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The 15 Most Useful Google Apps You Never Knew Existed

The 15 Most Useful Google Apps You Never Knew Existed
Google can be your best friend when it comes to searching for answers or information online. Millions of people use it every day, but only few can utilize Google to its full potential. In fact, this powerful search engine can offer lots of great services, apps and features that aren’t on many people’s radar. The Bright Side team will help you to uncover some of them. Here are 15 of the most useful Google apps that you probably didn’t know existed. Google Translate app is an application for those who like traveling. Gmailify: This app allows you to combine all your email accounts like, Yahoo! Google Scholar is a search engine that searches across scholarly literature. Google Keep is an app for creating bright colorful notes. Timer. Google Sky. Google Fonts is a search engine that helps you find the best fonts for your projects. Google Art Project. Think with Google. Google Trends. Panoramio. Google Sound Search is a great music recognition app similar to Shazam.

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Google Classroom outside the classroom For Vincent, topics has been a key feature. “For a self-paced class like mine,” he says, “I really like the ability to use topics to label announcements, assignments, and questions. This feature will also be incredibly useful after the class concludes as I’ll be able to navigate the archive of posted work, questions, ideas, and inspiration.”

The perfect game – El juego perfecto – nataliaenriquericardo Here it is, my last unit plan for the school year. I have never been a fan of any kind of sports because culturally speaking, sports are not meant for females, they are to be played and pursued by males. However, living in a home where the Yankees, the NY Giants, and Chelsea are teams that are constantly watched, whether in person or on television, I have had no choice but to join the party boat. For one, I am now the oddity and the rival in my own house, as I have chosen to follow the St. Louis Cardinals as my ultimate favorite baseball team. Needless to say, this is not good in a Yankee’s house…but, such is life.

Control Alt Achieve: 21 Chrome Extensions for Special Needs and Struggling Students Technology can be a powerful tool to assist students with special needs or any sort of learning challenge. In particular the Chrome web browser allows users to install a wide variety of web extensions that provide tools that can help all learners, regardless of ability level. In this blog post we will take a look at 21 Chrome web extensions that can assist students in five main categories: Text to SpeechReadabilityReading ComprehensionFocusNavigation Some of the tools fit into more than one topic, but each is only listed once. Certainly this list does not cover all of the useful web extensions available for struggling learners, but it is a great place to begin.

Ideas for Studying Semana Santa & las Pascuas As a public school teacher, semana santa and las pascuas are topics I typically tended to steer away from in Spanish class. I did this because I didn't want to worry about bringing religion into my classroom. This was so narrow minded. 4 essential Google Drive add-ons Add-ons are a great way to give Google Drive’s productivity suite a little more horsepower. These four offer creative solutions for collaborating, automating document workflow, and mapping data and ideas. Give them a try, and push your productivity to new levels. Uberconference By its nature, Google Docs is a collaboration tool.

Latin 1 - Week 1 Lesson Plan I am finishing up the first week of school with students – here is the lesson plan which I used for my Latin 1 class during this week. It has gone SO well! Although this is for a Latin 1 class, it can easily be adapted to your language.If you saw my Speak Comprehensibly from Day 1 presentation at either ACL or NTPRS this summer, this is the whole lesson plan (my presentation only covered Day 1). Below is the story which I used, and my target vocabulary is vult (want), habet (has), est (is), -ne (?) 100+ Great Google Classroom Resources for Educators Google Classroom allows teachers to easily manage student work and teaching with Google Docs, Google Forms, Google Spreadsheets and anything Google. This handy tool has opened up the doors of blended learning and collaborative classrooms like never before. Teachers wanting to implement Google Classroom can use these resources to get started, level up their learning, or become a pro at all things Google. But there are so many sites!

A Guide: Eight Tips for Traveling By Bus in Belize - San Pedro Scoop Belize is a very small country with a very small population (about 325,000 people) and relatively few highways. The greatest country width (east to west) is 68 miles. And length only 170 miles! It’s one of the coolest coolest COOLEST things about Belize. You can go from barrier cayes… 5 Gmail Hacks Every Teacher Should Know Share Tweet Email Tons of schools (and thereby teachers, administrators, and students are using some form of Gmail as their email service these days. Along with the whole suite of Google Apps for Education, Gmail helps keeps teachers, students, and parents connected. Email is email, right?

Story Listening: What is it? The latest buzz in the TPRS world is Story Listening, a method to “provide massive, meaningful comprehensible input” developed by Dr. Beniko Mason Nanki, a small gentle woman with a lovely smile and something of a malicious twinkle in her eye. Her name was familiar to many people in the TPRS community because of her research on the benefits of self-selected reading in language acquisition, research that is often cited by Dr. Tips for Using Google Apps for Education to Create Digital Portfolios Google Apps for Education is a wonderful, collaborative program that allows students to create, collect, and curate artifacts of learning. While there is a wide variety of programs that can be used to create digital portfolios, here are four ways that the GAFE suite of programs can facilitate digital portfolio creation. What is A Digital Portfolio? A digital portfolio is a collection of artifacts of learning that demonstrate growth, acquisition of skills or knowledge, and student creativity over time.

Spanish Proficiency Exercises Spanish Proficiency Exercises is a compilation of brief video clips in which native speakers of Spanish from various locations throughout Latin America and Spain demonstrate various language tasks. The objective of the exercises is to provide students of Spanish with the necessary tools to be able to talk about the same topics in Spanish. In order to do, this Spanish Proficiency Exercises contains five major components. First, there is a simplified video clip. This simplified version is scripted, the native speakers talks slower, and he or she uses simpler words and less slang.