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Free Online Whiteboard
Create Awesome Video Lessons In Minutes Flip your classroom. Tell your story. Inspire your students to learn. Sign with or Email adress Sign In cancel X Sign Up Password Reset Did you forget your password? Email Sent X CLOSE We have sent you an email. How It Works Plan Add background, images, text, lines and shapes. Record When your slides are ready, press the RECORD button. Share Watch your video lesson on the preview. Featured Lessons Convert your presentation into Video lesson By:Tutorial Subject: PPT to Video Power Point Create your video lesson from Blank Subject: blank Whiteboard new lesson Present simple - rules & examples By:Jan K. Subject: simple grammar Related:  unnomeacasoBesteak

OpenBoard, tableau blanc interactif open source pour les écoles et universités. A Handy Guide to Everything Teachers Need to Know about Edmodo What is edmodo ?Edmodo is a web-based platform that provides a safe and easy way for your class to connect and collaborate, share content, and access homework, grades and school notices. It is like Facebook but in a safe and controlled environment appropriate for school. How can I use edmodo with my students ? Place digital resources on edmodo for students to access or download, Create polls for students to vote online.Write short summaries of lessons for students who were absent from class (better yet: get your students to write the summary). What is it that makes Edmodo class a secure environment ? Edmodo explicitly deals with school and teacher concerns about social networking for students in the following ways:Each edmodo class group is managed and controlled by the teacherStudents need an access code to join the class. Here are some video tutorials to help you learn more about edmodo 1- A quick explanation of why to use Edmodo in the classroom. 2- Edmodo assignments 4- Edmodo homework

Beautiful Word Clouds How to Insert Super Cool GIFs in Google Docs and Slides | Shake Up Learning Save Pinterest Add Animated GIFs to your Google Presentations and Google Docs! In case you haven’t noticed, animated GIFs, those moving pictures that are almost like videos, are ruling the world. It’s not enough anymore to just have a cool image in your presentation; you need to engage them with a little animation. This post is Part 2 in a series on Google Presentations. Note: This works in the entire Google Drive suite of apps! It’s not hard to insert GIFs in Docs and Slides, but there is only one way to make them work. Find a GIF You can use the advanced search filter in Google images to find GIFs. Go to and enter your search termsClick on the “search tools” buttonUnder type, select “animated” Copy the Image Address of the GIF Locate the URL (or Image Address as it’s called in Chrome) of the GIF you wish to use. Insert By URL in Docs, Slides, Sheets, Drawings, etc. The only way to get the animation to work is to insert by URL. Summary Article Name Description Author Kasey Bell

65 Free Interactive Whiteboard Resources Interactive whiteboard resources are a great way for teachers to engage classrooms in learning. While many teachers are spending hours a day creating their own activities for their interactive whiteboards, there are tons of free sources to help teachers learn about and use IWBs with students to further their use of technology in the classroom. Here is a list of some great interactive whiteboard resources and activities guaranteed to stimulate learning: General Interactive Whiteboard Resources for Teachers TeacherLED – TeacherLED is a site dedicated to making the use of Interactive Whiteboards (IWB) easier and more productive. This comprehensive site features resources to use with IWBs in math, English, and geometry. A few ways that you can stay and healthy fit this school year. Learning isn’t as one-way as we tend to think. Our goal-setting teaching strategies to pass along to your students. Our guide to purpose drivel learning, a classroom management technique you...

E-Learning Course Development Software - Storyline 2 Buy Studio ’09 now, get Studio ’13 for free when it ships.Buy Articulate Studio ’09 now, and you’ll also get Articulate Studio ’13 for freewhen it ships. Offer applies to Articulate Studio Pro and Standard versions.Preview the new features in Articulate Studio ’13. How it works.Just buy Articulate Studio ’09 from our store. Then, when Articulate Studio ’13 isavailable, we’ll email you instructions on how to redeem your free upgrade. Thecontent you create in Articulate Studio ’09 will work in Articulate Studio ’13.

Amazingly Simple Graphic Design – Canva Nearpod | הכל כלול … | כלים קטנים גדולים Nearpod – כלי מעולה המאפשר למורה להעביר תכנים ישירות למכשירים הנייחים והניידים של התלמידים. מתאים לתנאים מגוונים: מפגשי למידה בהם המורה והתלמידים נוכחים באותו המרחב הפיסי: חדר מחשבים / כיתה עם מחשבים ניידים, טאבלטים או סמארטפונים.שיעור סינכרוניעבודה במרחבים מגוונים, לדוגמה: במהלך סיור לימודי (בתנאי שיש חיבור לאינטרנט !) איך זה עובד ? המורה מכין מראש, באמצעות הכלי, מצגת אינטראקטיבית אשר יכולה לכלול טקסט, תמונה, וידאו, אודיו, חידונים וסקרים, כלי ציור ועוד. במהלך השיעור נכנס המורה לחשבונו ומפעיל את המצגת. תלמידים העובדים בטאבלט או סמארטפון יתבקשו להוריד את האפליקציה למכשיר. בכל פעם שהמורה יעביר שקופית במצגת, היא תעבור גם אצל התלמידים. כל התכנים שהתלמיד יסמן / יכתוב / יצייר – יועברו אוטומטית למחשב המורה. דו"ח ביצועי התלמידים נשמר במערכת עבור המורה וניתן לייצאו כקובץ PDF (כולל אופציה לשליחה במייל). כדי להתנסות בפלטפורמה כמורה ותלמיד – התחברו כמורה ממחשבכם ואז בחלונית גלישה נסתרת התחברו כתלמיד. לרשותכם מדריך כתוב מאת אלה פלג וגילה קיסילביץ מדריך מצולם מאת מנהל מדע וטכנולוגיה מדריך מצולם באנגלית

Stoodle Prezi Guide: The 5 Essentials To Stop Your Audience Feeling Sick — Ned Potter Prezi is nothing if not divisive. Some people love it, some people hate it - I'm in neither of those camps. I find it very useful in some situations, but still use good old fashioned PowerPoint Slides for more than half the presentations I give. Prezi should be used for a reason. Prezi is relatively new (it's been around since 2009), it's getting more popular (there are around 40 million users now) and it's improving its interface all the time. Potentially, a great Prezi has the wow factor. The single most important thing about creating a Prezi is the positioning of the objects on the canvas (and directly related to this, the order in which they're visited on the path). risorse per la didattica per l'uso della LIM in classe PUNTI e APPUNTI il sito della maestra Romea ricco di materiali didattici per la scuola Emilia Romagna raccolta di software didattico di libero utilizzo per Scuola percorsi, lezioni, oggetti multimediali, giochi ... per la scuola secondaria sito del Prof. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I.C. RolloWeb Le schede di Anna