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18 Tips for Killer Presentations

18 Tips for Killer Presentations
Jerry Seinfeld has a skit where he points out that studies show public speaking is a bigger fear than death. That means, he claims, that if you are going to a funeral you are better off in the casket than doing the eulogy. While there isn’t a lot you can do to melt away your anxiety, a the best start is simply to make a better presentation. Becoming a competent, rather than just confident, speaker requires a lot of practice. But here are a few things you can consider to start sharpening your presentation skills: 10-20-30 Rule – This is a slideshow rule offered by Guy Kawasaki. What tips do you have for making killer presentations? Read full content

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Presentation Titles that Attract an Audience Get inspiration for your presentation title from magazines. Photo credit: bravenewtraveler You might not give much thought to your presentation title for a conference presentation. The conference organizers will have asked you to provide a title and an abstract for the conference programme and you manage to slap something together just before the deadline. But your presentation title can determine whether you have a smattering of people attending, or standing room only.

Edunators - Helping Teachers Overcome Obstacles and Focus on Learning - 30 Questions For Teacher Reflection Details Written by Mark Clements A lot of college level teacher training programs talk about the importance of developing a “reflective practitioner” but what exactly does this mean for the classroom teacher? Add Live Web Pages To A PowerPoint Slide Linking to a web page via a URL is a simple but so old world. Instead you want a PowerPoint solution that lets you stay within the presentation and showcase a web page in its full browsing glory. That’s where LiveWeb, a little free PowerPoint add-in comes into the picture. LiveWeb will add live web pages to a Powerpoint slide and refreshes the web pages in real-time during a slide show.

The 10 Most Important Secrets of Powerful Presenters I am one of those people who loves giving speeches and presentations. From what I have heard, I’m in a minority. Many people dislike giving speeches, but I’ve always had a hard time understanding that. My delight in giving talks is probably tied up with my love of theatre, my desire to be the center of attention (although I am actually an introvert), and my need for approval (and hence applause). People often tell me that I’m a great presenter, or that they loved my talk, or that my talk was the best one at the conference etc etc. so my love for speaking seems to work. But in all honesty, I’m never quite satisfied with the talks I give.

A Taxonomy of Reflection: A Model for Critical Thinking My approach to staff development (and teaching) borrows from the thinking of Donald Finkel who believed that teaching should be thought of as “providing experience, provoking reflection.” He goes on to write, … to reflectively experience is to make connections within the details of the work of the problem, to see it through the lens of abstraction or theory, to generate one’s own questions about it, to take more active and conscious control over understanding. ~ From Teaching With Your Mouth Shut Over the last few years I’ve led many teachers and administrators on classroom walkthroughs designed to foster a collegial conversation about teaching and learning. The walkthroughs served as roving Socratic seminars and a catalyst for reflection.

PresentationMagazine: Free Presentation Speeches, Articles, Tips Making an effective presentation is more than putting a few slides together. You have to be precise, informative and still be able to keep the reader’s attention. If you want to create a great presentation, PresentationMagazine is a vital resource to check out. The site not only offers a large collection of articles and tips about making effective presentations, but it also has a huge inventory of free presentation speeches, clipart for different categories as well as over 300 free PowerPoint templates to choose from.

Presentation Handouts Your presentation handout is the lasting concrete manifestation of your presentation. It’s an important part of the total experience for the audience: But most of us focus on preparing what happens during the presentation, not what happens afterwards. Here are the benefits of having handouts: Benefits for the presenter They allow you to cut down on the amount of material you cover in your presentation and so not commit information overload.They allow you to stop worrying about forgetting what you want to say.Audience members will have a concrete reminder making your presentation more memorable.Audience members can easily contact you later.

Cultivating the Habits of Self-Knowledge and Reflection Once it’s begun, you can’t fully separate the person from the task. When the artist is painting, the painter and the act of painting become a single "thing." The emerging artwork becomes a part of it all, too. Creating Effective Presentation Visuals - From Connecting People With Your Message © iStockphotowingmar Learn how to create stunning visuals. Apple® founder Steve Jobs was known widely for his great presentations.

Reflecting for Change, From Journaling to Blogging On the day of my college graduation, my math education professor cornered me to hand me a gift that would forever set the tone for my career in education. Dr. Vanessa Huse gave me a journal with a note inside telling me to use it for reflecting daily on three things that I could improve upon, as well as three things that had gone great. That was years ago. 7 Public Speaking Tips From the World's Best Speakers & Presenters [SlideShare] It’s 7:54 on a frigid January morning in San Francisco. You’re waiting outside the Moscone Center, in a queue of several thousand people, many of whom have been camping out in the cold for over 12 hours. The security detail for this event rivals the Democratic National Convention. Another hour passes before you’re comfortably seated in a giant auditorium that’s crackling with anticipation.

The Reflective Teacher: Taking a Long Look School has been in session for a few weeks, and things might be finally settling down for most teachers. Days seem to pass by so quickly that it seems amazing anything was accomplished. Despite the whirlwind start of the year, it's still important to make time for reflection. It took me some time realize that reflection is vital to my growth as an educator. I also needed to learn what real reflection looked like. It's so much more than thinking that I did a good job or changing one essay question. How neuroscience beats PowerPoint coma By Dr Andi Horvath We’ve all experienced — and inflicted — the condition known as Death by PowerPoint. But there is a cure: Mix neuroscience with design with education theory and practice.