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A Restless Transplant

A Restless Transplant

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Start Here: The State of Disney Dining And if you're a food-eating human, a visit to Disney can come with a unique set of challenges. So Eater editors Bill Addison, Helen Rosner, and I went down to Florida in the middle of June to suss out the situation. What's noteworthy? What's utterly skippable? ITS Tactical Namer armored personnel carrier of the Israel Defense Force. via militaryarmament Remember, Remember the Fifth of November - Today is November the Fifth and marks a day of celebrating Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Treason in Britain. The history surrounding the plot, which created a day of infamy, is an interesting one with many lessons learned. Travel Hacking Resources It’s a common misconception that getting multiple credit cards simply for the signup bonuses is “gaming the system.” In fact, banks are happy to pay for acquiring customers. These banks purchase millions of miles in bulk from airlines and hotels, then distribute them as signup bonuses and ongoing incentives for their new customers. It’s a win-win for everyone involved. Best Cards

the impossible cool. Nov 6 “The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.” Historical Non-Friction: Turkey’s Oldest Oil-Wrestling Tournament Edirne, in northwestern Turkey, is home to an annual competition that has existed since 1362. Billed as the world's second-oldest athletic tournament—after the Olympic Games—it's also the largest showcase for the Turkish national sport of oil wrestling. This time-honored event has one noticeably different ingredient from wrestling bouts elsewhere: olive oil, and lots of it.

Cold Splinters, Some cool libraries from around the world. ... t Some cool libraries from around the world. Sources: 1 2 3/3 4 5 6 7 8 9 cork grips [:en]Follow the Food Festival: A Voyage into Small Town Portugal[:] [:en] As the mayor of the tiny Portuguese village told me in broken Spanish, (our only common language)-“If it doesn’t melt in your mouth, it’s not ham…” Those of you guys who know me by now, know I’m an absolute sucker for food. And locals. Links We Love: 1/10/2015 What we're clicking on this week (when we're not packing on the layers.) One day, I'd love to check into Houshi Ryokan. The traditional Japanese hotel is supposedly the oldest continually operating, family-run business. Learn more in this beautifully shot mini documentary. – Becky, editorial assistant

Fathom's 24 Best Travel Blogs and Websites 2015 Travel Teq What we love: Reports on traveling culture and lifestyle treasures for the fashion-forward jetsetter. Smart lists with food and nightlife recommendations for sporting your style.