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QR Code Stencil Generator and QR Hobo Codes

QR Code Stencil Generator and QR Hobo Codes
Yep, it’s a QR code stencil generator! The F.A.T. Lab is pleased to present QR_STENCILER, a free, fully-automated utility which converts QR codes into vector-based stencil patterns suitable for laser-cutting. Additionally, we present QR_HOBO_CODES, a series of one hundred QR stencil designs which, covertly marked in urban spaces, may be used to warn people about danger or clue them into good situations. The QR_STENCILER and the QR_HOBO_CODES join the Adjustable Pie Chart Stencil in our suite of homebrew "infoviz graffiti" tools for locative and situated information display. ABOUT THIS PROJECTQR codes are a form of two-dimensional barcode which are widely used to convey URLs and other short texts through camera-based smartphones. Closeup of a QR code lasercut in 1/8"-thick fiberboard. Accompanying the QR_STENCILER are the QR_HOBO_CODES (see below), a set of 100 lasercutter-ready QR stencil designs created with the QR_STENCILER software. Examples of 19th- and 20th-Century "hobo signs".

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Ai Weiwei – FUCK OFF – Bookmarklet Say it like Ai Weiwei!! Make some noise !! Free Ai Weiwei !! Drag and drop the link below ↓ to your bookmarks tool bar above ↑ (tutorial below). Hit the FUCK OFF – Bookmarklet in desired situation while you surf the web! Say it like Ai Weiwei!! Steampunk Keyboard Mod My goal with this project was to build a retro keyboard that was fully functional and of a sufficient quality that it could be used everyday by a touch typist. In order to achieve this I chose a high quality (though widely available) keyboard as my starting point. This is an IBM Model M "Clicky" keyboard. Codes - GENERATIVE GESTALTUNG 2016-03-15RT @bndktgrs: 幸せなコーディング! Launched: Our #GenerativeDesign book has also a 🇯🇵 website now!👍 [Link] Cheers @BugNews!

ideaDJ ideaDJ: real-time visual support for events ideaDJ supports event organisers to deliver a 'WOW' effect to congresses, meetings & events. ideaDJ helps to keep the audience engaged. For larger events, during walk-ins & -outs, as a side kick to key notes, product launches, interactive meetings during registration moments & breaks ideaDJ uses spot-on movies, images, sounds and texts to support messages and speakers. AR Games The MIT Teacher Education Program, in conjunction with The Education Arcade, has been working on creating "Augmented Reality" simulations to engage people in simulation games that combine real world experiences with additional information supplied to them by handheld computers. The first of these games, Environmental Detectives (ED), is an outdoor game in which players using GPS guided handheld computers try to uncover the source of a toxic spill by interviewing virtual characters and conducting large scale simulated environmental measurements and analyzing data. This game has been run at three sites, including MIT, a nearby nature center, and a local high school. Early research has shown that this mode of learning is successful in engaging university and secondary school students in large scale environmental engineering studies, and providing an authentic mode of scientific investigation.

At 2 Apple Stores, Creating Art via Webcam, Secretly Having collected 1,000 pictures, Mr. McDonald, 25, created another little program and returned to the two stores, one on 14th Street and the other on Prince Street. This time, after a picture was taken, it was immediately put into an array of older photos that would begin running across the screens. Suddenly, people sitting at the computers were looking at pictures of themselves that dissolved into photos of others who also had gazed into the screens. RepRapWiki edit is restricted to the sysop group (set from the "protect" tab)move is restricted to the sysop group (set from the "protect" tab)read is restricted to the sysop group (set from the "protect" tab) About | Development | Community | RepRap Machines | Resources RepRap is humanity's first general-purpose self-replicating manufacturing machine. RepRap takes the form of a free desktop 3D printer capable of printing plastic objects.

Scrbtle Scrbtle is a generative drawing tool that consists of a scripting language with a simple set of commands and predefined variables. The idea behind it is to create nice graphics and to learn how to code in a playful way. Feel free to join the flickr group and share your images and code. If you have any feature requests or want to report a bug (there are a lot) please get in touch. Scrbtle is being developed by Henner Wöhler and still in alpha stage. The source code will be released as soon as the beta stage is reached. MadLab So you like MadMapper, but want more features ? Here comes the MAD_Lab, a laboratory for experimental softwares. It contains a bunch of little apps, each focusing on a special aspect we want to integrate into MadMapper, but didn’t find the time to implement nicely in the initial release.

The Extraordinary, Underground Museum of Soviet Arcade Games This article amazes the hell outta me. I love reading on how different countries and cultures shared popular past times like video games and movies, and all the little "quirks" that would seem weird to average Western-born people. This was somewhat similar to how it was in Korea during the 80's for me as a kid. People Staring at Computers “People Staring at Computers” is a photographic intervention. I wrote a simple application that took one picture every minute. If it found a face, it uploaded the photo to my server. I installed the app around NYC over three days, collecting more than a thousand photos. Before sharing the photos online, I decided to exhibit them in the same places they were originally captured. So I wrote another app that could be remotely triggered after being installed on all the computers in one location.

The Gentleman’s Guide To Forum Disruption COINTELPRO Techniques for Dilution, Misdirection and Control of an Internet Forum We have repeatedly addressed the topic of disruption of logical debate on the Internet. An anonymous writer posted an important new report on disruption at Pastebin. It is in the style of a leaked law enforcement memo, although we cannot vouch for its authenticity as a document produced by a whistleblower. 2D Transformations This tutorial is for Processing version 1.1+. If you see any errors or have comments, please let us know. Download the files from this tutorial. Processing has built-in functions that make it easy for you to have objects in a sketch move, spin, and grow or shrink. This tutorial will introduce you to the translate, rotate, and scale functions so that you can use them in your sketches. Translation: Moving the Grid

“Soak, Dye in Light” by everyware (2011) - an empty canvas which absorbs colour when touched #processing #kinect “Soak, Dye in light.” by everyware (2011) is an empty canvas but when you touch it, its elastic surface stretches and gets suffused with projected vivid colors mimicking fabric absorbing dye. Poking and rubbing with hands or resting their body on this spandex canvas allows visitors to soak this canvas in virtual dye and create own patterns. Dying fabric is a time-honored tradition of humankind. Local materials such as herbs, flowers, rocks, juice of animals or shells have been used through the dying process. Especially in Korea, people have deep affection toward the unique colors and textures of fabric dyed with traditional materials.

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