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The True Story of the Philadelphia Experiment 1

The True Story of the Philadelphia Experiment 1
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Assassination Archives and Research Center ATLANTEAN GARDENS Car Exits Time Portal And Crashes? 2013 The Philadelphia Experiment – FREE The Philadelphia Experiment information | Find The Philadelphia Experiment research Title of a 1979 book by Charles Berlitz and William Moore that investigated the rumor that a top secret U.S. Navy experiment in 1943 had succeeded in rendering a destroyer, most likely the Eldridge, and its crew temporarily invisible and tele-ported it from its berth in Philadelphia to Norfolk, Virginia. (The name "The Philadelphia Experiment" had earlier been used by various writers to denote the classic electrical experiments of Benjamin Franklin.) The story of the Philadelphia Experiment stems largely from Carlos Allende (born in 1925 as Carl M. Allen). He claimed to have served as a deck hand on the S.S. In 1959, Jessup committed suicide, and the issue seemed to be closed. Berlitz and Moore revealed that Albert Einstein was employed as a scientific consultant to the U.S. (See also invisibility ; teleportation ) Sources: Barker, Gray. Clark, Jerome. Moore, William L., and Charles Berlitz. Steiger, Brad, and Joan Whritenour. Stein, Gordon.

brainz Psychology as we know it is a relatively young science, but since its inception it has helped us to gain a greater understanding of ourselves and our interactions with the world. Many psychological experiments have been valid and ethical, allowing researchers to make new treatments and therapies available, and giving other insights into our motivations and actions. Sadly, others have ended up backfiring horribly — ruining lives and shaming the profession. Here are ten psychological experiments that spiraled out of control. 10. Stanford Prison Experiment Prisoners and guards In 1971, social psychologist Philip Zimbardo set out to interrogate the ways in which people conform to social roles, using a group of male college students to take part in a two-week-long experiment in which they would live as prisoners and guards in a mock prison. 9. Wendell Johnson, of the University of Iowa, who was behind the study Theodore Kaczynski, the Unabomber, also seen top 7. 6. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1. David Reimer

Nutrition Education, Free - Fun Healthy Kids' Games, Healthy Family Living Website, My Plate Education, Healthy Eating Wellness Tools, Children's Nutrition Information, Free Kids' Games Aliens Creating Portal (Wow footage) & NASA Witches? Document Friday: Project ARTICHOKE, or the CIA Attempt to Create an Unwitting Assassin Through Hypnosis | UNREDACTED Poster for the 1962 hypno-assassination thriller, The Manchurian Candidate. The 1962 film The Manchurian Candidate –based on Richard Condon’s 1959 novel– portrays an American soldier who is hypnotized by Communists and trained to assassinate American officials on command. This 22 January 1954 CIA memo shows that the Agency also pondered using hypnotized assassination. The report’s central question was, “Can an individual of [redacted] descent be made to perform an act of attempted assassination involuntarily under the influence of ARTICHOKE?” Later, the document stipulated that this assassination attempt would be “against a prominent [redacted] politician or if necessary, against an American official.” According to the memo, CIA operatives would test this theory on a foreign national (his country of origin is redacted) who was once an Agency asset, but had since stopped cooperating. “Access to the SUBJECT would be extremely limited, probably limited to a single social meeting. Wow.

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