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The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Mastering LinkedIn

10 Tips for the Perfect LinkedIn Profile [INFOGRAPHIC] A LinkedIn profile isn’t just any old resume, it’s a place to showcase your best assets and successes. But with 300 million users on LinkedIn, there’s stiff competition! A great LinkedIn profile can help you have more success in your job, whether it’s being seen by a potential client, partner, investor or even employer. Perhaps your profile isn’t perfect though and could do with a few tweaks to help take it to on its way? Last year at Link Humans we published a guide on How to Build the Perfect LinkedIn Profile which was a huge success! This year we’ve teamed up with the good folks at LinkedIn to bring you 10 Tips for the Perfect LinkedIn Profile – the latest facts and figures with an updated guide to the perfect LinkedIn profile.

LinkedIn Groups and Answers In the last article in this series, Kristi Hines mentioned the benefit of using LinkedIn Groups to connect with others to build your network. In this one, she discusses how to use LinkedIn Groups and LinkedIn Answers to build your authority, gain exposure, and increase traffic to your website. Joining LinkedIn Groups There are two ways to get the most out of LinkedIn Groups - joining groups and creating your own. Get a feel for how groups work by joining some in your industry as well as joining groups your target audience might join.

LinkedIn unveils new social marketing feature Representing the latest in a series of moves to encourage brand marketers to harness its social media marketing capability, LinkedIn has this week launched the Company Page API. Essentially, this provides social marketers with more options to manage and measure their Company Page activity on LinkedIn via third-party apps, while also pushing its new Sponsored Updates functionality. LinkedIn teamed up with social partners including Hootsuite, HubSpot, Spredfast, Adobe, Shoutlet, Percolate, Salesforce and Sprinklr about a month ago, but opening up the API now makes it possible for any third-party social management tools to integrate LinkedIn Company Page posting and analytics. According to a blog post from LinkedIn senior product specialist Keith Cowing, the new feature will simplify LinkedIn marketing, allowing brands to easily publish content to their Company Pages. FPR’s Final Thought:

How to Build a Thriving LinkedIn Group Have you considered starting your own LinkedIn Group? These groups are excellent for networking, prospecting and establishing thought leadership. You can start your own LinkedIn Group based on any of the following categories of professionals: prospects, peers, alumni, geographical, existing organizations, interest and more. You are limited only by your creativity!

8 Keys to a Lead-Catching LinkedIn Company Page Thursday, 2nd May, 2013 | By Jason Ferster | Category: Public Relations and Social Media 8 Keys to a Lead-Catching LinkedIn Company Page Given the mind-boggling speed of all things social media, it’s easy to lose perspective on the passage of time. So try not to choke on your chai latte when you read these words: LinkedIn is now officially a decade old. Coaching Special With the monthly Link Power Coaching Program you will get the following: 1- A video tutorial that covers an area of LinkedIn that is critical for your success. 2- Two assignments that are designed to implement the material covered in the videos. 3- Articles that support the concepts discussed during the videos. 4- A group coaching call 5- Access to the recording of the group coaching call 6- Unlimited access to Rick via email Below is an overview of the different topics we’ll cover in the Link Power Coaching Program

linkedin_the_11_most_useful_fe In doing the research for this post, I heard from many LinkedIn users and business owners. One of the things I have found fascinating about LinkedIn (which was corroborated by the conversations I had and emails I received), is that the individual tools on LinkedIn seem to form their own intense user groups. One person may focus their whole strategy on maximizing LinkedIn Q&A, another might focus on LinkedIn Events, while a third builds an entire strategy around participating in LinkedIn Groups discussions. Once you have completed your profile an individual tool on LinkedIn can be a cornerstone of your business' marketing.

Blog » Creating Company Profiles on LinkedIn Since we announced Company Profiles, we’ve received tons of requests from LinkedIn users requesting to create a profile for their company. Now you can. Company Profiles are an important research and marketing tool for your business that can help potential customers, clients and employees learn more about your company and the people who work there. Here’s how to create a profile for your company Step 1: Enter your company name and your email address. impactbnd With so many social media sites, it can be difficult to identify which sites you should focus more of your time and energy on. In a world where social media players like Facebook and Twitter dominate the marketing landscape, it’s quite easy to overlook LinkedIn and its importance to a businesses social media presence. If you’ve never paid any attention to LinkedIn and its potential benefits, you wouldn’t be alone. The fact of the matter is that both Facebook and Twitter have become woven into the fabric of modern culture while LinkedIn has flown under the radar. Simply put, if you’ve been overlooking LinkedIn all this time, chances are pretty good your competitors have been doing so as well.

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5 Creative Ways to Use LinkedIn Company Pages Does your business have a LinkedIn company page? Have you noticed how other businesses are using LinkedIn lately? A number of larger brands are creatively using their LinkedIn company pages, and some of them are doing some cool things. Here are five brands using their LinkedIn company pages creatively. When is a 100% Complete LinkedIn Profile Not Complete? Q: When is a 100% complete LinkedIn profile not 100% complete? A: When LinkedIn decides to change the criteria. In February, LinkedIn changed its criteria for a 100% complete profile, and get this–they applied the criteria retroactively! So I know some of you went from thinking you had it all done to not done at all overnight. Oh, well. As in all things in life, we adjust, regroup, and move on.