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Web Design Blog | Web Design Standards | Viget Inspire One of the neatest things about CSS Transforms is that they change the hit area of an element to whatever transformed value we set. So, if we rotate an element, the hit area for that element doesn’t stay a box in the defined X and Y plane; it changes to the transformed shape. CSS Transformed Hit Box With that in mind, when I was handed a design comp with a skewed design element and links with angled edges within it, I realized for great justice it was achievable by skewing an element and applying overflow: hidden to the container. The markup for this demo is really simple: <div class="container"> <div class="inner"> <ul> <li> <a href="#">Something Awesome</a> </li> <li> <a href="#">Something Awesome</a> </li> <li> <a href="#">Something Awesome</a> </li> </ul> </div></div> Based on that markup, we first transform the .container element and skew it 18 degrees on the X-axis, then undo that skew on the .inner container so our links display properly instead of at an angle (Using SASS).

komma – Kommunikationsdesign aus Mannheim : le web design puisé à la source Ideas: Catalogs Check out the Veer catalog archive. MARIE & JULIEN Il y a 1 an, je cliquais sur le bouton «lancer le projet maintenant» de la page de la campagne Kickstarter des écussons d’internet. Aujourd’hui, cette campagne est devenue une boutique en ligne. Avant ce clic, il y a eu une préparation minutieuse.Après ce clic, il y a eu une tonne de surprises, bonnes ou mauvaises, beaucoup de gestion et beaucoup de suivi. Comme cet exercice était nouveau pour moi, j’ai essayé de noter et de compiler des éléments pendant la campagne afin de pouvoir faire un retour d’expérience précis et partager ce que j’avais appris. Je n’ai pas la science infuse et chaque projet est unique, les conseils suivants peuvent donc ne pas s’appliquer à votre cas, mais j’ai pris bien soin de tout documenter au fil de l’eau, ce qui fait que ce guide est la ressource en français la plus complète à ma connaissance. J’ai mis quelques termes en anglais entre parenthèses qui vous permettront de trouver d’autres ressources sur le sujet. Sommaire

Artwork Showcase from Global Designers - Webdesign Mag REVOLUTIONART MAGAZINE - Download free Art & Design Magazines 7 usability guidelines for websites on mobile devices Mobile Internet is continuing to grow very quickly. These guidelines will help you create or improve your mobile user experience. 1. Reduce the amount of content Not everything shown on a PC site can fit reasonably onto a mobile web page, where space is short and every pixel counts. Only include the most important content or features. Mobile websites should be very focused. 2. Wide web pages are difficult to view on small mobile phone screens. Remove low priority content and present content using a single column layout Instead, create single column pages that use up the whole width of the screen. 3. It's difficult to fit the navigation across the top of the screen on a mobile web page. On the homepage place the navigation and site search at the top of the page, and leave content for later pages. 4. Entering text onto websites using mobile phones is much more difficult than when using a desktop or laptop keyboard. Ways to reduce the amount of text entry required include: 5. 6. 7.

| Castle-Magazine| Le Rayon UX The ABC of Architects by Andrea Stinga and Federico Gonzalez This animation by architect Andrea Stinga and graphic designer Federico Gonzalez depicts the best-known buildings of 26 famous architects, one for each letter of the alphabet. Starting with Alvar Aalto's Säynätsalo Town Hall, The ABC of Architects flashes through an assortment of colourful cartoon buildings that includes Frank Gehry's Guggenheim Bilbao and Le Corbusier's Villa Savoye, before finishing up with Zaha Hadid's Pierres Vives. "This work is an alphabetical list of the most important architects with their best known building," explain the producers."A lot of them have been left out with grief because we only need one for each letter and it's been an effort to have different nationalities." See more animations by Federico Gonzalez on his website, or see more work by Andrea Stinga at Ombu Architecture's website. Other animations on Dezeen include a sketchbook that comes to life in time with music and a futuristic rendering of the London 2012 Olympic Velodrome.