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De moda Geek - Prendas y accesorios para el geek bien vestido - Página 3 Beam me up, Scotty, I need a new bag, and this Star Trek Uhura makeup bag is just the thing. This eye-catching, asymmetrical foldover design was inspired by Uhura’s red uniform. It has her signature and a Delta shield zipper pull. Pre-order now to get the snazzy bag in June. Product Page ($24.99 via Geek Alerts) This King Kitten t-shirt isn’t just a play on King Kong, it’s a thing of genius. Plus, it would trigger the allergies of anyone in a 5 mile radius. I wonder how you’d lure a giant kitten off the building? Either way, cute shirt. Product Page: ($20 via Geek Alerts) The Haunted Mansion in Disney theme parks is full of creepy. Anyway, if you’d like to keep the vibe of the Haunted Mansion with you at all times, Disney has a fancy tutorial to help you transform your fingernails. Check out the full tutorial after the break. [click to continue…] See more pictures after the break… [click to continue…] The lockets are handmade, and they are available in sterling silver and gold.

Client Relationships: What To Do When Things Go Wrong You’ve been working hard on your latest project for a client. You’ve delivered, so now it’s time for that last payment. But after weeks of wrangling with their people, there’s still no check in the mail. Turns out, they feel they don’t owe you any money. You feel betrayed and frustrated. One of the challenges of being a creative freelancer, and one of the most dreaded parts about being in business for yourself, is dealing with client disputes. 1. Disputes between creatives and their clients more often result from misunderstanding than from bad faith. If your client brings up a problem, restate what they tell you to make sure you’ve got it right. If things get heated, the best thing to do is to wait until tempers have cooled and then pick the conversation back up again. Let your values guide you, and vocalize them when you think it will be helpful. 2. Mediation also has the advantage of being relatively inexpensive or even free. 3. But you might have some leverage of your own. 4. 5.

No Me Llames Friki Laughing Squid No Me Llames Friki No Me Llames Friki - Llámame 'Freak'- Magia para perretes La cara de algunos es un poema. 0 Comentarios Link al post | Abril 10th, 2014 | Vía: lokalrunde Tags: Me encanta la lluvia :3 3 Comentarios Vía: alicefromjapan - Fuente: hustler4life Haciendo música con lo que va surgiendo. Post patrocinado | Tú también puedes estar aquí. La tarta de Skyrim 2 Comentarios Vía: enelojodelculo Creación de personajes del Black Desert Online Enviado por BirigaDier Pepis 30 Comentarios Link al post | Abril 10th, 2014 | Publicado por NoMeLlamesFriki Meidos 0 Comentarios Vía: meido-kafe - Fuente: koreatojapan Televisión de calidad en España 1 Comentario Vía: elfifi - Fuente: listo Bugs de videojuegos en la vida real 1 Comentario Vía: koolroffenvena - Fuente: 12-gauge-rage Cosplay de Mago de Majora 4 Comentarios Vía: thegameisalife Más viejo Más nuevo Sobre mi Un poco más Friki que mi hermano "FinoFilipino", pero igual de tontaco. Visitas Texto legal

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