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Save Gmail Attachments in Your Dropbox If you receive a lot of attachments in your email, you must have noticed that it becomes hard to find a file received a long time ago. Then you wish yo u had saved the file locally instead of just relying on the email server. What if there was a way to save all your attachments automatically to a certain place? Here’s how you can automatically save all your attachments to your Dropbox. First of all, if you don’t already have an account at Dropbox, create one. Synchronizing files with Dropbox is quite simple. Now that you know how to use Dropbox, you now need to get an email ID to send files to your Dropbox. Take a look at the settings and customize them if you want. Now it’s time to setup Gmail to forward your emails to your Dropbox. Now select the Filters tab. You are all set now.

tag-extract: A tool to automatically restructure text/outline using tags | Random Stuff that Matters June 13, 2012, [MD] I created a tool that can reorganize an outline in text format with simple @tags, using the hierarchical format of the file to "intelligently" group subcategories together, and tag lines with their top-level category. I provide examples of how this can be used for a literature review, or for qualitative research. Moving ideas around I've long been interested in ways of working with ideas, texts, and notes – collecting them and reorganizing them – see for example [[grappling_with_ideas-the_paper#manipulating_ideas|my section on this]] in [[grappling_with_ideas-the_paper|"Grappling with ideas"]]. My experiences with Knowledge Forum (mentioned in the link above) taught me the importance of being able to "move ideas around", rather then having them fixed wherever they happened to be first entered. But in fact, this goes further back then that. Johnson (1999) p 5. diff. betw. Corruption: Good governance: Alfanski, 1997 p 10. good governance became an IMF priority in 1990's

We-Wired Web Twitter Facebook MySpace LinkedIn Flickr - Share and Download Youtube videos How I keep notes I keep a large number of notes in Notational Velocity, which has two key advantages: entering and subsequently retrieving notes is very fast, and notes can be stored as individual text files in a directory. Speed Creating a new note requires no mouse-clicks, and only a few key-presses: Cmd-space to open Quicksilver, “no” to select notational velocity, and enter to launch it. Then Cmd-L moves the cursor to the title area, and I can type the title for the new note. This is incredibly fast, and makes note-taking minimally disruptive to other tasks. Searching notes is similarly fast: typing anything in the title area displays a filtered list of notes. Syncing Notational Velocity can sync its notes with simplenote, so that they can be accessed and edited in a web browser or the iPhone/iPad app. Directory of text files I have a cron script on my computer that commits this directory into a Git repository every 15 minutes. At the top of some notes, I also attach metadata.

Send Google Mail to Evernote - HarryOnline Evernote is a great system to organize your notes, and to remember everything. You often want to add email message to Evernote, for example to add it to a To-do list. Evernote makes this possible by providing an email address, to which you can forward other messages–they will then be added to your other notes. But you still have to tag them, and you may want to put them in a different notebook. The method described here makes it much faster and easier: simply drag tags and notebook to the message, that’s it. How does it work? Each Evernote account comes with a unique email address (like ‘’) which can be used to add content via email. Here, the messages are forwarded by a Google Apps script. If a sublabel of the Evernote label was attached, it is appended to the subject line with an ‘@’ prefix. In a Google Docs spreadsheet, a log is kept to record all forwarded email messages. Set up the script Now configure the script and have it run regularly: That’s it. Notes