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The Board Of Innovation

The Board Of Innovation

Business Models Beyond Profit - Social Entrepreneurship Lecture MERKAPT Copilotage de l’innovation How To Avoid Getting Fired From Your Own Company Editor’s note: Guest author Chris Yeh is an independent angel investor and VP of Marketing for PBworks, one of his investments. He has been involved with Internet startups since 1995. His Twitter handle is @chrisyeh. If you start a company, it will probably happen to you someday. Maybe it will be your VC or a board member. Maybe it will be your co-founder. Sooner or later, they’ll try to fire you. I’m an investor in or advisor to dozens of startups, and at least once a quarter, I get the call: “Chris, they’re trying to fire me.” Most entrepreneurs are surprised the first time their investors or co-founders try to fire them. The sad fact is, founder firings are the rule, not the exception. Many of Silicon Valley’s most storied companies involve palace coups and forgotten founders. If Steve Jobs can be forced out, anyone can, including you. But that doesn’t mean you need to take it laying down. 1) Don’t get caught by surprise. 2) Start planning your defenses early. 8) Counterattack.

Tension creatrice Nous étions 10 personnes, facilitateurs, entrepreneurs, personnes d'action, artistes, pour une session Team Academy Alsace dont le thème était l'expérimentation du Dialogue. Le processus du Dialogue est un des outils d'apprentissage en équipe utilisé à Team Academy. Une introduction est proposée à la fin de ce billet. Certains nouveaux participants découvraient Team Academy et ses principes ainsi que les actions lancées en Alsace ces dernières années. L'enjeu pour l'association est de trouver une manière appropriée de soutenir le Bachelor "Jeune Entrepreneur" lancé à l'EM Strasbourg en 2011 et aussi de faire émerger de nouveaux projets basés sur la pédagogie de l'action. Dans ce processus, les participants, nouveaux et anciens, ont rapidement ressentit le besoin d'exprimer leurs intentions à propos de Team Academy. L'expression des intentions pour Team Academy Alsace s'est faite en 3 groupe de 3 avant un partage en grand cercle : 2 nouvelles dates sont programmées pour :

Thoughts on Linked Data Business Models Scott Brinker recently published a great blog post covering 7 business models for Linked Data. The post is well worth a read and reviews the potential for both direct and indirect revenue generation from a range of different business models. I’ve been thinking about these same issues myself recently so I’m pleased to see that others are doing similar analysis. Scott’s conclusion that, currently, Linked Data is more likely to drive indirection revenue is sound, and reflects where we are with the deployment of the technology. The time is ripe though for organizations to begin exploring direct revenue generation models and it’s there that I wanted to add some thoughts and commentary to Scott’s posting. Traffic The traffic model, with its indirect revenue generation by driving traffic to existing content and services, is well understood. Advertising Adverts embedded into data is are not a useful way to distribute them to end-users. Subscriptions Sponsorship Closing Thoughts Like this:

Business Plan Consulting | Financial Forecasts | Pitch Decks | Cayenne Consulting Plimus - Sell Online, Web Ecommerce, Online Shopping Software Local Checkout Experience leads to Higher Conversions Our BuyNow hosted checkout page is streamlined to make it easy for shoppers to complete a purchase on any device. The simplicity of our hosted solution does not mean it is lacking in ways to pay. We offer more alternative methods than any other payment gateway so your customers can pay with mobile wallets, credit cards, or a range of other options. Did we mention that we offer a localized experience? Thanks to data from IP addresses, our hosted checkout pages present local language, payment types, and currencies to your shoppers. eCommerce Features Make it Easy to Attract & Retain Shoppers You can manage coupons for one-time and recurring payments, provide flexible pricing tiers with volume discounts, manage your catalogue, offer post-sales emails that encourage returning shoppers, and much more. Self-Service Merchant Console BlueSnap’s custom tracking and reporting gives critical insight into customer behavior and product performance.

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