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Petite fille mignonne

Petite fille mignonne

Dessiner une perspective frontale EmailShare 74EmailShare Exercices et explication de la perspective frontale à un point de fuite. Avec des paysages simples (qu’on voit dans tous les livres de dessin qui apprennent la perspective) Ce n’est pas un article pour apprendre les bases du dessin technique mais seulement quelques notions pour organiser avec un minimum de justesse l’espace que vous avez décidé de représenter. Avant tout, tracez la ligne d’horizon (à peu près à ce niveau) Pour commencer votre perspective frontale, choisissez un point qui sera le point de fuite et faites des lignes qui convergent vers lui de cette manière. Tracez ensuite des obliques au dessus de la ligne d’horizon. Situez l’emplacement des futurs arbres à l’aide de verticales. Esquissez le feuillage, effacez les obliques qui traversent le sommet des arbres. Néanmoins vous pouvez constater la monotonie de ce genre de perspective centrée. Une perspective frontale plus dynamique Comme précédemment, tracez d’abord la ligne d’horizon. Leur base au sol (2)

How to Draw Hands: Thumb Perspective These Photos Are Actually Pencil Perfect Drawings At just 22 years old, Italian artist Diego Fazo has developed the skill to create photo-realistic drawings using a simple charcoal pencil. His latest creation, pictured below, has drawn hundreds of positive comments on his Deviant Art profile. Don’t tell me you can tell the image below is a drawing and not a high-definition photograph, because I don’t buy it. In fact people were so skeptical this incredible piece of art was drawn by hand that young Diego Fazo had to put up some photos of the work in progress just to lay doubts to rest. And looking at his-mind-blowing masterpiece, can you really blame people for questioning it’s hand-drawn? Like other talented artists who started their careers on Deviant Art, Diego is a self-taught pencil master whose technique matured with the passing of the years. Scroll down for more of his awesome drawings, and check out his Deviant Art profile, as well. Reddit Stumble

Is This Really Drawn? Art & Design Paul Lung is an artist who makes pencil drawings that are so realistic that it's hard to tell whether they're real or not. Click here for more work. Advertorial The New 'Metro: Last Light' Trailer Images | Top Most Loved All Categories Last 7 Days Stanley Kubrick Answers a Question: Zen Pencils Growth isn’t linear Today’s society ‘The power of small, good deeds’ by meerkatdebs (imgur) Top 5 Regrets Of The Dying Comic About Happiness — This genuinely brought tears to my eye… Sometimes family gatherings are the truest test of one’s equanimity… I hate small talk My brain is melting… This is the new Urban “We Must Do Away With the Specious Notion…” — Buckminster Fuller Einstein on the “cosmic religion” Hierarchy of Possession Questions Nietzsche Remembrance Day 123102030Next

Chalk Drawing That Won Guinness I can’t believe we missed this one – Qi Xinghua is a Chinese 3D Chalk artist (first in his country) whose painting entitled Lions Gate Gorge earned him an entry in the Guinness Book of Records for the largest 3D painting in the world! I’m not exactly sure how fresh this information is, as I could swear we’ve seen bigger. Still, with 23 meters in width, 32 meters in length and over 6 meters in height, we can’t ignore hard work Qi invested into this masterpiece. Qi Xinghua says he has calculated three different formulas that can be applied on all paintings of varying sizes. To put it in the simplest way, it’s reversed vision, which is also called inverse-perspective. Don’t ask me why, but I have a feeling we’ll be seeing much more of this artist’s creations in the coming weeks!

The Subjects of Del Valle's Illustrations Pull Their Weight Cesar Del Valle’s illustrations, if classified, would fit nicely under the tag of hyperrealism, along the lines of Chuck Close or Nathan Walsh. The people in his pieces aren’t mere subjects to be captured, however. Instead, they are interactive, bodies in motion reacting to their papery confines. Some jump, some pull, some teeter. Share With Your Friends

Drawing Autism Drawing Autism is an incredible collection of artwork by people diagnosed with autism, from teenage amateurs to established artists. Unlike many of the books I feature on 50 Watts, this one is in print. You should buy it. [Amazon link to the new reprint which comes out April 2, 2014 from Akashic.] This post features a small selection of my favorite images from the book, along with some quotes by the artists. Publisher's description: Over the last decade autism spectrum disorder (ASD) has become an international topic of conversation, knowing no racial, ethnic, or social barriers. Donna Williams, The Outsider What was the inspiration for this piece? "The Outsider" is about joining in from the periphery. An excerpt from the artist's answer to the question, "At what age did the act of creating art enter into your life? I was deeply mesmerized with all things aesthetic and sensory from at least 6 months of age. Felix: Imaginary City Map, Age 11 What was the inspiration for this piece None. D.