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Plasma studio architects london

Plasma studio architects london
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Accueil: Agence d'architecture Oliver Brochet, Emmanuel Lajus, Christine Pueyo, Architectes à Bordeaux (BLP) MARC FORNES & THEVERYMANY™ Groundlab | GROUNDLAB Landscape Urbanism MGAU 2014-02-20 l'Agence du Court Métrage2014-02-04 Boucicaut habité2014-01-20 une année d'architecture2014-01-01 20142013-12-30 Villeneuve d'Ascq2013-12-20 Paris 15 - ZAC Boucicaut2013-12-19 Logements à Clichy2013-12-18 Triangle des Meuniers2013-12-16 Immobilière 3F à Aubervilliers2013-12-10 Les Provinces Françaises2013-11-24 La Porte Pouchet2013-09-27 L'Arsenal à Boucicaut2013-09-15 Le tram à Dijon2013-08-01 Encore l'été2013-08-01 Boucicaut2013-07-31 Clichy2013-07-30 Saint Denis Confluence2013-07-25 Anatole France2013-06-03 I3F à Aubervilliers2013-05-24 Les Docks de Saint Ouen2013-05-20 Velizy - Louvois2013-03-29 La FAB de la CUB2013-03-24 Lille Saint Sauveur2013-03-20 Boucicaut2013-03-07 Porte Pouchet l'Agence du Court Métrage L'Agence du Court Métrage s'est installée dans les locaux que nous avons aménagés au rez-de-chaussée du bâtiment de la RIVP, dans la ZAC Boucicaut, Paris 15ème: MG-AU architectes, RIVP mâitre d'ouvrage. photo: Takuji Shimmura (c)

PUCPR Dormitory | Tom Wiscombe Design Have you ever come across a building, renderings of a building that is- a potential building- and thought, ‘Why the hell not?’ The PUCPR Dormitory planned for the Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico by Tom Wiscombe Design is such a building. Courtesy of Tom Wiscombe Design Contained within its scheme of building plus something else, is an intelligent building which pushes the envelope of design while being a functional and feasible project. Below is a further description of the project, provided by the architects. This tower design is part of our recent body of work dealing with surface-to-volume form. These interiorized spaces are highly characterized in terms of formal and chromatic articulation. One of the secondary effects of the delaminating skins is that they provide shade and sanctuary from the intense Puerto Rican sun and rain. Finally, the tower is set on a plinth, which creates a new urban ground. By Matt Davis

mario botta architetto PRAUD Project : Louisville Children's Museum International Competition organized by AIA Result : 3rd Prize Year : 2014 Location : Louisville, KY Program : Museum, High-tech Office, Parking Site Area : 5,440 m2 Floor Area : 12,000 m2 (museum) Concept In order to attract more people to the downtown area of Louisville, we conceptualizing the Children's Museum not only as a museum, but also as a series of Urban Spaces that creates a “Cultural Campus.”

Peter Rich Architects Making of Mrs. Tulumba Modern House Hello everyone, my Name is Sérgio Merêces, I’m a CG and 3D architectural visualization artist based in Portugal, I started my career in 2003 as a generalist 3d artist in a video game company where I worked until 2008. In 2009, then began my career as an Arch - viz artist until day. The Inspiration My greatest inspiration was the Mir projects, architizier and the most import real photos from the architectural photographer, where I go often to search my references. So let’s start! When beginning a project the first thing to do is always adjust the settings of the gamma and units, I always use meters. I always put my gama 2.2 as it shows in the image in the 3ds max preferences. In Vray settings I always use 2.2 and Reinhard . Modeling I’ve started the house modeling using a box and inset the 2 faces and bridge these 2 faces, in result I’ve got the simple base model. Now the fun part, to design and modeling the floors of the building I used the symmetry modifier.