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Bulk organic herbs, spices, teas & essential oils.

Bulk organic herbs, spices, teas & essential oils.

Rope Reins, Mecate reins catalog Continuous Nylon "Roper" Rein Roper reins are made from ½" double braid marine rope. These rope reins come nine, ten or eleven feet long with brass or steel (you choose) scissor snaps on each end to connect to the bit. I use a harness leather (russet) or latigo (black and burgundy) tab to connect the snap to the rope. Reins measure from the tip of one snap to the tip of the opposite snap. Please make sure you are ordering the correct length! All reins are also available in Tan and White/blue tracer double braid marine rope. All continuous reins can be custom made to suit your needs...just add any length to your cart and then use the comment box provided during checkout to ask for something different. Continuous Nylon Roper Reins 9" - 11" X 1/2"$29.50 No Tab Roper Rein A style of continuous reins being offered by demand. No Tab Roper Rein 9' -11' X 1/2" $33.50 22' No Frills Mecate Sport Rein NOTE: Headstall & slobber straps sold separately. Sport Rein $22.00 Mane Hair Mecates

Positive Power Nutrition What's Good at Trader Joe's? Reinstating Local Food, Local Rules NOTE: This is a guest post from Siena Chrisman, Manager of Strategic Partnerships and Alliances at WhyHunger, with excerpts from Andrianna Natsoulas’ Food Voices. In the spring of 2010, WhyHunger began a partnership with Andrianna Natsoulas, longtime food sovereignty activist and author of the forthcoming book Food Voices: Stories of the Food Sovereignty Movement. Food Voices captures the testimonies and images of farmers and fisherfolks across five countries who are fighting for a just, sustainable and sovereign food system; a food system that values quality over quantity, communities over individuals, and the environment over the corporate bottom-line. Andrianna talked to Maine farmer, and WhyHunger partner, Bob St. “For me,” Bob says, “food sovereignty means being able to farm and care for a piece of land in a way that I feel is appropriate, without having market forces dictate what or how I grow.

Dressage Saddle Pads for Horses and Ponies | EQUESTRIAN COLLECTIONS.COM 90+ Rating. This product met or exceeded the expectations of over 90% of customers that bought it. Equestrian Collections works with our over 200 Brands to bring you exclusive Sales. Equestrian Collections offers over 1000 top brand Closeouts at any given time. Equestrian Collections Outlet has in stock items that are no longer carried by our manufacturers. Blowouts are in stock items that we want to move out and replace with newer inventory. If you are a shopper that always wants to be up to speed on what is new to the marketplace, then watch out for the New label.

Natural Health Products and Dietary Supplements for Optimal Health and Nutrition Cantonese Vegetarian Hot Pot New York NY: Macmillan 1995, $34.95, Hardbound ISBN: 0-02-632985-9 Reviewed by: Susan AsanovicWinter Volume: 1995 Issue: 2(4) page(s): 15 and 20 Western food writers might well heed the advise of Eileen Yin-Fei Lo in her headnote to Chai Sai, Vegetarian Chicken who advises that "the aim is to fool the eye and please the taste." Many of us do not want beef, sausage, or chicken taste-alikes yet fine ones appear in From the Earth. Actually, the food may appear similar in shape and texture, but it has its own flavor--which is very pleasing to those that do not care for meat or fish, or who simply prefer the delicious Chinese tastes and aromas applied to vegetables, grains, or beans. As a vegetarian who has delved quite deeply into Chinese vegetarian cuisine and evaluated too many bad and few truly good cookbooks on this subject, I can appreciate the excellence of this intelligent work from one of our most respected Chinese food authorities. Lo admits to not being a vegetarian.

La Via Campesina : International Peasant Movement Limpet Saddle Pad - The Ultimate Therapeutic Anti-Slip Saddle Pad