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IdeasWatch: Startup inspiration from the crowd

IdeasWatch: Startup inspiration from the crowd


Story Exchange What is Story Exchange? Story Exchange gives listeners a chance to help create quality local journalism by directly supporting stories that matter to them. Story Exchange is a project of the Public Radio Exchange (, Louisville Public Media and How does it work? - Videos from the World's Best Conferences and Events s Hall of Fame There are a myriad of possibilities in the search for crowdsourcing milestones that announced its advent and its adoption as a model for online production, problem solving and for organizing for collective action: Commercial applications, advertising campaigns that succeed or backfire, funding for entrepreneurial ventures. This list of one dozen focuses on the pinnacles that demonstrate crowdsourcing’s highest potential: For public good, scientific research and technological innovation. Each of these events involves a seminal moment when crowdsourcing came into greater public awareness being driven from calls to action that resulted in ever increasing numbers of individuals working together in a manner that has raised our collective consciousness. We have selected our landmark crowdsourcing events based on criteria that make them notable because of their scale, their impact and the extent of their outreach to a wider audience both demographically and geographically.

Five Ways Crowdsourcing Can Accelerate Your Start-Up Crowdsourcing is a multifaceted creature, one that can put the power of automation and the flexibility of distributed work into the backbone of your start-up. Here are five simple ways you can use crowdsourcing accelerate your startup: 1. Crowdbands: A Fan-Sourced Record Label – Fans Buy-In and Help Make Creative Decisions Crowdbands is a fan-sourced record label that lets fans in on discussions and creative decisions surrounding the release of an album. Currently, The Donnas have partnered up with the site and are letting fans determine the nature of a partnership between them and Joan Jett. Should The Donnas record one of her classics or should they make an original with Jett? It's your choice.

Edit Huddle: The Crowd as Editor By Rachel Hyman, head of marketing at Edit Huddle Blog Errors are a Problem Think about your favorite blogs, whether they’re political, tech, or news blogs. If they publish frequently, chances are their posts have errors — something is misspelled, the grammar is wonky, or there’s a broken link. Crowdsourcing Management Reviews for Better Management - Linda Hill & Kent Lineback by Linda Hill & Kent Lineback | 9:49 AM January 13, 2012 The January-February issue of Harvard Business Review features a series of short articles that each present an “audacious idea.” Our piece in that series — “Crowdsource Management Reviews — And Make Them Public, Too” asks what you would do if your employees were assessing their bosses online and making their collective assessments public. Here’s the situation we described: A group of employees has set up an independent website where all employees can use online social collaboration tools to assess their bosses on eight key managerial dimensions — such as delegation, communication, clarity of direction, and the like — taken from your company’s basic course on management. All the individuals’ ratings for a boss are aggregated into a single rating for each dimension. Individual comments are aggregated into a single review — like a wiki, which is a single document composed by multiple authors.

The Verge interview: David Carr on curation, crowdsourcing, and the future of journalism 212inShare Jump To Close Free Chapters Free Chapters Feel free to download copies of the free chapters and frameworks Part I, Chapter 4: When to use Crowds, PDF 856KB Part III, Chapter 8: Specifying, PDF 872KB Part VI, Chapter 18: Using competition platforms, PDF 905KB Why Every College Should Start Crowdsourcing Michelle Lindblom is a Communications Associate at Wired Impact, a web design company that builds websites for nonprofits. You can connect with Wired Impact on Twitter and Facebook. Just like all large organizations, universities have their fair share of problems.

CrowdSourcing - by Jeff Howe Great look at a different way of getting a project done: not outsourcing it to a person, but developing a system where thousands of people can contribute a little bit. People will work late into the night on one creative endeavor or another in the hope that their community - be it fellow designers, scientists, or computer hackers - acknowledge their contribution in the form of kudos and, just maybe, some measure of fame. Threadless (Community driven T-shirt portal) isn't really in the T-shirt business.

Here Comes Everybody - by Clay Shirky Like Wikinomics and Crowdsourcing, required reading if interested in harnessing the collective power of people online. Most of the barriers to group action have collapsed, and without those barriers, we are free to explore new ways of gathering together and getting things done. (Story of blogger helping cellphone-theft victim) : Evan was driven, resourceful, and very angry. Had he presented his mission in completely self-interested terms ("Help my friend save $300!") or in unattainably general ones ("Let's fight theft everywhere!")

The Impact of the Crowdsourcing Revolution: A TEDx Talk Crowdsourcing, if implemented wisely, can be beneficial to nearly every aspect of society, argue two Dutch authors in a recently released TEDx talk. On stage in Louvain LaNeuve, Belgium, Tim Meuleman and Robert van Meer discuss the potential for crowdsourcing in healthcare, business, law, employment, and so on. “The good news, nowadays, is that we can [employ crowdsourcing methods] very effectively with our modern tools,” said Meuleman. “So we can make use of this great power very easily. But unfortunately, using a crowd’s wisdom is still not society’s general way of solving problems.” Mixing cloud computing with crowdsourcing can benefit development Over the last few years, common techniques for implementing a public, private or hybrid cloud have become well-known. How does crowdsourcing work with the cloud? Plugging your organization into the wealth of cloud expertise residing outside your enterprise can be a bit unnerving. There is a careful balance of the need to "vet" and monitor individual developers and the urge to seek maximum effectiveness by casting the widest net possible. The result is a set of best practices that Sloan Management Review (Winter, 2013) refers to as "global crowd development."