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Will Hunting had it right 14 years ago

Will Hunting had it right 14 years ago

Related:  all that is (the objects, the truth, the untruths) Stories What I Learned When I Quit My Job: Part One Six years ago, I quit my dreadful, low-paying temp job. After years of wage slavery, I was sick of jobs altogether. I dreamed of a different kind of life, one where I could choose my own activities and meet my survival needs with ease. » Lobbyist Demands Approval For “Lethal” Drones Within United States Alex Jones Applewhite admits UAVs have been used for “indiscriminate killings” Paul Joseph Watson February 25, 2013 Testifying against a bill that would put limits on the use of unmanned drones in Washington state, industry lobbyist Paul Applewhite shocked a House Committee hearing when he said that drones had been used for “indiscriminate killings,” while arguing that the technology should be approved for “lethal force” within the United States. Applewhite is president of Seattle-based Applewhite Aero, a company “founded to provide unmanned systems and training to government and industry.” When asked if restrictions should be placed on the use of drones until the direction of where the technology is going becomes clearer, Applewhite responded, “My opinion is that the way that we’re currently using drones in warfare, we’re moving away from indiscriminate killing to discriminate killing,” prompting gasps from the audience. H/T - Mikael Thalen.

Massive Leak Reveals Criminality, Paranoia, Among Corporate Titans LONDON - February 26 - WikiLeaks begins to publish today over five million e-mails obtained by Anonymous from "global intelligence" company Stratfor. The emails, which reveal everything from sinister spy tactics to an insider trading scheme with Goldman Sachs (see below), also include several discussions of the Yes Men and Bhopal activists. (Bhopal activists seek redress for the 1984 Dow Chemical/Union Carbide gas disaster in Bhopal, India, that led to thousands of deaths, injuries in more than half a million people, and lasting environmental damage.) Many of the Bhopal-related emails, addressed from Stratfor to Dow and Union Carbide public relations directors, reveal concern that, in the lead-up to the 25th anniversary of the Bhopal disaster, the Bhopal issue might be expanded into an effective systemic critique of corporate rule, and speculate at length about why this hasn't yet happened—providing a fascinating window onto what at least some corporate types fear most from activists.

Mozilla wants 500 million users to tell government to 'stop watching us' - Wilmington Civil Rights Many companies, including some whose networks are allegedly involved, have condemned the recently revealed National Security Agency (NSA) program PRISM. Mozilla, a company that makes the popular Firefox web browser that has repeatedly taken a firm stance on Internet censorship and surveillance, joined with a variety of activist groups and other sites to found an anti-spying coalition. launched on Tuesday, with the hope of gathering millions of signatures to a petition demanding the United States government stop such massive surveillance on the Internet and hold public officials accountable for these actions. Mozilla is not alone in taking this stance.

Life Extension Magazine December 1998: As We See It They Want You Brain Dead LEF Magazine December 1998 They Want You Brain Dead The FDA has spent 13 years trying to stop Americans from obtaining low-cost Hydergine from overseas suppliers. When You Have the Right Vibe, It's Not a Coincidence: Synchronicities, Energy Healing, and Other Strangeness in the Field The following is excerpted from Active Consciousness: Awakening the Power Within [1], recently released from R.L.Ranch Press. One piece of evidence for the holographic nature of nonstandard fields that have been proposed in recent years -- the zero-point field (a candidate for the unified field [2]), the psi field of psychic phenomena, Ervin Laszlo's Akashic field [3], and the morphic field proposed by Rupert Sheldrake [4] -- is that they all share a common feature: sensitivity to similarity in vibration. If a holographic image has many different holograms embedded within it, shining a laser of a specific frequency upon it will cause only those holograms made with lasers of the same frequency to stand out. That's because things with the same vibration naturally resonate and reinforce one another -- just as two violin strings at the same pitch resonate with one another. Biologist Rupert Sheldrake's theory of morphic resonance also depends upon similarity in vibration. Think about it.

States join battle over drone flights - The Hill's RegWatch The nascent drone industry is coming under threat from lawmakers on Capitol Hill and in state legislatures who are weighing restrictions on their use in the United States. Eighteen states have considered bills that would limit the use of unmanned aerial systems, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures, and more are likely to follow suit. In Washington, meanwhile, lawmakers are pushing for new civil liberties and privacy protections to ease fears about invasive surveillance from the skies. Manufacturers of unmanned aerial systems say there is vast potential for police departments and law enforcement officials to use drones in their work.

A Small Group of Companies Have Enormous Power Over the World October 31, 2012 | Like this article? Join our email list: Stay up to date with the latest headlines via email. Tech expert urges Americans to 'quit Google, Facebook' over NSA surveillance revelations (NaturalNews) In light of revelations that the federal government's massive spy apparatus has been unleashed on its own citizens, some tech experts are now advising users of social media and other Internet-based sites that have helped Uncle Sam pry into your life to stop using them altogether. While I do utilize +Google (+J.D. Heyes) to share my views and help market NaturalNews (we are a web-based publication, after all), I quit using sites like MySpace (remember that one?)

In Japan, The Matrix Is Now Reality As Humans Are Used As Living Batteries Who says necessity is not the mother of invention in the New Normal. While a tiny fraction of the Japanese population is enjoying the transitory effects of Abe's latest reflating "wealth effect" policy (even as China has made it clear said policy will end quite soon), the bigger problem for Japan is that even sooner, more and more of it will be reliant on hamster wheels to generate electricity, as LNG prices have just hit a record high and are rising at a breakneck pace, and as local nuclear power generation has collapsed to virtually zero. Which means one thing: electricity will soon become so unaffordable only those who are invested in the daily 2% Nikkei surges will be able to electrify their immediate surroundings. So what is Japan's solution?

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