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Nuthin' But Mech

Nuthin' But Mech
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Professional Training for Artists Art of STEVE JUNG The Art Of Sean Phillips JohnsBlog sickles | Search Results | Ragged Claws Network Back in 2008, Mike Lynch posted a bunch of cartoons that he had scanned from Ever Since Adam and Eve, edited by Alfred Andriola and Mel Casson, who dedicated the book to the National Cartoonists Society. Here are the links: Featured artists include Alfred Andriola, Stan and Jan Berenstain, Walter Berndt, Milton Caniff, Irwin Caplan, Al Capp, George Clark, Chon Day, Gregory D’Alessio, Harry Devlin, Rube Goldberg, Harry Hanan, Al Hirschfeld, Hank Ketcham, Frank King, George Lichty, Marty Links, Kate Osann, Russell Patterson, Alex Raymond, Carl Rose, Charles Schulz, Ronald Searle, Barbara Schermund, Noel Sickles, Otto Soglow, Henry Syverson, J. W. Taylor, Hilda Terry, and Mort Walker. Quite a few heavy hitters in there, I think you’ll agree. The artist is Gregory d’Alessio, and the model is his wife, cartoonist Hilda Terry, whose work has been featured several times here at RCN:

Art of Jung Park The Encyclopedia of Tibetan Symbols and Motifs :: Buy from Amazon US, starting at $40.95, Guaranteed worth it by Yoso Tattoo! Tibetan Buddhism has one of the most complex iconographies of any religion. Robert Beer, the artist who brought to life the saints of Tibetan Buddhism inBuddhist Masters of Enchantment, has now brought the myriad symbols of Tibetan Buddhist art to life. Not exactly arranged like an encyclopedia, this book is more like a tour of the categories of Tibetan Buddhist symbols, beginning with Landscape Elements (rocks, clouds, rainbows, etc.); moving on to such areas as Flowers and Trees, Cosmology, and Mudras (hand gestures); and ending with Geometric Borders. From Yoso’s perspective, this has been a very enjoyable read, that gave us much insights into Tibetan culture and also into Japanese culture. It is not only a matter of copying Shige’s, or Philipe Leu’s work (I.e. skulls) as it is often seen, You also have to understand the symbolism and the culture that is represented, the how and they why!

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