Was Black Home Page New Introducción al Nuevo Testamento Estudio Biblico Introducción al Nuevo Testamento Antes del estudio de los cuatro evangelios (o del Nuevo Testamento en general) es preciso realizar una revisión de los principales hechos del período intertestamentario, es decir, del tiempo que transcurre entre el Antiguo y el Nuevo Testamento. Esto, principalmente, por dos razones: 1. Tanto la profecía de la imagen como la de las cuatro bestias hallaron su cumplimiento en los cuatro imperios mundia-les que hubo desde Nabucodonosor (salvo la última parte del cuarto imperio). 2. Teniendo esto en mente, iremos revisando los principales hechos del período intertestamentario. 1. Cuando se cierra el Antiguo Testamento con el libro de Malaquías, Judea era una provincia persa, y lo fue durante 100 años después. 2. Entre 336 y 331 a. En su invasión de Palestina mostró gran consideración hacia los judíos, dejó intacta Jerusalén, y ofreció garantías a los judíos para que se estableciesen en Alejandría. En 168 a. 3. a. b. c. d. 4. 1. 2. * El templo

Images of the True Israelites "VIEWS OF THE BIBLICAL WORLD" (VOL.3)International Publishing Co. Ltd. Jerusalem - 1960 p.110 ... Dead Israelites p.167 ... "GENESIS - WORLD OF MYTHS AND PATRIARCHS" by Ada FeyerickNew York University Press - 1996 p.76-77 ... (4) races of Man p.190-191 ... "THE OXFORD HISTORY OF THE BIBLICAL WORLD"Edited by Michael D. p.89 ... "EGYPT - 400 YEARS OF ART"by Jaromir MalekPhaidon Press Limited - 2003 London and New York p.253 ... "EVERYDAY LIFE IN BIBLICAL TIMES"National Geographic Society - 1967 p.34-35 ... "COLLINS ATLAS OF THE BIBLE"Edited by James B. p.49 ... "6,000 YEARS OF THE BIBLE"by G.S.WegenerHarpers and Row Publishers - 1963 New York and Evanston p.36-37 ... "THE ILLUSTRATED LIBRARY OF THE WORLD AND IT'S PEOPLE"Vol - Israel and Turkey Greystone Press - 1966 and 1968New York p.94 ... "HEBREWISMS OF WEST AFRICA"by Joseph J. p.82 ... of William S. "THE JERUSALEM CHRONICAL"Vol.9 - No.2 p.3 ... image of Rabbi Arnold J. p.1 ...

The Kemetic Origin of Freemasonry: The Signs and Symbols Do not Lie The Kemetic Origin of Freemasonry: The Signs and Symbols Do not Lie By Fahim A. Knight-El The signs and symbols of ancient and modern Freemasonry are rooted in Kemet (Egypt) and the evidence is overwhelmingly obvious that Freemasonry borrowed its allegorical myths and ideological metaphors from more ancient societies that were well advanced in the philosophical mysteries. (Reference: Manly P. Drusilla Houston in her book titled the "Wonderful Ethiopians of the Ancient Cushite Empire," stated: "To the Cushite race belonged the oldest and purest Arabian blood. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad stated: "The Root of Civilization is in the Arabian Desert. The white Shriners called their organization the Ancient Arabic Order Nobles of the Mystic Shrine. No, scholar makes this case any better than Dr. There were no better architects and engineers than those Nubians who constructed and built the Pyramids (the first wonder of the world) that sits on 13 acres of land and in the center of the Earth.

Bible Age Chart and Genesis 47 - New2Torah – Torah Observant Followers of Jesus/Yeshua – Hebrew Roots I have been going through the yearly torah portion schedule this year and I stopped early on at Genesis 47. Now every week I tune into some really wonderful teachers to listen to them discuss that weeks torah portion and read through the scriptures. But the week containing Genesis, chapter 47 kind of confused me. Download PDF Age Chart (10mb) What confused me, were not the scriptures but how the individuals teaching that weeks lesson seemed to miss the meaning of something that was really amazing in the 47th chapter. The overall consensus with the people studying the torah portion throughout the week, was that they really didn’t know the meaning of Jacob’s mysterious answer and they were just putting forth a “Best Guess” as to what it may have meant. Let’s look at the verse and then I’ll show you some graphics that I think will put Jacob’s answer to Pharaoh in perfect context with perfect meaning. Genesis 47:8-9 8And Pharaoh said unto Jacob, How old art thou? PDF Age Chart (10mb)