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How Consoles are Driving the Download Market - Article Penny Arcade, a well known humorous webcomic strip, decided to vilify the Phantom console on suspicion of Vaporware. For months the front page was filled with Tycho’s diatribes about the multitude of ways an all downloadable content console could go wrong. Turns out, he was right. The only thing useful that came from the project was a lapboard which still hasn’t seen mainstream adaptation. Posterous Introduces "The Last Email List You'll Ever Need" Today, Posterous, the site we previously referred to as a "minimalist blogging platform", has again expanded its functionality in its own, minimalist fashion. This time, rather than adding rich editing features or increasing social interaction the service has gone and reinvented one of the Internet's "wheels" - the email list. We spoke with Posterous co-founder and CEO Sachin Agarwal yesterday and he told us that the new feature is an "email list on steroids" and that it's "the last email list you'll ever need."

Huge Flipboard update integrates Flickr, Google Reader, Facebook Groups and more Flipboard, chronicled first by our Zee, is one of, if not the, best apps on the iPad. Hyperbole? Hardly. Breakfast Strata A strata is a make ahead egg dish that works well for brunch; a wonderful breakfast idea for Thanksgiving or Christmas morning, when you don’t want to be in the kitchen all morning, but want to enjoy something savory and yummy. It’s also an easy way to use up those remaining pieces of day-old bread, and simply tastes amazing. Experiment with other mix-ins using vegetables, meats, or different cheeses that you happen to have on hand. Enjoy!

The World’s Facebook Relationships Visualized [PIC] Click the image for the full-sized version. This is what the world looks like, according to the Facebook social graph. Facebook intern Paul Butler was interested in the locations of friendships, so he decided to create a visualization of Facebook connections around the globe. How local are our friends? Where are the highest concentration of friendships? How do political and geological boundaries affect them? Sets in the City While Network Theory has been all the rage in discussions of social media, it provides an imperfect model to describe the reality of social networks. The main shortcoming is that the connections between entities are more complex than simple “ties” – and they include a notion of time. I propose that the mathematical concept of Sets is another model that alongside Network Theory provides a more comprehensive view of networks. Consider this: each of us belongs to countless sets.

#UsGuys East Coast Meet Up Jan 23rd 2011 in #Philly #UsGuys East Coast Meet Up Final Details What: first IRL meetup of Tweeps primarily but not exclusively from the #UsGuys hashtagWhen: January 23rd, 2011 1-4 PMWhere: Maggiano’s Little Italy King of Prussia, PAWho: Anyone who can make it! Why: #Beyond140 Event to build “Relationships” into Social Media. How: Please leave comment in Blog! Will IRL more details. 24 Ways to Promote Your Blog With NO Budget, NO Time & NO Resources Blogging is a great marketing tool for presenting your products and company cost effectively. But the fact is that just keeping up with your posting schedule and providing great new content can take a significant amount of time and effort, especially for small businesses without budget, employees with spare time or dedicated headcount. Further, if you stop at just blogging, you’re not going to drive measureable results that achieve your business goals. 24 Low cost tips to promote your blog

Beyond140 Graphics and thoughts to extend reach of Twitter We all know that it is more intimate and meaningful to talk with someone face-to-face than by SMS. Right? Well here are a few ways to look at it. Table of Effectiveness of Communication elements 7% of meaning is in the Text/words spoken38% of the meaning is in the Tone, inflection, the way things are said55% of meaning is in body language and facial expressions Summary of #UsGuys Chat on Social Media, Metrics & Monitoring Yesterday (November 18, 2010) marked the first official #UsGuys Twitter chat. The #UsGuys tag was originally formed because @TomMoradpour, @REALChaseAdams, @pprothe, @Galactic, and I were discussing the Gap logo reboot disaster and found including our handles took up a good portion of our message. So #UsGuys was born. (More on #UsGuys from Chase and Carl Sorvino ). #UsGuys Stats from What the Hashtag #UsGuys seemed to strike a chord in people – a community of like-minded individuals, without the pretension that comes with many social media ‘experts’ and ‘gurus’.

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