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Type Theory First Impressions | Spread of Print through Europe Johann Gutenberg established his print workshop in Mainz in the 1450s and within twenty-five years the innovation had spread to every country in Western Europe. During the fifteenth century the continent of Europe was in political turmoil and the fates of states and cities changed rapidly. The catalyst for the rapid spread of printing was the sack of Mainz in 1462. Mainz was an important city and the seat of the archbishop, who held great power and status as the representative of the Pope north of the Alps. A print workshop was set up in Bamberg (190 km from Mainz) in about 1460. The craft of printing evolved very quickly as printers sought to improve their techniques, carrying the tools of their trade and new ideas across Europe. The Nuremberg Chronicle was printed by Anton Koberger in 1493.

Amour de Typographie | hangaroundtheweb No comments By Rajasegar Chandiran on March 31st, 2013 This is a weekly series of inspirational posts in the field of Typography from Hangaroundtheweb that features top-class and exceptional work in categories such as typeface design, lettering, illustrated typography, or any piece with a strong typographic treatment. If you want to showcase your work, join our Flickr or DeviantArt groups and share your awesome typographic designs with us. Back in 5 Minutes 1 – Typography Exhibition by Dani Loureiro Promotional poster for Sudtipos Dado Queiroz 3D Lettering collection by Jackson Alves NIKE Laces by Hugo Silva Dr Custom Motorcycle by Marcelo Schultz Easter Type by Zim and Zou On LIving / Nazim Hikmet by Ozan Karakoc Salver lettering by un2one Blackad by Steven Bonner Type by Rdn Various typo illustrations by Matija Blagojevic Boston Magazine by Steven Bonner Apply Yo’self by Johnny_Wan aesek travel by aesek Radical by Sean Kane Design Forest by cachava

Got Bored Of Lorem Ipsum? 22 “Different” Alternatives For Placeholder Text When designing anything with content (websites, brochures, etc.), if you don’t have the real content, using Lorem Ipsum is the most common way to fill those spaces. However, for anyone who designs regularly and needs such filler text, it is pretty boring to use Lorem Ipsum again and again. If you want to try an alternative to Lorem Ipsum, there are several web-based generators which are easy-to-use, customizable and, usually, fun. Check them out: P.S. Bacon Ipsum A meaty alternative for generating dummy text. The service has a JSON API, an Android app and a supportive image placeholder service for generating a mockup full of bacon. Vegan Ipsum Didn’t like Bacon Ipsum? Vegan Ipsum will bring all the freshness of season vegetables into your mockups. Samuel L. It uses quotes from movies which Samuel L Jackson has starred in and comes with 3 modes, lorem ipsum, default and a lite version. This is a dangerous alternative to lorem ipsum: So, please use responsibly. Fillerati Lebowski Ipsum Fillerama

La typographie au cinéma La typographie au cinéma En France, les salles de cinémas ont compté, en 2012, plus de 200 millions d’entrées. Comment font ces films, au delà de leurs acteurs stars ou budgets faramineux, pour arriver à captiver ce flot de spectateurs ? Un film. L’affiche est le premier vecteur de communication d’un film, c’est elle qui va suggérer le ton, l’ambiance du film en question. Et si la typographie jouait le rôle principal ? Une typographie exclusive est en effet un lien redoutable entre le titre de l’affiche, celui des suites, le générique, la communication et même les produits dérivés. Dans la saga Harry Potter, on découvre l’importance apportée à cet alphabet customisé que l’on retrouve sur toutes les affiches, les livres et les produits dérivés. Une typographie exclusive qui permet de décliner les différentes suites de films mais aussi leurs versions étrangères. Title sequence Au delà de l’affiche, le moment où le titre du film apparaît permet également de se mettre immédiatement dans l’ambiance.

fonts, typefaces and all things typographical — I love Typography (ILT) Musée de l'imprimerie de Lyon Cet automne au musée - Démonstrations tout public, les dimanches entre 15h et 17h ; sans réservation, avec billet d’entrée. Kitchen litho par Eléonore Litim : 11 octobre Taille douce par Eléonore Litim : 8 novembre Illustration par Marine Rivoal : 22 novembre Gravure en relief par Eléonore Litim : 6 décembre - Atelier adultes ; réservation en ligne à partir du 25 août, rubrique « billetterie » Calligraphie latine, par Roger Gorrindo : Atelier découverte (1 jour, 10h-17h) Samedi 3 octobre Reliure, par Françoise Buniazet : Ateliers découverte (1 jour, 10h-17h) Samedi 17 octobre : reliure accordéon Samedi 12 décembre : reliure boutonnière Enluminure, par Marie Gorrindo : Ateliers découverte (1 jour, 10h-17h) Samedi 31 octobre Peinture sous verre, par Delphine Chauvin Atelier découverte (1 jour, 10h-17h), Samedi 10 octobre Fabrication de papier, par Eléonore Litim Atelier découverte (1 jour, 10h-17h), Samedi 7 novembre Atelier 5-6 ans, 10h-12h Typo de couleurs, Vendredi 23 octobre

14 Top Typeface and Font Combinations Resources By Douglas Bonneville on December 3, 2009 One of our most popular font articles is about how to create good font combinations. But don’t take our word for it! (10/12/2010 – Updated) (8/29/2010 – Font Combinations book released) (7/23/2010 – Updated) (5/26/2010 – Updated list again) (3/16/2010 – The list has been updated with more resources) Remember, a typeface is a whole set of fonts with all its variations. 19 top fonts in 19 top combinations Complete with graphics and a PDF chart to get you going! BTW: The Big Book of Font Combinations wants you to stop by and check out its samples. And don’t forget to check out our very own “19 top fonts in 19 top combinations” article, complete with graphics and a PDF chart to get you going! Even more font pairing resources These have been added since the original article was posted. Happy font combining!