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Board of Innovation - International office in business model innovation

Board of Innovation - International office in business model innovation
Tackling Business Model Challenges Our innovation consulting services are designed for large corporates to avoid their Kodak-moment. We use a structured innovation process to guide teams of intrapreneurs from the first ideation phase to an executive pitch months later. When a disruptive business case gets funded, we coach venture teams to get traction into the market. Lean start-up thinking for large enterprises We try to avoid corporate theatre at all cost (read: writing 100 page business plans & bloated financial sheets). Rather we go for a hands-on approach based on the philosophy behind the Lean Startup.

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Arts & Culture Loading Explore stories from around the world Circular forms. Biomimicry as a super systems metaphor for software engineering? « Computing for Sustainability This post is from a paper we presented recently. It combines ideas from several earlier posts (especially this one). Mann, S. , Smith, L.G. (2008) Biomimicry as a super systems metaphor for software engineering? Thoughts on Linked Data Business Models Scott Brinker recently published a great blog post covering 7 business models for Linked Data. The post is well worth a read and reviews the potential for both direct and indirect revenue generation from a range of different business models. I’ve been thinking about these same issues myself recently so I’m pleased to see that others are doing similar analysis. Scott’s conclusion that, currently, Linked Data is more likely to drive indirection revenue is sound, and reflects where we are with the deployment of the technology. The time is ripe though for organizations to begin exploring direct revenue generation models and it’s there that I wanted to add some thoughts and commentary to Scott’s posting.

This Lamp Doesn't Need Batteries, Fuel Or Even The Sun In the vast majority of developing countries without electricity, kerosene lamps are the go-to for seeing in the dark. But kerosene doesn’t burn cleanly and an accidentally knocked-over open flame can quickly set a house ablaze. The GravityLight team have created something special—a lamp that only needs gravity to work. Creating Marketing People Love: 29 Tips From Industry Experts [Slideshow] "Love is everything it's cracked up to be … It really is worth fighting for, being brave for, risking everything for." - Erica Jong With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, love is all around. And whether you’re making cookies with your kids, sending a package to a secret admirer, or toasting the passing of the day with friends, it’s a great time to think about love -- especially if you’re a marketer. We decided to ask some of world’s leading experts in everything from branding, to social media, to design for their advice on how to create marketing people love -- and the end result is our gift to you!

How an innovation ecosystem may look like An ecosystem is a self sustaining system where its member organisms can flourish and grow through a complex process of interdependence among themselves and their surroundings. Similarly an innovation ecosystem could be envisaged as a system which supports the birth and growth of innovative activities in a self sustaining manner. In this context I would like to state some of the components and their interdependence that such an innovation ecosystem is composed of. This model that I am going to present here would provide a partial resemblance of a more complex system that in reality could affect the successful implementation of an innovation paradigm. By saying partial resemblance I would invite addition/deletion of elements to the model as and when suited keeping the basic framework as is.

7 business models for linked data Now that major companies are implementing linked data, and more marketing thought leaders are championing data as an outward-facing competitive advantage, the question I’m hearing more frequently is: How do you turn data into revenue? Creating, publishing, and maintaining data takes work. What are the economic incentives for companies to put in the effort? Here’s my take on 7 business models for data web initiatives: I’ve organized these by how revenue is generated, from direct money-for-data to indirect branding programs.

AltSchool: The next generation of education? Friday is graduation day at an unusual K-8 school in California -- and there is only one graduate. He's part of an experiment in San Francisco called AltSchool that could re-define how your kids get an education, reports Ben Tracy. Curiel-Friedman is 13 years old. He's the only 8th grader and about to become the first graduate of AltSchool.

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