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Six Amazing Pop-Up Paper Sculptures

Six Amazing Pop-Up Paper Sculptures

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Handmade Flower Pots Once I spent a whole summer making handmade paper. I love the organic texture. Now I've found a way to make pots that look handmade without all of the work. Plus they cost about 9 cents each. How great is that? ★ Origamic Architecture Instructions & Free Kirigami Templates ★ Architectural Origami Inspiration Roundup Kirigami is the combination of origami and paper cutting crafts, and is a brilliant hobby to start because all you basically need is a craft knife and paper! Origamic architecture is the use of kirigami to create 3D buildings from a clever use of folds and cuts within just one single piece of paper. Below you will find information for beginners to this art, as well as a number of free templates and projects for practice.

Macrame - The most central in macrame is of course the knots. I will list some of the most common knots I know. The square knot The square knot is the most basic knot used in macrame. Reverse Waterfall Card In a conventional waterfall card you pull a tab to make a set of pictures flip open. I reversed the mechanism to make a push tab. As you push the tab the pictures flip, but the tab appears to stay the same size at every flip, instead of getting longer and longer at the bottom. It's like magic! Vintage Embroidery Patterns from an antique catalog - The Graffical Muse Here are some vintage embroidery patterns taken from a catalog from the 1800’s. I removed the background and separated each pattern from the original image so you may make a transfer from the printable. Enjoy! Vintage Embroidery Pattern

Blitsy Crafts: Easy Updated Canisters blitsy This Blog Linked From Here The Web Monday, October 27, 2014 Easy Updated Canisters PaperWorks Papyromania Reportages | e-Cards | Links | Contact PaperWorks About PaperWorks ... Woven Finger-Knitting Hula-Hoop Rug DIY Here we go! I’m so excited to kick off this series of finger-knitting projects. For the first project, B proffered his largest ball of finger-knitting for us all to try weaving a rug! This project is super-fun and easy to do. How to make rose flower from paper? DIY Paper rose for valentine gift Welcome. We gather free unique, creative crafts and models we find around the internet as well as publishing our own works and projects. If you're interested, you can join us by submitting your art work to share with our many wonderful readers.

Modular Kirigami These are sculptures I made by assembling identical pieces of paper which have been carefully cut to precise shapes. As of this writing, Google reports over fourteen million hits for the word “origami”, one hundred thousand hits for “kirigami”, thirty-two thousand hits for the phrase “modular origami”, and zero web pages with the phrase “modular kirigami”. So I wrote this page to be the first about "modular kirigami". Modular origami involves assembling folded modules into a symmetric structure. So the phrase "modular kirigami" seems appropriate for the works illustrated here which involve the symmetric assembly of cut pieces of paper.

Reverse Waterfall Card Tutorial How to make a reverse waterfall card --with a push tab instead of a pull tab. This variation is useful if you don't want the growing pull tab to distract from your design. My waterfall card is based on a design by Michael Jacobs, from his book Cards that Pop Up, Flip & Slide See his tutorial on HGTV. . The sample card finished size is 4.25 by (just short of) 9". Pieces are color coded for clarity. Jewelry / Joyería Flower collar/ Cuello de flores Flower necklace #3/ Collar de flores #3 Beads’ necklace #3/ Collar de cuentas #3 Beads necklace #2/ Collar de cuentas #2 engarch Dutch version Origamic Architecture Some say that Origamic Architecture is a part of Origami and some say it is not.

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