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Water has Memory

Water has Memory

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Hydrogen Water Stick Clinical Research by Dr. Hayashi Clinical Research by Dr. Hidemitsu Hayashi Water Institute, and Munenori KAWAMURA, M.D., Kyowa Medical Clinic, In November ’95 I presented a hypothesis known by the title : ‘Water Regulating Theory (Hayashi’s Model)’ in a US health magazine (3). It says that active oxygen could be scavenged or reduced by atomic hydrogen, which results in production of H2O to give again a birthplace for every life form (Fig1). My hypothesis was born from the clinical observation study in our clinic. How Homeopathic Remedies Are Made Homeopathic medicines, which are called remedies by those practicing the stream of medicine, are made using several substances. The primary processing required by all such substances to organize them for the energizing procedures of dilution as succession differs depending on each substance. Either the original materials from which homeopathic remedies are prepared need to be collected or they may also be made in the manner which is as close as possible to the method it was done while organizing the material for the purpose of proving.

Macro photos of snowflakes show impossibly perfect designs One of the true wonders of the world are snowflakes, tiny designs made of ice that are so individually unique, so detailed, and so spectacular it's hard to comprehend that they happen naturally and aren't pulled from the depths of our own imaginations. Photographer Alexey Kljatov has a special talent for capturing the brief life of these beautiful ice creations. He features many of his snowflake photos on Flickr. Kljatov says, "I capture snowflakes at open balcony of my house, mostly on glass surface, lighted by LED flashlight from opposite side of glass, and sometimes in natural light, using dark woolen fabrics as background." Here is some of his impressive work:

Miracle Drug At Cambridge over the summer, many students were taking pills to help their concentration. Ed Cumming was among them ... From INTELLIGENT LIFE Magazine, Autumn 2009 One evening this summer, in our final term at Cambridge, my roommate Katie threw a party. Our set was in a 17th-century attic, and its sloping ceilings framed a gorgeous view: a panorama taking in King’s College Chapel, the billiard-table lawns of the backs and the stately river. In that room you felt the mass of student life that had passed before you: even the doorframe had a musty glamour.

Synchronized probes explore Bermuda Triangle's swirling vortices ( -- Some might say that University of Washington oceanographers did well to only lose one of 21 underwater probes, given that they were deployed near the notorious Bermuda Triangle, where boats and airplanes have been known to disappear without a trace. The scientists chose the location to research its swirling whirlpools via a pioneering experiment that repeatedly sent the probes deep into the ocean and back to the surface in unison. “Nothing like this has ever been done,” said Tom Sanford, an oceanographer at the UW’s Applied Physics Laboratory. “It will be the paradigm for future experiments.” How To Remember Things I once came up with a metaphor I thought perfectly captured the sheer mass of material my classmates and I were expected to memorize in our first two years of medical school: it was like being asked to enter a grocery store and memorize the names of every product in the store, their number and location, every ingredient in every product in the order in which they appear on the food label, and then to do the same thing in every grocery store in the city. When I look back now I can't imagine how any of us were able to do it. And yet we did.

Magnetic Reconnection (Wikipedia) Magnetic Reconnection: This view is a cross-section through four magnetic domains undergoing separator reconnection. Two separatrices (see text) divide space into four magnetic domains with a separator at the center of the figure. Field lines (and associated plasma) flow inward from above and below the separator, reconnect, and spring outward horizontally. A current sheet (as shown) may be present but is not required for reconnection to occur.

Smarts: It's not how much you learn that matters. It's how much you remember. Forgetting follows a pattern. There are steep drop offs in retention after 60 minutes and after 24 hours. Immediately after learning something, you will be able to retrieve a great deal of information.

Interesting... just love Dr Emoto's work it is is so beautiful and I really love it that it is backed scientifically too by albalight Nov 2

many influences now a days. check out some practical distillation methods, mineral drops, and alkaline/kangen water to better balance our pH. by aroman Oct 31

Interesting remember you are more than 70% so........ watch what you think & feel as memories and things are beening influenced. by albalight Oct 31

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