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19 Mind-Blowing Tricks Every iPhone And iPad User Should Know

19 Mind-Blowing Tricks Every iPhone And iPad User Should Know
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The History 2.0 Classroom como Apostillar en Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores | Asesorías y Legalizaciones Primero que todo es importante saber que la La apostilla de La Haya (o simplemente apostilla, también en francés: apostille) es un método simplificado de legalización de documentos a efectos de verificar su autenticidad en el ámbito internacional. Actualmente existen 101 miembros de la Convención de la Apostilla, pero seguramente se preguntará y si el país a donde me dirijo no está entre los 101 miembros? No se preocupe!, en este caso se solicita “Legalización Consular” que cumple la misma función ya que es una certificación que otorga el Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores. Es simple apostillando el documento en el Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores… o Más fácil legalice el documento y luego lo apostilla… Estas son las frases más comunes de las personas que pretenden “guiarnos” pero la pregunta es: ¿Realmente es lo que dice? Luego de tener las previas certificaciones es cuando debemos presentar los documentos al Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores ubicado en:

Why regret is essential to the good life – Carina Chocano I regret everything. Decades-old decisions, things I said, things I didn’t say, opportunities I missed, opportunities I took, recent purchases, non-purchases, returns. I turn all of these things over in my mind and examine them for clues — to what, I’m not sure. All I know is that very little of what I do or fail to do escapes the constant churn of revision. It’s just the way I process experience: sceptically, and in retrospect. When I was six years old, I pulverised a friend’s brand-new Etch A Sketch. Remorse, it seems to me, would have been the more appropriate response to having destroyed my young host’s shiny new present from Santa, but that would have involved a degree of empathy that I’m ashamed to admit I didn’t feel for him. There’s a particular disdain for regret in US culture. Regret is so counter to the pioneer spirit — with its belief in blinkered perseverance, and dogged forward motion — it’s practically un-American. 16 October 2013 Comments

PrintMaster 2012 Platinum | Broderbund | Official Software Site PrintMaster 2012 Platinum puts a full-scale print workshop at your fingertips! This high-powered design software gives you the tools to create professional-grade, personalized print projects from home. Powered by more than 3,500 inspiring templates and over 150,000 images, PrintMaster 2012 Platinum fires up the imagination. Powerful new tools enrich the experience that PrintMaster users already know and trust, including: Intuitive page layout tools Drag-and-drop editing for photos Lighten, darken, sepia tone, sharpen, and blur tools Intuitive effects slider tool Art filters Exciting clip art Huge image gallery of stock images Easy-to-use text tools and effects Beautiful ready-made greeting card templates Banner maker Printable certificates Calendar templates Business card templates Brochure templates Scrapbook designs with borders, embellishments, and backgrounds Iron on gifts Publish to Web High-Power Text Tools and Effects Headlines have to grab your attention. The Power to Create

Air sketch free: une app iPad gratuite de tableau blanc projetable sur tout ordinateur Pas de air server ou de reflector? Mais besoin absolu de projeter en direct une explication. Air sketch free est une application tout ce qu’il y a de plus simple qui permet de projeter un tableau blanc sur n’importe quel ordinateur ou même tablette. Pour cela rien de plus simple. A l’ouverture de l’app on touche le bouton indiqué pour paramétrer. Rien à faire l’app se contente de vous donner une adresse IP On ne peut faire plus simple. Toutes est fidèlement reproduit et en direct animation comprise. Pas de fioriture, pas de couleurs? Côté navigateur, cela semble fonctionner sur à peu près tout et n’importe quoi. C’est bien sympa pour projeter une prise de note par exemple ou un petit schéma vite fait. Lien: Air Sketch sur l’Appstore A noter qu’il existe une version pro qui permet de projeter des pdf et de les annoter mais à 9,99€, libre à vous d’aller voir, je n’en ferai pas la pub ici. Start Slide Show with PicLens Lite

• Statista - The Statistics Portal for Market Data, Market Research and Market Studies 7 Ways to Be Insufferable on Facebook | Wait But Why The memory is vivid. New Year's Day, 2013. I'm going about my afternoon pleasantly, when I open my email and a friend has forwarded me what she calls a particularly heinous Facebook status from her Newsfeed, written by someone we'll call Daniel. It read: 2012 was a biggg year for me. I left my amazing job at NBC to move back to Chicago. By the time I finished reading, I realized that my non-phone hand was clutching tightly to my forehead, forcefully scrunching my forehead skin together. It was everything bad about everything, all at once. But instead of distancing myself from the horror, I soaked in it. It made me think about what makes terrible Facebook behavior terrible, and why other Facebook behavior isn't annoying at all. To examine this a bit, let's start by discussing the defining characteristics of statuses that are not annoying. To be unannoying, a Facebook status typically has to be one of two things: 1) Interesting/Informative 2) Funny/Amusing/Entertaining 1) Image Crafting.

NotateMe Lessons 3 & 4 and Additional Thoughts I have wrapped up our NotateMe Now lessons with two more lessons. This lesson series was used in our classes (6-8th grade) as a way to take these very basic concepts in music theory, and to have students use them using the app NotateMe Now, while also learning how to draw music notation. NotateMe Now is the free, single staff version of NotateMe, an app that converts handwritten music notation to digital notation (with other features coming in the future). Lesson 1 introduced the app, as well as quarter notes, half notes, and whole notes. I blogged about it here. Lesson 2 covered quarter rests, half rests, and whole rests. Lesson 3 covered ties, slurs, and dotted half notes (and dotted whole notes). Lesson 4 covered eighth notes, eighth rests, and dotted quarter notes. The quiz was to complete a task just like the “homework” assignments. Here are a few things I have learned: NotateMe Now Lesson #3 Assignment and Checklist (PDF) NotateMe Now Lesson #4 Assignment and Checklist (PDF) Quiz:

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