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Formazione Online L'Istituto Tecnologie Didattiche del Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, in quanto istituto pubblico di ricerca è soggetto qualificato (e di per sé accreditato) per la formazione del personale della scuola. Ai sensi della DIRETTIVA ACCREDITAMENTO ENTI DI FORMAZIONE Prot. N. 170 - 21/03/2016 che disciplina le modalità di accreditamento, di qualificazione e di riconoscimento dei corsi dei soggetti che offrono formazione per lo sviluppo delle competenze del personale del comparto scuola, certificando ed assicurando la qualità delle iniziative formative, come si legge nell'ART.1 5.Le Università, i Consorzi universitari e interuniversitari, le Istituzioni dell’Alta formazioneartistica, musicale e coreutica, gli enti pubblici di ricerca, le istituzioni museali, e gli enti culturalirappresentanti i Paesi le cui lingue sono incluse nei curricoli scolastici italiani sono soggetti di persé qualificati per la formazione del personale scolastico.

**PAY ONLY*GoAnimate-Create Animated Videos for your Business Some Very Good Chrome Apps Used By Fellow Teachers July 25, 2016 One of the most fascinating things about running a service like edshelf is seeing trends in search behaviors. Searches for iPad and iPhone apps continue to dominate, though searches for Google Chromebook apps are rising faster than any other platform. Here are some notable Google Chrome apps used by fellow educators. Socrative Teacher A classroom tool for visualizing and measuring student understanding in real time. Highlight multiple words and color-code similar words all on the same page. Enable, disable, and launch Google Chrome apps right from your browser's toolbar. Control another computer through the Google Chrome browser by using your computer or mobile device. Save any web content or screenshot to your Google Drive account instantly. Want more? Chromebook Tools for Teachers This is curated by high school principal Dale Cole. This one is curated by educational technology coach Samuel Plambeck. Enjoy these great tools for educators! By: Mike Lee, Co-founder of edshelf

TWiki - the Open Source Enterprise Wiki and Web Application Platform Interactive Video Learning Some Excellent Rubric Generators for Teachers July 3, 2016 A few days ago we published here in EdTech and mLearning a collection of some interesting web tools teachers can use to create educational rubrics. Today, we are adding this wonderful resource from Teachnology which is basically a huge selection of pre-made rubrics and rubric generators that can be integrated into different subject areas. As we have argued elsewhere, rubrics are helpful for both teachers and students: teachers can use them when designing lesson plans and grading assignments; students can use them to make sure they meet the learning expectations and requirements of an assignment or project work. Teachnology’s rubrics are arranged into 10 main categories: general, language arts, learn about them, math, pre-made collection, process, rubric maker membership, science, social studies, and all rubrics. Basic Reading Skills Rubric Generator- Handwriting Rubric Generator 'A useful rubric for evaluating overall keyboarding skills.' Notebook Rubric Maker

**FREE VERSION-LOW QUALITY VIDEO**MakeWebVideo-Vídeos Animados Para Tu Negocio - Creador de Vídeo Marketing Lego Story Maker- A Great Digital Storytelling App for kids Lego Friends Story Maker is a good app that kids (ages 6+) can use to unleash their creativity through digital storytelling activities that involve the creation, writing, and publishing of visually appealing multimedia stories. This free app has a kids-friendly interface and provides a set of easy tools such as drag and drop, stickers, text, emoticons, voice recording and backgrounds that make every story come alive. Some of the features LEGO Friends Story Maker provides include:Drag and drop 100+ LEGO Friends play sets, accessories, pets - and of course Mia, Emma, Andrea, Stephanie, Olivia and all the other Heartlake City mini-dolls - for limitless storytelling fun!Kickstart your storytelling with the Story Starters feature.Bring your stories to life with cute emoticons and speech bubbles.Publish and share without exporting to iBooks: just use the new In-app book reader.