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Tutorial 01 for Arduino: Getting Acquainted with Arduino

Tutorial 01 for Arduino: Getting Acquainted with Arduino

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Make Your Own Search for any address or city Or select a point by clicking on the map Adjust how zoomed in or out your radial is Step 1: Choose Your Place Add places by searching, or clicking on the map. Knock Learning Examples | Foundations | Hacking | Links Examples > Sensors Knock This tutorial shows you how to use a Piezo element to detect vibration, in this case, a knock on a door, table, or other solid surface. A piezo is an electronic device that generates a voltage when it's physically deformed by a vibration, sound wave, or mechanical strain. Similarly, when you put a voltage across a piezo, it vibrates and creates a tone.

Home-made GPS and compass I've made some more progress in the software side of things, just playing around with the graphics display. I'll upload some of my concept graphics soon. Thanks for all your comments When Tired Of Running On A Treadmill, There’s Always The TreadWall Jogging is so 2008: all the cool kids these days are climbing. Unfortunately, not all the cool kids have the kind of space that can fit a climbing wall, leaving them to scale desks, stairwells and backyard sheds. While often making for YouTube gold, the more serious athletes might want to look into the Treadwall.

Coffee Table Pi The LCD screen I went with a 24inch LCD screen with LED backlight. Select any size screen you wish. Make sure it has good viewing angles as the screen will be mounted upwards and almost always viewed at an angle. Maxuino Getting Started Maxuino is an open source project for quickly and easily getting the Max/MSP/Jitter talking to Arduino compatible micro-controllers. This allows Max to read analog and digital pins, write to digital and PWM pins, control servos, drive stepper motors and much more. We have created a series of video tutorials (see the videos and tutorials page) or you can follow the text instructions below. Installation Instructions: Purchase an Arduino or Arduino compatible board. Companies like Sparkfun or Adafruit have great starter kits.Download the free Arduino software from www.arduino.ccDownload Maxuino for free from the download page at maxuino.orgDownload the free “OSC-route” Max external from CNMATAdd the entire Maxuino folder and the OSC-route object to your Max filepath

DIY - Do It Yourself Advertise Here All times are GMT -5. The time now is 09:31 AM. Arduino - Fab Lab Bcn WIKI Arduino From Fab Lab Bcn WIKI Jump to: navigation , search Local Resources kalshagar - ardTouch Source code, explanation, binaries For the C# command interpreter ardTouchConnector see its dedicated page.... all this is on a dedicated page here ardTouch codes. Videos & pictures The full list of images and videos are here... Material

The Only Raspberry Pi XBMC Tutorial You Will Ever Need In this updated guide, you will learn how to set up Raspberry Pi 3 as a complete Kodi (was XBMC) entertainment center solution with the right accessories. Over the past couple of years, I have had mixed feelings about Raspberry Pi as a Kodi based front-end device, because even after using all possible optimization tricks it simply was not responsive enough for my requirements. Fortunately, with the latest Raspberry Pi 3 this is not the case anymore. In this complete and up-to-date tutorial, you will learn Free Step-by-Step eBook:

Tutorial: Ultrasonic Range Finder + Arduino - GarageLab (arduino, electronics, robotics, hacking) The ultrasonic range finder is a sensor that can be used to measure distance and detect objects. In this tutorial, we will show how to use the Maxbotix Ultrasonic range finder with Arduino. This sensor can be used with the RS232 protocol, pulse width or analog output communications. Be careful, do not connect the serial RS232 port to your arduino, you can burn it. DIY Taser +30,000V Ever wondered how fun it would be to zap someone with a taser? Now you can. :DIf you follow the instructions you should be able to get a good shock out of this that not to lethal but I'm sure its not that hard to step this up from a good shock to a powerful weapon so be responsible with this and use common sense when choosing who to shock (don't go around shocking old people, small children or any one with a heart condition its just a bad idea).

Raspberry Pi Project Ideas: How I Built Call Mom Button Coming back from PyCon 2013, I was looking for interesting Raspberry Pi project ideas that would attract the attention of both non-programming students and those with more experience. I was averaging one Raspberry Python class each month at my hackerspace, MakerBar. I decided that the project should relate to Mother’s day and have something my students could take home or perhaps even give to their Mom as a nifty gift. I had a few new services in my mind including some cloud APIs like Stormcloud and Plivo which I ended up using for my Raspberry Pi project. So I decided to teach my students how to access a web API and settled on the Call Mom button—a Raspberry Pi board with a set of four buttons connected via Plivo, which gives you not only the titular Call Mom button, but also a Call Dad button—just to be fair with Dads—a “Text Mom I love her” button, and a spare button which students could use however they want.