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By Tara Miller The fast-paced lifestyle that so many lead today has resulted in a generation of individuals with high anxiety. Whether you suffer from occasional panic attacks or spend most of your day worrying, anxiety doesn’t have to be a part of your life. Stress Reduction A major source of anxiety is the stress that creeps up through daily living. Let go of control. Herbs Herbal medicine has been around for centuries. Passionflower. Therapies From acupuncture to hydrotherapy, find a natural way to help your body heal the effects of anxiety. Acupuncture. Body Work Just about everyone can appreciate the relaxing qualities of massage, but that isn’t the only type of body work that can help reduce anxiety. Massage. Mind/Body Techniques From Tai Chi to meditation to exercise, follow these suggestions for ways to strengthen the connection between your mind and body to reduce anxiety. Yoga. Aromatherapy Bergamot. Nutrition Green tea. Bach Flowers Dr. Rescue Remedy. Naturopathic Remedies Related:  Self improvment

markmanson One day, when my brother was 18, he waltzed into the living room and proudly announced to my mother and me that one day he was going to be a senator. My mom probably gave him the “That’s nice, dear,” treatment while I’m sure I was distracted by a bowl of Cheerios or something. But for fifteen years, this purpose informed all of my brother’s life decisions: what he studied in school, where he chose to live, who he connected with and even what he did with many of his vacations and weekends. And now, after almost half a lifetime of work later, he’s the chairman of a major political party in his city and the youngest judge in the state. In the next few years, he hopes to run for office for the first time. Don’t get me wrong. Most of us have no clue what we want to do with our lives. Chances are you’re more like me and have no clue what you want to do. Part of the problem is the concept of “life purpose” itself. Here’s the truth. So when people say, “What should I do with my life?” Ah, yes.

Comment la litière de votre chat peut affecter votre comportement? Tous les amoureux des félins et propriétaires de chats voudront sans doute lire cette nouvelle. Il appert, selon, que les germes contenus dans la litière de votre chat, et plus particulièrement ceux contenus dans les « cadeaux » laissés dedans, pourraient avoir des effets néfastes sur le cerveau. Par conséquent, ces effets pourraient bien jouer sur le comportement des maîtres. C'est du moins ce que conclut une étude sur le sujet, publiée dans la plus récente édition du journal PLoS Pathogens. Ainsi, on apprend que c'est ce processus qui mène à la toxoplasmose, une maladie déclenchée par une exposition massive à ces germes. C'est que selon l'étude, de 30 à 50 % des propriétaires de chats seraient déjà infectés par la toxoplasmose, mais le système immunitaire serait en mesure de contrer la maladie dans la grande majorité des cas. Donc, dans sa forme indétectable commune, la toxoplasmose pourrait mener à de la schizophrénie ou encore à une dépression. Loading Slideshow

sentences-that-can-change-your-life The power of a sentence is tremendous. A single destructive sentence can ruin somebody’s life, make your day, or change your mood. Fortunately, there are some sentences that can give us power to go on. We have sorted out 10 powerful sentences that can change your life for the better. #1 “People aren’t against you; they are for themselves.” #2 “Climb mountains not so the world can see you, but so you can see the world.” #3 “You learn more from failure than from success; don’t let it stop you. #4 “The most dangerous risk of all – The risk of spending your life not doing what you want on the bet you can buy yourself the freedom to do it later” #5 “Go where you’re celebrated, not where you’re tolerated.” #6 “The person that you will spend the most time with in your life is yourself, so you better try to make yourself as interesting as possible.” #7 “If you accept your limitations you go beyond them.” #8 “People often say that motivation doesn’t last. #10 “Comfort is the enemy of achievement.”

Even a drink a day boosts cancer death risk, alcohol study finds By JoNel Aleccia, Senior Writer, NBC News The first update of alcohol-linked cancer deaths in the U.S. in three decades shows that booze can be blamed for nearly 20,000 deaths a year -- and it’s not just the heavy drinkers. Certainly those who downed three or more drinks a day accounted for most of the deaths from seven kinds of cancer, up to 60 percent, according to a new study published in the American Journal of Public Health. But consuming just 1.5 drinks a day -- or less -- was associated with up to 35 percent of those cancer deaths, suggesting that any alcohol use carries some risk. “For non-drinkers, it’s another reason to feel happy they don’t drink,” said Dr. The study, conducted in conjunction with researchers from the U.S., Canada and France, used recent data and studies on alcohol consumption and cancer mortality to provide a long-delayed update on alcohol-related cancer deaths in America. “Anything that’s a leading cause of death is not a good preventive agent,” Naimi added.

stumbleupon Many people read Rich Dad Poor Dad but they forget that they are their greatest asset. Our minds and our hearts bring our greatest return on investment. Successful people are investors, in their dreams and the dreams of others. Here are 7 steps on how to become addicted to success: 1. Ask questions Knowledge is potential power and questions are the healthiest way to grow your knowledge. By asking questions we are able to understand how things work and those who understand how things work can make things work. Ask lots of questions, ask big questions, and ask small questions. Build your understanding. “Success is something you attract by who you become” – Jim Rohn 2. Gardeners prepare the soil before they plant their seeds, when its time to reap the benefits of their harvest they are always glad that they did. Gardeners also have crops on different cycles because not every crop has an equal return or grows at the same time of year. Be willing to provide value first. 3. 4. You want to buy an island?

What Your Poop and Pee Are Telling You About Your Body *Alert* The Glowing Lean System Registration is OPEN… CLICK HERE to learn more Have you ever wondered if your poop looked “normal,” but were too embarrassed to ask anyone else what their poop looks like? Or has your pee ever smelled a bit putrid but you were too mortified to utter a word to your best friend, let alone your boy friend? Poop is an important part of health and affects your beauty, as everything in your body works as an interrelated system. Well don’t worry, because here is a guide to anything and everything you may have wondered about your pee, and yes, your poop. Click on the infographic below to view a larger image: You’re One Click Away From Reading This Article… Get access to this post, and premium content, simply enter your email. Enter your email belowThen click the button No, thanks

365 Thought Provoking Questions to Ask Yourself This Year - StumbleUpon “Asking the right questions is the answer.” That’s the tagline at the top of our sister site Thought Questions. The site thrives on the philosophy that a question that makes you think is worth asking. So we’ve made a ritual of asking one new thought provoking question every day for our visitors to ponder and answer. Over the past year we have received countless requests to compile all the questions and place them on a single page that can be easily printed and reviewed. So here it is. When was the last time you tried something new? Also, we’d love it if you visited Thought Questions and shared some of your answers with us. Photo by: Jacob Botter Related 25 Questions that Provoke Thought If the question makes you think, it’s worth asking. January 4, 2010 In "Hacks" 50 Questions That Will Free Your Mind These questions have no right or wrong answers. July 13, 2009 7 Questions You Are Too Scared to Ask It’s not about finding the right answers; it’s about asking the right questions.

Top 5 Cancer Causing Foods Cancer is a disease that can be caused by hereditary and environmental factors. While some people develop cancer regardless of steps taken to prevent it, there is evidence that limiting the consumption of some foods could prevent or delay the onset of cancer, especially for those with a known family history of cancers of the digestive system. Cancer-promoting foods are typically rich in refined sugars, processed carbohydrates, preservatives and byproducts of deep-frying. Food sources high in refined sugars such as sweetened beverages, sodas and many juices can increase cancer risk. Fried foods increase one's risk of developing cancer, especially when they contain hydrogenated oils, trans-fats, and a byproduct of the deep-frying process called acrylamide. Doughnuts are the culmination of three major classes of cancer causing foods; they are deep-fried, contain high levels of sugars and are based on heavily refined carbohydrates.

16 Mental Life Hacks that Will Turn You into a Jedi - StumbleUpon Sometimes the way you act will have an effect on people in an subconscious. You may not even realize that you are causing causing this effect. Hare are 16 mental life hacks that may cause people to feel a certain way or do something. It may help you in the future. These are kind of cool. Source: Imgur La gastro : drame en 3 actes - Le Pharmachien Parmi toutes les petites maladies que l’on attrape à l’occasion, la gastroentérite virale (« gastro ») est certainement l’une des plus plates à avoir. Souvent, elle commence en plein milieu de la nuit. Tout d’abord, c’est la diarrhée qui apparaît, puis ce sont les maux de cœur et éventuellement on vomit… ou on se fait vomir tellement on a hâte d’aller mieux! La journée suivante n’est pas beaucoup plus rose : le manque de sommeil et la déshydratation drainent notre énergie. Il faut manquer le travail. À bien y penser, c’est presque une pièce de théâtre tout ça! À noter que je ne parlerai ici que de la gastroentérite virale (celle qui se promène à chaque année) et non pas de la diarrhée du voyageur (« turista ») ou des intoxications alimentaires, qui sont des cas particuliers. Déclaration de conflits d’intérêts potentiels : Dans la semaine qui a précédé l’écriture de cette BD, j’ai eu la gastro… maintenant vous comprenez d’où vient mon inspiration pour écrire tout ça ! [purehtml id=6]

101 Simple Truths We Often Forget post written by: Marc Chernoff Email It‘s not where we stand but in what direction we are moving. Sometimes we find ourselves running in place, struggling to get ahead simply because we forget to address some of the simple truths that govern our potential to make progress. So here’s a quick reminder: The acquisition of knowledge doesn’t mean you’re growing. Photo by: Alexander Steinhof If you enjoyed this article, check out our new best-selling book. And get inspiring life tips and quotes in your inbox (it's free)...