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The Secret - Evidence We Are Not Alone - Full Length Feature

The Secret - Evidence We Are Not Alone - Full Length Feature

Keyhole Publishing Co., Featuring the Work of Richard M. Dolan Dr. Richard Boylan's Official Web Site© Dutch Crop Circle Archive In the more than 20 years that mankind all over the world has been treated with thousands of crop circle formations, nobody was able to explain this phenomenon. Could it be as sceptic would have us believe, human handy work? Could there be assorted jokers world wide busy misleading you and me by night and in all weathers for years now? In this engaging written book you can read how beside a scientific and historical section the author links two separate crop circles, both near Alton Barnes. They contain an old Hebrew inscription and the so called Double Helix. They yield the name of the 'maker', his message, important facts and the summary of human history. Read who the gods were and how they are still among us to prepare us for the coming dimension transformation by splendid crop circles.

Alfred Webre: 2010 Extraterrestrial Disclosure Wave Surges Around UN, Nuclear Shutdowns, Denver ET/UFO Vote Alfred reviews components of the current “disclosure wave.” 2010 extraterrestrial disclosure wave surges around UN, nuclear shutdowns, Denver ET/UFO vote Alfred Lambremont Webre, Seattle Exopolitics Examiner, Sept. 27, 2010 For the first time since the early days of the presidency of Barack Obama in 2009, a wave of scheduled or predicted events around the theme of ‘official’ disclosure of extraterrestrial life to the human civilization of Earth appears to be surging. The early days of the Obama administration were rife with rumors that ET ‘disclosure is imminent’ and one observer predicted, “An official announcement by the Obama administration disclosing the reality of extraterrestrial life is imminent.” In fact, Barack Obama’s failure to make ET disclosure turned out to be the top UFO/ET story of 2009. As of today, almost a year to the day since the 2009 Obama ‘ET disclosure wave’ started, a new 2010 ‘ET disclosure wave has begun to surge. The U.N. Col. 1. 2. 3. 4.

The Stan Romanek Story