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How To Coke Machine Jackpot Hack - a News & Politics video

How To Coke Machine Jackpot Hack - a News & Politics video

How to turn off the friction in GTA IV A Youtube user has found a way to set the wheel friction of all the cars in GTA IV to a negative value. The resulting video he's taken of the madness is the funniest thing you'll see today. Read on for the video, and details on how to pull the same trick in your own copy of GTA IV. Turning off the friction in GTA IV means delving into your GTA IV data file which can be found in the 'common' folder of your GTA IV directory. If you don't fancy messing around with GTA IV's insides, Redditor benjgvps has handily uploaded a ready-edited version of the .dat file. There's a whole host of great GTA IV mods out there. [via Reddit]

In the Dutch Mountains Popular Articles Right Now Is it possible to improve your climbing without even trying? Jack Geldard thinks that a few small changes in your climbing... [ full article ] With junior competitions becoming more popular, training for young climbers is becoming much more popular. Finger Injuries are almost certainly the most common injuries climbers face. Related UKC Forum discussions The Groningen wall in 1986 Back in 1986 I was visiting friends in Groningen in the north of the Netherlands. I met some members of the local university climbing club - the GSAC (pronounced hay-sac with a bit of a grizzle on the 'hay'). Over the next few days I arranged to meet up with them some more, and made good friends with Gert (pronounced 'Hert') van der Veen one of the most active of the GSAC members. The Excalibur tower at the Bjoeks wall in 2009 Roll on 23 years to March 2009 and another visit to Holland for an Easter trip with the family. Small world it is, especially in the field of Dutch climbing!

Learn how to throw lethal playing cards If you watch the following video, you will be able to see one of the world’s leading card-throwing experts practicing his craft. With a business card and a flick of his wrist he can pop balloons, extinguish candles, hit targets, etc. Around the 50-second point, you will also see him impale a tomato with a business card. Around 3:15, Rick Smith demonstrates his technique very quickly. How to throw cards fast and effectively !!!!! See also: If you need a source of cheap playing cards, check out the dollar store – two decks for a buck. One level up from card throwing is knife throwing: - the fastest knife thrower in the world - How to throw knives [[[Jump to previous How To - How to blow your money if you are super-wealthy]]]

15 Amazing Animated Short films We all love short animated films, but creating short film is very hard task. Putting whole story in 5 to 10 minutes is not easy. Can you imagine? Few films produced after working hard more than 6 years! Here we collected 15 dazzling animated short films for your inspiration. I bet you will love these short animated movies, do let us know your favorite one, also feel free to share your favorite short film if it’s not present in the list. Granny O’Grimm’s Sleeping Beauty Oscar-nominated film of ‘Granny O’Grimm’, directed by Nicky Phelan, produced by Brown Bag Films, and written/voiced by Kathleen O’Rourke. Oktapodi (2007) In Oktapodi, these two cuties help each other escape the clutches of a tyrannical restaurant cook. This Side Up – A Short Animation by Liron Topaz A naive music-lover’s patience is tested on his quest to download music online, as his perspective on technology completely changes. Oxygen Oxygen tries to make friends on the playground. Marcelino and Bartolomeo: Bye Bye! Alma

Best Arms Exercise - Tumblr Share Email 9 Google + 38 Share Introduction The arms are one of the most noticeable body parts. While the best arms exercise includes a combination of resistance training exercises for both the front and back of the arms, we will be covering the most effective exercises to strengthen, build, and tone the biceps in this article. If you’re looking for information and exercises to build, tone, and strengthen your triceps, you will want to check out the best triceps exercises for men. A Crash Course in the Basic Arm Anatomy Will Help You Master the Best Arms Exercises It is Not as Simple as Just Biceps and Triceps There are many muscles which act on the wrist and elbow joints. There are Four Muscles Which Extend your Wrist and Four Muscles Which Flex Your Wrist These muscles play a key role in all exercises in which you have to hold a weight. The Biceps Flex and Supinate your Arms Arm flexion is the motion you would use to bring a can of beer up toward your mouth. Preacher Biceps Curls

Dancers Among Us | Dancing. A universal emblem of passion, joy and lust. How many people do you think you walk past on a daily basis who dance for a living? If you’re a regular reader here, chances are, none. Oh, by the way, if you’re interested in looking at the whole set you can find it on Jordan’s website here . My favorite one is the girl with the bath robe rinsing the shaving blade in the fountain. The one that was used for the thumbnail for this post is my absolute favourite. love it. Really nice photos. © | Back to Top | Powered by WordPress | Theme by WPBundle

I write for myself and I'll say anything I damn well please Transcripts follow. (Source: Dexter; Image above, via NME.) Transcript December 2, 1996 Green Day P.O. Box 710 Berkeley, Ca 94701-0710Re: InsomniacTo whom it may concern:I am a parent, and I am very disturbed by the cassette tape my 8 year old son was listening to. His 60 year old grandmother bought it for him as a birthday present and was totally unaware of its explicit content. Alternate Sleep Cycles Most people only think that there is one way to sleep: Go to sleep at night for 6-8 hours, wake up in the morning, stay awake for 16-18 hours and then repeat. Actually, that is called a monophasic sleep cycle, which is only 1 of 5 major sleep cycles that have been used successfully throughout history. The other 4 are considered polyphasic sleep cycles due to the multiple number of naps they require each day. How is this possible? How is this healthy? Well the most important of every sleep cycle is the Stage 4 REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep, which has been shown to provide the benefits of sleep to the brain above all other stages of sleep. This way, you still get the benefits of 8 hours of sleep without wasting all of the time it takes to get to REM cycles, resulting in a much more efficient sleep cycle. Uberman Cycle: 20 to 30 minute naps every 4 hours, resulting in 6 naps each day. Everyman Cycle: One longer “core” nap that is supplemented with several 20-30 minute naps. Dymaxion Cycle:

Engineering ToolBox Paris Underground The Bunker It's pretty clear how you get in there, but it's also pretty comical: headfirst with your partner pushing your legs through. Again there's a different tunnel architecture. We're supposedly underneath a high school. One has a lot of wall mounted electrical conduit boxes - makes me think this was a communications bunker. Stephane is pointing to a fissure in the wall. It's a sideways crawl up and then down. New Tunnels? Stephane smiles at me. We are true explorers now. Every now and then there are little offshoots that go for 20 or 30 feet before coming to a dead end. As our mapmakers continue I look to Emmanuel for guidance. Stephane is so proud of his newfound mapping ground. Even these guys have their limits. The Real Catacombs There aren't a lot of rest stops so when this one presents itself we sit down. I bid adieu to my fellow cataphiles Stephane and Jean Baptiste. We zig zag for a while then follow some ancient stone stairs down to another level. "Later."

Shroomery - Magic Mushrooms: Which mushrooms grow wild in my area? Panaeolus subbalteatus (know as subbs by some people) is by far the most widely distributed psychoactive mushroom in the United States (if not the world). Although this mushroom is typically ranked as "weakly potent" to "moderately potent," it's all that some people will be able to find. This guide contains a very large amount of pictures of Panaeolus subbalteatus and it's most common, inactive, look-a-like Panaeolina foenisecii. First I will start off by explaining the best places and times of year to find these mushrooms. Habitat. Season and when to hunt. Look-a-likes / Description These mushrooms (subbs) tend to be a bit difficult to identify because there are many member of the Panaeolus and Panaeolina genera which look very similar to them. The easiest being the stem. Here are some pictures to illustrate some of the things I just discussed: Left to right these arrows point out the following (Photo by: Gumby) 1. Subbalteatus with whitish fringes on the gills (Photo by: Gumby)

Everyman Sleep Most recent update, 2010: Everyman, along with other types of polyphasic sleep, has accumulated quite a body of information since this article was written. I myself have been on the Everyman 3 schedule for over four years now. Updated details, instructions, and even a book discussing polyphasic sleep adaptation can all be found at Everyman is another type of polyphasic sleep schedule that grew out of the experiments I first wrote about in 2000 under Uberman's Sleep Schedule. How the Everyman Schedule was born The "Uberman" schedule, which was the first polyphasic schedule I experimented with, is very cool, but also really hard to adjust to. Right about the time I was experimenting to determine the validity of the above sentence, people began howling at me about how unfair it was that only hermits and supervillians could ever have both the character and the kind of life-schedule that accomodated the Uberman schedule. The "Core Nap" Other differences from Uberman

printer Eating 10 hot dogs in 6 minutes and belching the national anthem may impress your friends, but neither of those feats will do much for your body—at least not much good. Instead, why not train yourself to do something that may actually pay off? We're not talking bench presses and interval training (though those do help). Just study this list, and the next time your friends challenge you to an ice cream eating contest, chow down: You know how to thaw a brain freeze—and 17 other tricks that'll make everyone think you're the next David Blaine. Do Them Right: To mazimize your workout, good form is a must. Cure a Tickling Throat When you were 9, playing your armpit was a cool trick. Experience Supersonic Hearing If you're stuck chatting up a mumbler at a cocktail party, lean in with your right ear. Overcome Your Most Primal Urge Need to pee? Feel No Pain German researchers have discovered that coughing during an injection can lessen the pain of the needle stick. Clear Your Stuffed Nose Read Minds