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AgoraVox le média citoyen

AgoraVox le média citoyen

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9 content curation tools that better organise the web Content curation is a huge deal on the web today. As content on the web grows exponentially, our ability to make sense of it is inversely proportional. In other words, we are fast sinking under the sheer amount of content pouring onto the web every day. The social web hasn’t made life any easier on content production either – in fact its lowered the barrier to entry. According to Facebook, 30 billion pieces of content (web links, news blogs etc) are shared each month on the social network, with no sign of slowing. Understanding Change - A Paper by Scott London Social change is an elusive concept. It is inevitable and yet, paradoxically, it depends on the will and the actions of ordinary individuals. We embrace change, yet something in our nature fiercely resists it. We structure social movements, political campaigns and business strategies around the need for change, yet we hardly understand how it works. This paper surveys a number of change theories in the fields of history, the philosophy of science, anthropology, sociology, and management theory.

Mediapart: Sarkozy and Woerth accused of having received illegal donations » Article » OWNI, Digital Journalism Translation of the article of news site Mediapart, accusing Sarkozy and Woerth of having received illegal funding. Because Mediapart wanted this story as much broadcasted as possible. Because they made this content free. Because it did not exist in English. Because it is important for it to be under CC. And because every single word has its importance and can not afford to be misunderstood by English readers…

How Tumblr is Changing Journalism Earlier this week we looked at the remarkable growth of Tumblr, a blogging and curation service that now gets over 12 billion page views per month. Tumblr is mostly used as a consumer curation tool - it's an easy way for people to re-post articles, images and videos. But Tumblr can also be used to power a news website. That's exactly what ShortFormBlog does. Launched in January 2009 by Ernie Smith from Washington D.C., the site publishes about 30 news soundbites a day. ShortFormBlog is still a part-time project for Smith, who also works as a graphic designer at The Washington Post.

TheAcidTest Abstract: Arguments claiming to demonstrate the existence of God come in many varieties and levels of sophistication. Not surprisingly, the theist believes these arguments are clear demonstrations which underwrite a life devoted to worship, while the atheist, in contrast, skeptically begs to disagree. How is it that the soundness of the same argument is judged so differently? By what reasonable standard may these arguments be judged to be successful or not? This article examines this issue and makes the case that the stringency of the standard must be commensurate with the immediate and patent costs of getting it wrong. and Tweeted Times Pioneer Twitter-Based Curated Content They said print publishing was dead and that the newest mode of media was in the digital sector. It’s true that media has shifted from the hands of publishing giants to digital nomads from traditional names down to remote bloggers with cult-like followings. But what no one really expected was the next step…newspapers 2.0. Newspapers are making a comeback, but now custom-tailored to the appetites of the individual, with content being as unique as the reader itself. Why are newspapers back?

Holiday Travel Scams Make a Blue Christmas An estimated $465 billion will be spent this holiday season. A big chunk of a family’s expenses come from holiday travel. The American Automobile Association (AAA) projects that U.S. travel during the Christmas and New Year’s holiday weekends will increase 1.4 percent from 2010 to the highest level in five years. Cybercrooks create new travel scams and recycle tried-and-true ones to help relieve you of some holiday cash. Here’s a run-down on some popular travel scams, and what you can do to avoid them, while you prepare to visit Grandma or go skiing this Christmas. Gasoline Rebate Card

WikiLeaks Founder Says "Evidence of War Crimes" in Afghan War Logs, White House Downplays Leak, Claiming "No Broad New Revelations" This is a rush transcript. Copy may not be in its final form. AMY GOODMAN: The disclosure of a massive trove of classified military records documenting the Afghan war has ignited a firestorm and increased pressure on the White House to defend its military strategy. In the biggest leak in US history, more than 90,000 internal records of US military actions in Afghanistan over the past six years was published by the whistleblower website WikiLeaks on Sunday. The documents provide a devastating portrait of the war in Afghanistan, revealing how coalition forces have killed hundreds of civilians in unreported incidents, how a secret black ops special forces unit hunts down targets for assassination or detention without trial, how Taliban attacks have soared, and how Pakistan is fueling the insurgency. In Congress, House leaders are rushing to hold a vote on a critical war-financing bill as early as today, fearing that the disclosures could stoke opposition to the measure.

Tools for citizen journalism Tools for citizen journalism enable people other than traditional mass media professionals to gather, edit and share information through internet and other low-cost publishing systems. Handbooks Handbook for Bloggers and Cyber-dissidents, published by Reporters Without Borders, September 2005, offers advice on how to start a blog, and get it picked up by search engines, along with ethical guidelines and recommmendations for the best tool to use, as well as information on how to blog anonymously and technical ways to get around censorship.How to Blog is a weblog devoted to sharing blogging tips and tricks, theme and plugin info and blogging software reviews.Into the Blogosphere provides scholarly analysis of "discursive, visual, social, and other communicative features of weblogs." Blog hosting services The following services offer online hosting of blogs.

EDM – the worst thing that has ever happened to electronic dance music? “Who’d have thought three little letters could make dance music look so wanky?”, fellow blogger Clive from UK-based music blog Electronic Rumors asked on Twitter a few months ago. “What’s happened to dance music?”, Haezer asks his fans on Facebook. London music blog Too Many Sebastians recently declared the beginning of EDMageddon on Twitter. In the meantime, Tiesto is still touring US universities for his Club Life College Invasion tour, Steve Aoki is still surfing underage crowds on an inflatable raft and David Guetta is still selling out every single show he plays.

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