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Formato de Documento Computável (CDF) para Conteúdo Interativo

Formato de Documento Computável (CDF) para Conteúdo Interativo
"Providing a customer with an interactive data viewer is much more effective than static graphs in a PowerPoint presentation." Steven R. Stuve Senior R&D Engineer, Hamlin Electronics "Because I can change parameters on the fly, rerun models, and present results, CDF documents liberate me from the confines of static depictions of models." Seth J. Professor of Law, University of Houston Law Center "After using the Briggs/Cochran Calculus ebook that uses CDF technology, many faculty members have told us, 'This is how calculus should be taught.' Bill Hoffmann Executive Editor, Pearson "Wolfram technology let me compose the text and all 650 interactive figures in the same document. Eric Schulz, Author and Instructor Walla Walla Community College Brian Frezza Co-founder & Co-CEO Emerald Therapeutics "I'm quite excited about the introduction of the CDF format. Daniel Zicha, Head of Light Microscopy Cancer Research UK

20+ Tools to Create Your Own Infographics A picture is worth a thousand words – based on this, infographics would carry hundreds of thousands of words, yet if you let a reader choose between a full-length 1000-word article and an infographic that needs a few scroll-downs, they’d probably prefer absorbing information straight from the infographic. What’s not to like? Colored charts and illustrations deliver connections better than tables and figures and as users spend time looking back and forth the full infographic, they stay on the site longer. Plus, readers who like what they see are more likely to share visual guides more than articles. While not everyone can make infographics from scratch, there are tools available on the Web that will help you create your very own infographics. In this article, we’re listing more than 20 such options to help you get your messages across to your readers, visually.

Heal thyself: The 'bio-inspired' materials that self-repair An optical microscope image of a self-healing polymer, with microcapsules containing a red healing agent embedded in the material. Optical microscope image of a self-healing polymer in action, as microcapsules containing a red healing agent begin to rupture as a crack progresses through the material. This image, taken using a scanning electron microscope, shows a ruptured microcapsule contained in a self-healing epoxy. The emerging world of self-healing materials Materials which heal themselves when damaged are expected to hit the market in 2013Some of these "bio-inspired" materials use a model based on veins to release healing agentsThey have potential to lengthen the the lifetime of products and reduce demand on raw materialsSelf-healing coatings to protect marine structures from corrosion will be released this year

21 Effective Infographic Animations using Stylish Typography Introduction Infographics are visual illustrations that use a variety of symbols, and diagrams to portray or teach an informative lesson or story. Combined with kinetic typography and skillful animation, these animated infographics become interesting and engaging for the audience and hopefully inform us with valuable information.

Justin Beckerman builds working one-man submarine The submarine's body may be constructed from drainage pipes and the hatch from a recycled skylight, but according to its 18-year-old inventor, this single-person U-boat can plunge to a depth of 30 feet and has already completed three successful dives. The Nautilus took high school inventor Justin Beckerman just six months and $2,000 to put together -- all while keeping on top of his homework. "He has been building things since he was two years old," says his mother, Jess Beckerman. "If we tried to help him we would just get in the way and mess things up."

Download Infographics Vector Templates For Free Infographic is a informative graph for the people and new trend of graphic, people can easy get the information about the technologies, social network users, and about other varieties of things through infographics, people can get the new or popular trend of the time, people also like to create infographics designs to share their information with people, you can also use free vector template of the infographics, you have not to strive to create infographic design that attract others towards your infographic design, you can use free vector templates of infographic designs, or share your information with the people of the world. In today’s round up, I am sharing with you a collection of well-designed infograhics free vector templates, you can download these free vector infographic templates for free or create your own infographic graphic and share for your useful information with world. Free Infographic Vector Elements Infographics Vector Pack

Graphene: the nano-sized material with a massive future Graphene is the world's first two-dimensional material to be discoveredNo material is stronger, thinner or more conductive than grapheneMIT professor Tomas Palacios says graphene will change all our lives Numerous applications for graphene in fields of computing, energy and medicine (CNN) -- Ever since it was discovered in 2004, graphene has been hailed as a natural wonder of the materials world destined to transform our lives in the 21st century. Graphene's amazing properties excite and confound in equal measure. How can something one million times thinner than a human hair be 300 times stronger than steel and 1,000 times more conductive than silicon? CNN Labs asked the head of MIT's graphene research department, Tomas Palacios, to explain why graphene is such a special material and what we can expect it to do for us in the future. CNN: What is graphene?

Electromagnetic Field Shielding Fabrics - Nightly Ultra-Low Cost Conductive Fabric Perfect for bedding, clothing, wraps and drapes. Impressive conductivity in a completely non-toxic format. Cotton Grid Fabric is the perfect choice when you want an all natural conductive fabric. Mini BoostPack 12V Capacitor Car Battery You might like to research the formula for energy storage in a capacitor, namely e=0.5×C×v^2, closely resembling newton’s ke=0.5×m×v^2 When you connect two capacitors in series, you get half the capacitance but twice the voltage. Given the energy storage formula’s v^2 term vs the linear C term, this means you get twice the energy storage. So yes, his 6x350F capacitor bank gives 350F/6=58.3F, but 350F,2.5v=1093J, and 58.3F,15v=6558J so conservation of energy is preserved. YES, charge storage is reduced.

Top Ten Free Tools To Create Awesome Infographics Information graphics or infographics as it is generally called are graphical or visual representation of information. It’s an efficient means to present complex information or knowledge in a simple and clear way without any complications. All through the years, this serves as an excellent means for computer scientists, statisticians and different technicians to develop and deliver different concepts using certain symbols that have specific meanings in different processes. These symbols serve as descriptions for certain concepts or processes and hence are helpful in representing information. Today, you can see information graphics in each every aspect of life including scientific and pedestrian styles. The information or any text in visual form through text or symbols reaches people fast.

Seven Online Infographic Builders That You Have to Try The world is becoming increasingly visual – especially the online world. Thanks to social media and the explosion of sites such as Pinterest, displaying information in a visual way has become even more important. But it can be time consuming and even brain-boggling. There are a host of tools out there though that can help you turn information into pretty good (and Pinterest-friendly) infographics in a matter of minutes. Here we take a look at some of the top contenders, how they work, what they cost and if they are worth your time (and money).