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Coding on iPads – Beginner to Pro

Coding on iPads – Beginner to Pro
Code and programming may not be the most important topics on the planet but it is an area of study that sufferers two major problems. one: an industry with millions of unfilled job positions and two: a world where not enough teachers feel confident to run programming projects. The iPad can offer a solution in these situations. There’s an app for that (and a generation) Fortunately, the world of code education is getting easier and more self-sufficient every month. When I say self-sufficient, I mean such that having an expert in the room is not longer a requirement. Thousands of children, some as young as four, are teaching themselves to program and make apps and games . Initially, many code teachers in the world were skeptical about whether the iPad had any role to play in code learning and thought of it as just a consumption device. Here’s a summary of some of the apps on offer and the level they cater for: Where do I start and end this journey? Stage one – Single procedure Like this:

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Tynker- A Wonderful App for Teaching Students Coding and Programming Skills July 16 , 2015 Tynker is an excellent website for teaching students coding. Students will get to learn the fundamentals of coding and programming through game-like puzzles, tutorials, stories and several interactive activities. Tynker also provides a wide variety of educational resources for teachers and educators. Some of these include: ready-to-use , grade specific lesson plans, STEM project templates that integrate coding across the curriculum, automatic assessment and powerful tracking tools for a better classroom management and many more.

7 Excellent iPad Apps to Teach Students Coding and Programming August, 2015 Coding is one of the most demanded skills in the 21st century learning. There is a growing need for teaching students the fundamentals of coding and computer programming not only because these are the skills needed for the future job market but also because coding allows learners to better understand their digitally focused life and therefore enhance their interaction with digital media. We have already featured a plethora of interesting resources, apps, and tools that teachers and parents can draw on to introduce coding to their kids. However, today and as part of the back-to-school goodies we have been sharing here during this week, we are sharing with you this list comprising some of the best iPad apps to use with students to introduce and teach them about coding and programming.

View Materials These short, hour-long activities allow you to try out CS First and introduce your students to computer science without committing to a complete 8-activity theme. They're perfect for special events such as Hour of Code or CSEdWeek, or as practice to help you familiarize yourself with CS First before starting a normal theme. Gumball's Coding Adventure Sample CS First with "Gumball's Coding Adventure," an introductory activity based on Cartoon Network's Amazing World of Gumball episode "The Signal."

Teach your kids (and yourself!) how to code with these iPad apps Move over, Space Camp: Coding is quickly growing as a popular activity for kids, and not just for those who dream of being programmers when they grow up. The logical thinking required to code can help kids succeed in school and other day-to-day activities—it’s no wonder why big companies are getting behind the effort to help students learn the needed critical thinking skills. If you want to help them get started, there are a number of visual, kid-friendly apps that teach users how to build games and code other simple activities on their own. It won’t be long until your daughter learns JavaScript or your son starts debugging all the devices in the house. But don’t rule out the fact that you may pick up some things along the way—all of these apps do a great job at introducing you to the problem-solving type of thinking required for good programming. Sure, most of them feature cartoony characters, but the principles underlying it apply to all.

Teach Activities Each of these activities gives you a quick way to learn how to do new things with ScratchJr. They are listed here in order of simplest to hardest, but feel free to play around in any order you'd like! Watch this video for a brief introduction to ScratchJr's interface... 24 Unique Maker Education Resources For Teaching & Learning 24 Unique Maker Education Resources For Teaching & Learning by Mike Acedo 1. 10 Simple Yet Useful Tips on Python Programming In today’s world, Python is one of the most used language. It’s not just a language, it’s a way to do things in a proper, simple and compact manner. Python is one of the most known high-level language especially in open source. It sure is a vast language. Point being, the more you know about Python, the more you will know that there are still things that you don’t know.

Coding for the Common Core: 15 iPad Coding Apps for K-5+ Check out These Fun iPad Apps for Helping Young Students Learn About Coding, Logic, Math, & More! Dr. Leslie Suters is a faculty member in the College of Education’s Curriculum & Instruction Department at Tennessee Tech University. Coding in the Classroom: 16 Top Resources As cool as technology is, its intricacies and inner workings are sometimes intimidating, especially for young people who may be more interested in what technology can do for them rather than what they can do with technology. However, when students hurdle that obstacle and see the value of computer science — specifically coding — they gain a broadened perspective and the potential for a rewarding career in the tech field. The following resources will help you teach your students the basics of coding and will provide tips on how to keep kids interested as you go. Tools to Use in Class

Three Great Tools for Teachers to Create and Publish Their Own Apps February 7, 2015 Looking for some good tools to use to create and publish your own apps? The list below has you covered. It features a number of key platforms that enable you to easily design educational apps to utilize in your instruction. 12 Sites That Will Teach You Coding for Free There was a time when knowing how to program was for the geekiest of geeks. That’s not exactly the case today. As most entrepreneurs, freelancers and marketers will tell you, learning how to program can help you succeed. Over the past year, I've been learning to code.

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