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Nuthin' But Mech

Nuthin' But Mech

ultra-prime Art of STEVE JUNG Spanish fresco restoration botched by amateur 23 August 2012Last updated at 06:50 ET Cecilia Gimenez: "Everybody who came into the church could see I was painting" An elderly parishioner has stunned Spanish cultural officials with an alarming and unauthorised attempt to restore a prized Jesus Christ fresco. Ecce Homo (Behold the Man) by Elias Garcia Martinez has held pride of place in the Sanctuary of Mercy Church near Zaragoza for more than 100 years. The woman took her brush to it after years of deterioration due to moisture. Cultural officials said she had the best intentions and hoped it could be properly restored. Donation Cecilia Gimenez, who is in her 80s, was reportedly upset at the way the fresco had deteriorated and took it on herself to "restore" the image. She claimed to have had the permission of the priest to carry out the job. "(The) priest knew it! BBC Europe correspondent Christian Fraser says the delicate brush strokes of Elias Garcia Martinez have been buried under a haphazard splattering of paint. 'Good intentions'

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JEN ZEE ART! Art of Jung Park The Library of Congress' Photostream