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La potencia en las resistencias comunes La potencia de trabajo de una resistencia común generalmente no se encuentra indicada en el cuerpo de esta pero podemos conocerla con una cierta aproximación en base a sus dimensiones. En las resistencias con dos patitas y bandas de colores, las potencias disponibles van desde 1/8W (1 octavo de watt o también 0,125W) hasta varios watts. Las más usadas son las de 1/4 W (0,25W) y muchas veces, en los elencos de componentes de los proyectos, cuando no se indica la potencia podemos suponer que estas sean de 1/4W. El cuerpo de las resistencias de 1/4W mide generalmente entre 6 mm y 6,5 mm de largo y la distancia entre patas puede ser entre 7,5 mm y 8 mm. Estos valores no son absolutos porque dependen de los fabricantes pero en general son respetados. Muchos proyectistas de circuitos impresos prefieren usar en sus proyectos una distancia entre perforaciones mayor, por ejemplo 10 mm para garantizar que entren bien las resistencias de 1/4W y también las de 1/2W.

Cursos Online La Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona (UAB) ha abierto la inscripción a su curso online de Primeros Auxilios Psicológicos (PAP). Les contamos que el curso es gratuito y que se … La Universidad de Edimburgo abrió las inscripciones de su curso virtual “Introducción a la Filosofía“, el cual comenzará a dictarse en el mes de mayo. Este curso presentará algunas … Automation Designer - Set Variable - Toad for Oracle The best way to find this in Help is to use the Search tab and use quotes: “Set Variable” Use this action to set the value of a user-defined variable. This action is helpful when you want to change a variable value just for the action, without changing the global definition. Note: You cannot use his action to set Windows environment and internal Toad system variables. Also, only numbers and strings can be values. Neither formulas nor variables are supported as variables.

como se cambia una correa de distribución, paso a paso Los técnicos de ContiTech te enseñan a cambiar una correa de distribución El motor 1,8i 16V C 18 XE va montado en grandes cantidades, con diferentes variantes de cilindrada, en modelos de la marca Opel. Al cambiar la correa de distribución, se hacen a menudo importantes fallos al ajustar el rodillo tensor. A fin de garantizar un cambio perfecto de la correa, ContiTech Power Transmission Group pone a disposición de los mecánicos una ayuda de instalación detallada.

dBforums – Everything on Databases, Design, Developers and Administrators Hi,Bmujeeb, that is correct! Dr_suresh20, the easyes way to find out if windows page-ing is present do the following: 1. Start Task Manager 2. Click on Performance tab 3. In Physical Memory frame there is "Available" - that is the available real memory 4. Are the RX570 and RX580 Profitable? - Mining Performance Review - 1st Mining Rig As you already probably know, AMD released a new series of GPUs – the RX570 and RX580 – a couple of weeks ago. Those are upgraded versions of the existing RX470 and RX480, respectively. The RX 5xx series were really anticipated by the mining community; however, those two new models received mixed reviews. As it always happens, there is always a group of people who expect too much from new GPUs and thus get frustrated when their expectations are not met. Until not long ago, only a small number of people were able to test and review the GPUs. Now that more people got their hands on the GPUs there is a lot more information about the mining performance of the new RX 5xx.

Manage the archivelogs using RMAN User Rating: Details Parent Category: Articles Created on Thursday, 18 March 2010 20:46 Backing Up the Database: Advanced Topics This chapter explains advanced RMAN backup procedures. This chapter contains the following topics: Limiting the Size of RMAN Backup Sets As explained in "Configuring the Maximum Size of Backup Sets", you can use the CONFIGURE command to create persistent settings that govern backup set size. This control is helpful when backing up very large files.

Scenarios Using the DGMGRL Command-Line Interface This chapter describes the prerequisites for getting started using the Data Guard command-line interface (DGMGRL). It also describes scenarios that demonstrate how to use DGMGRL to create, manage, and monitor a broker configuration. This chapter contains the following sections: 7.1 Prerequisites for Getting Started One of the prerequisites for using DGMGRL is that a primary database and any standby databases must already exist.

Oracle Background processes You can see the Oracle background processes with this query: Here are some of the most important Oracle background processes: ARCH - (Optional) Archive process writes filled redo logs to the archive log location(s). In RAC, the various ARCH processes can be utilized to ensure that copies of the archived redo logs for each instance are available to the other instances in the RAC setup should they be needed for recovery. CJQ - Job Queue Process (CJQ) - Used for the job scheduler. The job scheduler includes a main program (the coordinator) and slave programs that the coordinator executes.

Lab128 Freeware Download No additional Oracle licenses required to use this freeware software! No OEM, or Performance/Diagnostic packs needed. Lab128 freeware is an important tool for DB administrators, developers, and performance specialists. It shows what Oracle instance is doing at the moment, how resources are used, how it is executing long running queries, and many other Oracle internal functioning. Automatic SQL Tuning This chapter discusses the automatic SQL tuning features of Oracle Database. Automatic SQL tuning automates the manual process, which is complex, repetitive, and time-consuming. 17.1 Overview of the Automatic Tuning Optimizer What fees am I charged when I pay a BitPay merchant with bitcoin? – BitPay Support The additional network cost included in your invoice total covers the cost of BitPay's UTXO sweep for your payment. You can learn more about the reasons for this additional fee here: This fee is used for BitPay's UTXO sweep, so it is not returned with refunds. We strongly recommend that you send a miner fee with your bitcoin payment.

when-to-use-rebuild-vs-coalesce-vs-shrink Find out the table size You can group by tablespace, owner and segment type and see the total space occupied in MBytes find out the usage of tablespaceShrink tableShrink indexReferencewhen-to-use-rebuild-vs-coalesce-vs-shrink-space深入理解重建索引Alter index coalesce VS shrink spacealter index coalesce和alter index rebuild的区别