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Quilling and other paper crafts (for personal use) The Basics Christmas Additional Ideas (quilling, plus more)

How to make 25 paper Christmas ornaments Here's a roundup of ornaments you can make from paper.Above left: I made with these instructionsAbove right: I made with these instructions (Update: this is now an old post; some of the links no longer work.) More: Printable snowflake 1 Printable snowflake 2 Paper snowflakes stapled together into something 3-D Not 3-D, but nice snowflake cutting templates Origami star Ornament made with circle cut-outsFlower ornament Ball-like star Ball-like... ballFlower ballGeodesic ballMulti-colored balls made this way, but fastened with wireMany-pointed star Mini star-shaped bookletGlitter star ornamentsMoravian stars Recycled paper ornamentCrystal ornament free download plus a gallery of inspiration Huge spiky star Origami Christmas tree 1 Origami Christmas tree 2 Kirigami Christmas tree 3 Happy folding!

Printables Printable Mini Super Stars by Alix Sorrell I recently returned from a trip to India where beautiful paper stars (leftover from Christmas) were hanging everywhere! Even though the holidays are over, I loved how fun & versatile they were. These printable stars can be printed on any color paper which makes them the perfect addition to any party you were planning. Click through for instructions… (more…) Printable 2015 Calendar Did 2015 sneak up on you like it did for me? (more…) Printable Popcorn Poppers This New Years, surprise your friends with poppers that are filled with… popcorn! (more…) Printable Holiday Bags & Tags Need a super simple way to dress up a small gift or holiday treats this year? Click through for instructions… (more…) Printable Faux Bow Gift Boxes Cute packaging is one of my favorite parts of the holiday season! Click through for instructions… (more…)

How To: Creepy Lighted Halloween Portraits | We’ve been hard at work adding some spooky decor to our casa! I’m going for a haunted mansion look with subtle hints of Halloween creepiness. My friend Krysten came up with this project… she’s so creative! She found this HUGE framed portrait at a church rummage sale for $2: Is that not the creepiest thing you’ve ever seen? She found a couple of smaller frames there as well, so she printed off some creepy images she found on Google to place inside. We drilled holes in all of the eyes using a hand drill from the picture all the way through the frame backing. It’s really hard to get a good picture of this project, because it has to be light enough to see the picture but dark enough to see the LED bulbs. Now, our mantle now looks like something straight out of an old abandoned mansion. I’m linking up to: Like this: Like Loading...

Accordion Pinwheel Fan Tutorial | My Hands Made It Hey look! Another tutorial! I seriously LOVED how these looked hanging along the back wall of our wedding tent. Too bad the photographers didn’t take pictures of them. I love them so much that I will likely make more for other events in the future – like, oh say, a birthday?? This project can be made with any paper – we’re using newspaper today, but wallpaper is also fantastic. For each newspaper pinwheel you will need: - 6 sheets of newspaper - Stapler w/ staples - Hot glue gun w/ glue - Card stock - Scissors - 1 Scrap of newspaper - 1 tab from soda can - Contrasting paper for center (if desired) Step One: Begin by accordian-folding each sheet of newspaper. Step Two: Overlap the last fold of one sheet and the first fold of another. Step Three: Join the first and last sheets as you did with the others – you will have a floppy tube. Step Four: Stand your tube upright. Step Five: Secure the center with hot glue. Step Six: Flip your pinwheel over and reinforce the back center with hot glue.

Pop-up Lotus Card I first discovered the lotus card on folding trees and decided to give it a try. I'm really pleased with the results. The lotus flower seems to come to life when you open the card. There are detailed directions with templates here, on how to make the card. Temari by Barbara B. Suess, Author of Japanese Temari, Kiku Designs Japanese Arts and Crafts Temari

Folding Trees halloween tutorial TRES the grim, grinning ghosts come out to socialize hanging a spirit in your front window what you will need:3 wire hangers1 foam head form1 pair long white gloves1 long wig1 bath towelmasking tape2 hooks2-3 pieces cheesecloth1 long-sleeved, white dress (or nightgown?)fishing wire / clear wire blue light one hanger into headtwo hangers untwisted. wrap onto head hanger (see below) ~ tape towel onto shoulders, under neck to give dimension~ stuff paper towels into glove hands, tape gloves onto hanger "arms"~ put dress and wig on~ drape cheesecloth in areas that need covering, filling. place one over head *now this is where it gets tricky: how to hang your sprite from the ceiling. because she has a foam head, you can put all sorts of things into her head from which to hang her, but you need something that will stay put. i used two monkey hooks, placed in an X. so far so good~ hang her from two hooks in ceiling, use fishing wire place blue light beneath her, pointing upwards a

Librarians, Please Avert Your Eyes Supplies:10″ foam wreath ($1 at Dollar Tree)Paperback novel ($1 at Dollar Tree – depending on the length of the book, you may need two)Brown and/or gray craft paintGlue gun & glue sticksSmall strip of ribbonA few paper towelsA few straight pins (optional) 1. Assemble your cast of characters. I felt slightly guilty about purchasing an author’s work from the Dollar Tree for the sole purpose of ripping up. I read a few pages of Loving Charity just to make sure I wasn’t about to destroy a literary classic; let me assure you that I wasn’t. You could definitely use vintage books, magazines or sheet music for this project or even select a book off of your own bookshelf that you don’t think you’ll read again. 2. Lay the book on a clean paper towel for about 5 or 10 minutes to let the paint dry. 3. 4. You will do this layer all the way around the wreath. 5. 6. 7. To fill in your spaces, you’ll simply roll a page, apply glue to the ends, and just stick it in the wreath. 8.

Japanese Paper Doll Card Awhile back I found a lovely tutorial on how to make Japanese Paper Dolls on Kimono Reincarnate. As soon as I saw the dolls, I knew exactly what to make with them, cards. Above is one of the cards I made. Wouldn't these Japanese dolls look pretty covering a Christmas tree?

The Origami Page This section is intended for the beginner. It introduces all of the major folds in origami and shows how they are done. It also provides a large number of simple models that aim to allow one to practice these folds. Part 1 Paper and arrows Most origami uses a single uncut square of paper, and this website is no exception. On origami diagrams, arrows show you which direction the paper is to be folded in. DIY: Mod Podge Don't you guys love Pinterest? That's where I found this idea. Here's a great way to save some money on your craft addictions; make you own Decoupage! You need.... A jar Elmers Glue Water Empty the glue into a jar. Add Water. Shake shake shake And you are done!! I know it works because i used it to paste this paper label onto the jar :) It could make a great gift for your crafting buddies Do you have QUESTIONS about this?

Food for Mad Scientists Gross and edible... the jello brain. We tried different colors and presentations. The blue brain was lit from a tube/stand below the glass plate. The pool underneath the brain is a nice effect, but is indeed slightly melted jello... beware the hot light bulb! The year we planned the Mad Scientist Lab, we went looking for this jello mold, and found it at a local toy shop. We found additional edible body parts by poking around at various discount stores. Canning jars, glass beakers and stainless steel trays make nice serving pieces. Fidgety Fingers: START WEAVING MAGAZINE COASTERS The woven magazine coaster is something easy to make. It makes a great gift too. Many friends have asked how it is made. Take a piece of magazine spread and measure it by a quarter. Fold the quarter into half. And from the half, a third. Fold it into half again to hide the edges of the magazine paper. Fold the strip into half. Lock the first 2 strips together. This provides a solid base/start to your weaving. This is the following steps.

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