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untitled Copyright 2000-2006 R.G. Keen. All rights reserved. No permission for local copies or reposting from sites other than This project involves wiring and working with AC mains line voltage. Instructions for a Do-It-Yourself Multi-Winding Spyder Transformer If you're a stubborn do-it-yourselfer, you can make your own transformer for the Spyder instead of buying either eight small ones or the nine-winding job. Making your own Spyder transformer involves finding a flat-pack style transformer to work on and then replacing the secondary windings. If you buy a suiltable flat-pack transfomer new, it will cost about $12 - $15 in the USA. • Index page Guitar Effects Generator Using DSP By: Alex Czubak and Gorav Raheja Advisor: Dr. Thomas L. Stewart Abstract This project deals with the creation of sound effects through manipulation of an audio signal from a guitar. Project Documents Functional Description - Description and preliminary high-order block diagram Functional Requirements - Requirements for the project and its components Project Proposal - Proposal and scope of the project Proposal Presentation Slides - Presentation of the project proposal Guitar Effects Processor Using DSP – Project Update - Update of Project with up-to-date schedule Final Project Presentation - Presentation of the overall project Project Paper - Paper of overall project Alex Gorav MOV00033.MPG - Real-time implementation of Delay MOV00034.MPG - Real-time implementation of Distortion "Uncertainty could be the guiding light" - from "Zooropa" by U2

Guitar Effects Pedals, Schematics, Stompboxes & Electronic Projects Experimentalists Anonymous musicdsp Joe Popp Fabrication d'une pédale FS3x en diy pour le jamman Salut ! Pour tous ceux qui ont déjà le looper Jamman de Digitech, Voici le boîtier à 3 footswiches, il est assez cher, on peut être tenté de le construire soi même … à vos risques et périls bien sur, je ne veux pas être responsable des dégâts causés par les mauvais bricoleurs … !! liste du matériel : un jack mâle stéréo du câble à 3 conducteurs souples de petite section un boîtier 1 bouton poussoir à 2 contacts à fermeture (fugitif) 2 boutons poussoirs à un contact à fermeture (fugitif) assez dur à trouver ! finalement, quand on voit le prix des pièces détachées, il n’est pas si cher que ça ce pédalier !!! l’idée de base est de réduire le prix au minimum, l’économie et le côté pratique sont privilégiés, l’esthétique passe en dernier plan ! les footswitches sont parfois chers (plus de 10 euros pièce !) Voici le schéma d’origine: des photos

The Electric Web Matrix Circuit Bending Synth DIY » Blog Archive » Vactrol and LFO Arrangements by Michael Una. This is the first of an occasional series explaining particular solutions for circuit bending and synthesis. Here’s a little series of tricks I commonly use. First, consider the vactrol. You can buy vactrols in a variety of manufactured forms, but you can also make your own quite easily. It’s basically an LED coupled to an photoresistor. Next, try pulsing the LED on and off using a 555 timer- the resistance rises and falls rhythmically. At the Experimental Garage Sale I sold a toy guitar with this type of modification: Next step: try adding a large-value capacitor in parallel with the LED, which will cause the LED to fade out over time instead of quickly switching off. Anyone have their own variations for this type of circuit?