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Nick Brandt Category » My Diary « @ Martha Suherman Hi, Merry Christmas, my friends … !! It’s only two days to go before 2012 … Excited?! I am excited..! As excited as I could be with my new toy… The Sony NEX-5N. Do you see the picture on the left side? Probably you’re wondering what made me consider to buy this amazing gear? However, due to it’s build that’s very rigid and a bit on the heavy side, I can’t always take it with me. As much as I love my Nikon 3Ds, when doing light travel I often had to leave it behind because it’s pretty heavy and not exactly discreet for street use. After doing plenty of research and comparing myriad of samples on the internet, I have made a shortlist consists of the new Fuji X10, Panasonic LX-5, and lastly the NEX-5N. Problem is, apparently there’s not many stock available of this camera, especially since I prefer the silver one instead of the black color. Anyway, If you observe the image above, you probably can’t tell it was shot at ISO 3200 and in JPEG only format. So, stay tune for more.

maia moon akiva About Us - Introduction - Amber Online Amber News Amber's Digital Collection and Updated Website - Request for Tenders Amber Film & Photography Collective includes Amber Films, Side Gallery and Side Cinema. Amber is a film & photography collective incorporating Amber Films, Side Gallery and Side Cinema... Amber Film & Photography Collective cic (L-R): Peter Scott, Annie Robson, Kerry Lowes, Ellin Hare, Graeme Rigby, Peter Roberts, Sirkka-Liisa Konttinen, Bryan Dixon The work is rooted in social documentary, built around long term engagements with working class and marginalized communities in the North of England. The approach is celebratory, even when the marginalization of lives and landscapes makes this more difficult. Rooted in practical craft skills (camera work, direction, editing, sound, etc), there is an egalitarian, collective approach to the film making. Amber's approaches and concerns are best explored, looking at the work it continues to produce, commission and collect.

Andrzej Dragan PHOTOGRAPHY meet the man who's been photographing david bowie for 40 years UPDATE: David Bowie died on the 11th January 2016. At this time our thoughts are with his family. In 1972, David Bowie became Ziggy Stardust, an alien superstar with enigmatic appeal. This was also the year that he would meet a man from Japan with a fondness for rock 'n' roll and the films of Marlon Brando, a man who would take his photograph for the next 40 years. Masayoshi Sukita, whose new show of Bowie images is up now in New York, draws inspiration from classic American films along with the photography of Irving Penn and Dennis Stock. While in London to shoot T-Rex's Marc Bolan, Sukita came across an image of Bowie which incited an immediate need to shoot him. The Bewley Brothers, 1973 When did your relationship with photography start? Why did you gravitate towards rock 'n' roll? I Saw You Again in the Rainbow Theatre, 1973 What can you tell me about the first time you saw David Bowie? I saw his concert in London. The First Time I Saw You, 1972 A Day in Kyoto 3 - Platform, 1980 Ki, 1989

gregory crewdson [abonnement gratuit] Gregory Crewdson est né en 1962 à New York photographie l’Amérique rurale dès ses débuts en 1985 Son travail est présent dans de nombreux musées américains Les images utilisées dans cet article sont tirées du très beau livre Gregory Crewdson: 1985-2005 Sous la direction de Stephan Berg Relié: 242 pages Editeur : Hatje Cantz Publishers Édition : Bilingue anglais-allemand (17 octobre 2005) ISBN-13: 978-3775716222 Sorti en novembre 2008 en français (et superbe) Sous la Surface des Roses Gregory Crewdson Pour l'acheter, cliquez sur ce lien Veuillez noter : Il nous est extrêmement difficile de réunir les autorisations nécessaires à la présentation des photographies originales dans le texte et nous n'avons pas de budget pour la rémunération des ayant-droits. Comment fonctionnent les images de Gregory Crewdson ? Au départ, le parti est le même que celui de Jeff Wall : on est dans une scène de film. L’écœurement du réel Des méthodes inspirées du cinéma

Surprising Examples Of Surreal Photography Art Home » Photography » Tuesday Surprising Examples Of Surreal Photography Art Surreal photography is an artistic connection, in surreal photography you can view surprising, unexpected, and non sequitur moments with help of some artwork. Surreal photography art is start in early 1920′s. It’s very interesting for viewers because in this kind of photography you can see those thing which are unbelievable or which you never can imagined that’s why it’s interesting. For bring surprising on your face today we have collected “Surprising Examples Of Surreal Photography Art”. We hope you will like these photos, so let’s have look below and enjoy. Simple Harmony Gotanine Tommy Ingberg Clock Face Clouds In Control Without Face Stretching To Grass The D Is Silent Surreal Storytelling Disconnected Under Water Surreal Stretching The Road Man On Building Jump Without Head Papers On Face Amazing Surreal Hugh Kretschmer Beautiful Surreal Photography Pollination Eye Drop Surreal Time Is Galleons Take The Wheel Hard Working Punch