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Unnamed pearl

Unnamed pearl
Hello Guzzlers. It is with huge pleasure that I introduce today’s puzzle, which is already a big deal in Japan. It’s called Menseki Meiro, or Area Maze, and I hope you find it as brilliant as I do. Area Maze is the creation of Naoki Inaba, one of the world’s most prolific inventors of logic puzzles. He came up with Area Maze after being asked to come up with a puzzle by the head of a crammer school in Japan. The puzzle is utterly simple to explain: find the missing value, which is denoted by a question mark highlighted in grey. Here’s what makes the puzzle genius: You are NOT allowed to use fractions in the solutions. Now you’ve got the hang of it, try these four. Naoki Inaba has been devising puzzles since he was a teenager. I asked him about Area Maze. In fact, it is so popular in Japan that now Area Maze problem books are published. Ill be back later today to show you how to solve the more difficult puzzles. Meanwhile, here’s how to solve the very first one.

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Metoden som gynnar långtidsminnen – Spaced Learning! När vi lär oss något är biokemiska processer igång i våra hjärnor. Många faktorer kan påverka vad och hur vi minns. När vi lär oss något kopplas neuronernas synapser samman i ”minnesbanor”. Vi vet att repetition stärker sammanlänkningen mellan hjärncellerna och då får vi ett mer varaktigt minne.

A Little Magic to Start the Year off Right I just finished a Magic Number game/trick I will be playing with my students at the beginning of the year. It's a great starter because I make my kids think I am magic and can read their minds! This freaks them out just a little. LOL ***Disclaimer: It's not really magic - Just a number game. Incase some of you were wondering! Math by Tori This year I will be starting "Station Activities" in my math classes (Geometry, Precalc and Math for College Readiness). Two of them will be set out for each class each week. Students will take turns working on them during the week.

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