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26 Ways to Use Video for Your Social Media Marketing : Social Media Examiner

26 Ways to Use Video for Your Social Media Marketing : Social Media Examiner
Do you want to add video to your social media marketing? Looking for ways to increase video views and engagement? In this article, you’ll discover 26 ways to use video to improve your social media marketing. Discover 26 ways to use video as a part of your social media marketing. Listen to this article: Listen now: Play in new window | Download #1: Experiment With Video Lengths When it comes to the ideal video duration, a lot depends on the type of video you want to share with your audience. Before you get started shooting or editing your video, you should know the maximum video lengths per platform. Facebook: 120 minutesTwitter recommends keeping videos under 30 secondsInstagram: 60 secondsSnapchat: 10 secondsVine: 6 seconds Land’s End keeps most of their Facebook videos under two minutes, despite their 120-minute potential. Note: While you don’t have to reach the maximum time length, you’re not allowed to go over it. #2: Optimize for Autoplay There is a caveat, however. #3: Add Subtitles Related:  Vidéosaxtong77bentlyo77

40 Easy, Engaging Video Content Ideas for Your Creative Business 28 | Do a voiceover With DubSmash as inspiration, find a preexisting video clip and switch out the words to make it relate to some aspect of your business. Get creative (and get permission before using someone else’s video). 29 | Commentate on an event Just like a sportscaster would give a play-by-play of a football game, commentate on an event. 30 | Perform a publicity stunt This idea takes a little boldness and creativity, but it has the potential to catch people’s attention. 31 | Share your opinion on a popular topic Polarizing content is often the most shared. 32| Prove or disprove something Is there a rumor or skepticism about a product, service, or theory going around? 33 | Film a competition or the results of a competition Do you have a competition or challenge going on in your business? 34 | Do an impersonation You can get creative with this one and think of it as your opportunity to take part in a Saturday Night Live skit. 35 | Rattle off a quick list 37 | Conduct a public poll

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Instagram Rolls Out 24-Hour Stories: This Week in Social Media : Social Media Examiner Welcome to our weekly edition of what’s hot in social media news. To help you stay up to date with social media, here are some of the news items that caught our attention. What’s New This Week Instagram Introduces Instagram Stories: Instagram debuted Instagram Stories, a new feature that lets you “share multiple photos and videos… in a slideshow format: your story.” Twitter Announces a New Twitter Ads Manager: Twitter is gradually rolling out a new Twitter Ads Manager “to all advertisers globally in a public beta over the coming months.” Twitter is rolling out a “new Twitter Ads Manager… to all advertisers globally in a public beta over the coming months.” LinkedIn Introduces Videos From LinkedIn Influencers: LinkedIn announced that your “LinkedIn Feed will come to life in a whole new way with the introduction of 30-second videos from LinkedIn Influencers.” Our Take on Top News This Week More News to Note An example of a Checkout Behavior Analysis Report from a Google Analytics Demo Account.

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Trump picks up unlikely ratings victory over Hillary Donald Trump pulled off the upset — at least in television popularity. Hillary Clinton’s acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention was seen by 29.8 million people on the commercial networks, the Nielsen company said Friday. That fell short of the 32.2 million people who watched Trump speak to the Republicans a week before. Trump, who used to carefully watch television ratings during his days as star of “The Apprentice,” immediately boasted about the victory during a campaign appearance Friday in Colorado Springs, Colorado. “We beat her by millions on television. Millions!” Although Trump has been a proven ratings draw throughout his campaign, the Democratic convention had proven more popular with viewers than the Republicans for its first three nights. Meanwhile, star power was much dimmer at the Republican meeting. Four years ago, the audience for Obama’s acceptance speech was 35.7 million, while 30.2 million saw Republican challenger Mitt Romney.

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Six étapes Clés Pour Réussir Son Storyboard | Agence Web 1min30, Inbound Marketing Et Communication Digitale 360° Quand vous voulez réaliser une vidéo, qu’elle soit de démonstration, de vente, de formation, ou publicitaire, la planification est extrêmement importante. En particulier, la création d’un storyboard. Un storyboard, qu’est-ce que c’est ? Un storyboard, c’est la représentation graphique du déroulement de votre vidéo, plan par plan. Il est composé de carrés avec des illustrations ou des images représentant chaque prise de vues, avec des notes sur le déroulement de la scène et ce qui s’y dit. Un bon storyboard facilite le processus de production et en réduit aussi le temps de modification ultérieur. 1 – Démarrer avec un script. Il vous faut identifier les besoins, le public, et définir les messages clés à transmettre. Qu’elle concerne un documentaire, publicitaire ou autre, votre histoire aura un rebondissement ou une chute dans le script. Quelle histoire et pour qui ? Prenez du temps pour votre script, pour créer une liste de plans et de quelques croquis qui rendront votre storyboard abouti.

Antonio Banderas Will Play Gianni Versace in New Movie – Style News - StyleWatch - 07/18/2016 at 11:18 AM ET Daniel Zuchnik/FilmMagic Who better to play legendary designer Gianni Versace than a celebrated actor who also sidelines as a fashion designer? Antonio Banderas enrolled in the famed art and design school Central Saint Martins in 2015 and just debuted his first collection in collaboration with Selected. And now he’s set to merge the best of both worlds depicting Versace in an upcoming biopic of the late designer’s life — someone who happens to have been influential in Banderas’ own design work. The movie will be directed by Academy Award winner Bille August and will begin filming in December in Milan, then move to Reggio Calabria where Versace was born and finish in Miami, the location of his murder in 1997. RELATED PHOTOS: Star Designers You Must Know But if anyone could take on the late legend’s life, Banderas is a worthy choice. RELATED VIDEO: How It’s Done: Three Easy Ways to Tame Your Curly Hair Are you excited to see Banderas’ portrayal of Versace?

Macy's plans to close 100 stores, boost online investment FILE - In this July 10, 2015, file photo, shoppers walk into a Macy's department store at the Hanover Mall in Hanover, Mass. Macy's reports financial results Thursday, Aug. 11, 2016. (AP Photo/Stephan Savoia, File) NEW YORK (AP) — Macy's plans to close about 100 stores next year and boost its online investments, the nation's largest department store chain said Thursday, as it tries to become more nimble in an increasingly fierce market. The closures represent close to 14 percent of its stores under the Macy's brand. The company, which operates Bloomingdale's stores as well, said it would increase its exclusive products and would prioritize its investments in the stores that offer the highest growth potential. That follows Macy's move to shutter 40 stores this spring, and comes as Macy's reported another quarter of falling profits and sales. With the store closures, Macy's will have 666 stores including 38 Bloomingdale's locations. Revenue fell 3.9 percent to $5.87 billion.