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The OpenNMS Project

The OpenNMS Project
OpenNMS is the world’s first enterprise grade network management application platform developed under the open source model. Well, what does that mean? World’s First: The OpenNMS Project was started in July of 1999 and registered on SourceForge in March of 2000. It has years of experience on the alternatives. Enterprise Grade: It was designed from “day one” to monitor tens of thousands to ultimately unlimited devices with a single instance. It brings the power, scalability and flexibility that enterprises and carriers demand.

RRDtool - About RRDtool What RRDtool does RRDtool is the OpenSource industry standard, high performance data logging and graphing system for time series data. RRDtool can be easily integrated in shell scripts, perl, python, ruby, lua or tcl applications. News For the lastest news regarding RRDtool, check the Announcements Mailinglist Archive. Or add our Google+ page to your circles.

Centreon - Open Source Network, Systems and Application monitoring solution Easy Debian This package, when installed on your tablet or phone, will give you, Gimp, the LXDE Desktop Environment, Evince, Firefox (called Iceweasel in Debian) with Java and Flash support, printing support, and access to thousands of precompiled applications from Debian that can be easily browsed and downloaded to your hand-held device. All these applications will be installed in an image file containing the Debian operation system without interfering with Maemo, but taking advantage of its infrastructure and connectivity. This package will give you all of these applications without any need for installing dependencies or other applications, and it should work on the Nokia N800, N810 and N900 mobile devices. [edit] What you need: You need 2.5 GB free on one of your memory cards, although after installing, you will only need 2 GB.

Other versions Donate HomeOther versions Stable variants: 58 Open Source Replacements for Small Business Software: Page 2 Customer Relationship Management (CRM) 16. SugarCRM Replaces: JeOSVMBuilder Ubuntu Release: JeOS 8.10 (Intrepid Ibex) - (Note : JeOS is discontinued as a standalone product. An equivalent installation can be done now with the standard Ubuntu Server installer by pressing F4 at the first screen) This page documents the building of a virtual appliance using Ubuntu Server Edition's JeOS and vmbuilder.

Operators and more search help - Web Search Help You can use symbols or words in your search to make your search results more precise. Google Search usually ignores punctuation that isn’t part of a search operator. Don’t put spaces between the symbol or word and your search term. A search for will work, but site: won’t. Refine image searches Overall Advanced Search

Kapi - open source keyframing animation API for HTML 5 canvas A keyframing API for the HTML 5 canvas A JavaScript framework by Jeremy Kahn NOTE: Kapi is no longer being developed. However, this library has been rewritten with a nearly identical API and improved feature set. namebench - Open-source DNS Benchmark Utility Final list of nameservers considered: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ UMBC 5 US 56 ms | OpenDNS-3 56 ms | is hijacked: Level3-R2 62 ms | DynGuide 63 ms | NXDOMAIN Hijacking BroadAspect US 63 ms | Google Public DNS- 64 ms | Replica of Google Public DNS [] OpenDNS 65 ms | is hijacked: UltraDNS 67 ms | NXDOMAIN Hijacking Localhost IPv4 68 ms | NXDOMAIN Hijacking (www) RoadRunner NC US 68 ms | Replica of RoadRunner NC-2 US [], NXDOMAIN Hijacking (www) Comodo Secure DNS- 80 ms | NXDOMAIN Hijacking RoadRunner NC-2 US 104 ms | (excluded: Slower replica of RoadRunner NC US []) - Sending 250 queries to 11 servers...

9 Open Source Microblogging Applications Microblogging, with the wide usage of Twitter, is a hot subject in today’s web. Using few words & spending less effort compared to the standard blogging, it becomes possible to share knowledge, feelings, etc. And, it keeps users connected to other users with the simple yet powerful community features. While there are very popular microblogging services like Twitter, Tumblr or Plurk, being a rival may not be (or may be) the best idea.