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Making No-Knead Bread

Making No-Knead Bread

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Watermelon Ice Pops Ok so confession, sometimes my inner kid is screaming to come out and I decide to make things like this. Especially with the pool finally being open and with all the gorgeous weather we’ve been having. Unfortunately I haven’t really been able to enjoy much of the water because of my stitches, but you better believe I slathered on my SPF 30 and lounged around with a cocktail!Nothing is more refreshing to me on a hot summer’s day than fresh cut watermelon, especially at cookouts. It’s healthy, delicious and ridiculously low in calories, so why not freeze it up and put it on a stick?? I didn’t use any fancy expensive popsicle makers either, just paper cups, wooden sticks and went to town.

Amazing Artisan Bread for 40 Cents a Loaf - No Kneading, No Fussing, No Kidding Update: If you're interested, I've written an update on this technique here. What if I told you that instead of buying bakery bread for four or five dollars a loaf, you could make delicious handmade bread whenever you wanted, at a fraction of the cost and it is so easy a kid could do it? Well, read on because this method of making artisan bread at home will change your life. Caramel Potatoes » Cinnamon Roll Cake I love Cinnamon Rolls. I always have and I always will. The smell of Cinnamon Rolls is just as addictive to me. I often crave Cinnamon Rolls and this cake can offer me the same flavors. No Knead Artisan Bread Recipe My kitchen has served as a bread making test lab for the past month. 14 loaves later… here it is. It rose beautifully and there was no kneading required. It’s really easy and your family will be so impressed. I made my Mama proud :). I couldn’t even wait for this bread to cool completely. I buttered up an o-so-soft slice and had it in my mouth ASAP.

Absolutely the Very Best Barbequed Pork Ribs Ever This is a recipe that my friend and gallery partner, Anna, made up herself (see previous post The Old Adobe Church, the Wolf and Survival ), although she took some ideas from Saveur Magazine. She says she always makes do with whatever she has at home, so it’s always a little different. It’s just that kind of recipe. Always be ready to substitute. On this day she started with a big jar of apple juice (and added another jar later), mixed with some apple cider vinegar (about 1 cup). Thibeault's Table: Italian Night We had big bowls of spaghetti with meat sauce for dinner tonight. I put the pot of sauce on to simmer early in the afternoon. Moe put in a request for my Gorgonzola Garlic Bread. I hadn't made it for him in awhile. We lived in Dunkirk, NY for a couple of years and we would go to Buffalo on a regular basis to shop, and when we did, we would have lunch at a little Italian restaurant that served this wonderful warm garlic breaded seasoned with Gorgonzola and Parmesan cheese.

22 Burger Recipes For National Burger Month SLIDESHOW: 22 Burger Recipes For National Burger Month I don't know who it is that designated May as National Burger month, but I'd like to give them a big, sloppy, greasy, onion-scented, cheese-covered kiss on the mouth. Or perhaps just a hug is fine. What better excuse to celebrate our national sandwich (national food?) and look back at the dozens of well-tested burger recipes we have in our archives?

Bread Baking: Savory Monkey Bread [Photograph: Donna Currie] MMmmmm...savory monkey! Wait. What?