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Simple Collaborative Mind Maps Free Downloads: A Collection of Rusted Textures Resources June 15, 2010 Rust often signifies age and dirt that others may not want to have in their work. With designers, however, rust is viewed in a different aspect. Most especially if the rustiness can be used or applied as material for design projects, depending on its style and the projects’ goals. A Collection of Rusted Textures is compiled in this next post as a cool resource for designers of all ages. Metal Rust Texture 22 Download Source Nether Flesh Download Source Wall Texture Download Source Merlin Download Source Metal Rust Texture 05 Download Source Textureville Download Source Rusty – texture Download Source Rust texture pack Download Source Fired wall Download Source Rust Texture Pack 01 Download Source Rust textures Download Source Coloured Rust VI Download Source Rust texture 6 Download Source 6 Rusted Stone Textures Download Source Metal Rust Texture 20 Download Source Rust Download Source Download Source Monster Monster Download Source Rust Row Download Source Rusty metal gate Download Source burned Skip 2

PollSnack | Online survey software, web poll & questionnaire tool Free Fonts How to install fonts About Icon fonts About Webfonts Submit free fonts Love our site? Tell a friend Name Mail to My email Message Check out Business Plans Plan your next business venture better and start fully prepared SimplytheBest Fonts Welcome to the Simply the Best Fonts archive where you can find a whole lot of wonderful fonts.

Sachunterricht: Die Himmelsrichtungen und unsere Bundesländer | LaBlog, die Idéenfabrik von Labbé Wir gucken regelmäßig, die wie ich finde, fantastischen Logo-Nachrichten. Wie sich das für Nachrichten so gehört, wird natürlich auch von den einzelnen Bundesländern gesprochen. Da einige Kids der M10 im Glauben waren, Bayern sei schon im Ausland, haben wir dies zum Anlass genommen, eine Reihe zu den Bundesländern und Himmelsrichtungen zu starten. Die Deutschlandkarte wurde genau betrachtet, vor allem aber die Formen der einzelnen Bundesländer. So haben die Kinder im Umriss von Rheinland-Pfalz zum Beispiel deutlich einen Hasen und in Schleswig-Holstein einen Pudel erkannt. Da ja 24 Köpfe mit unterschiedlichen Phantasien bestückt sind, haben wir zu jedem Bundesland drei unterschiedliche Vorschläge für unsere „M10-Bundesländer-Geheimsprache“ gesammelt. Jetzt mussten nur noch die verdammt merkwürdigen Namen wie Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Nordrhein-Westfalen und Co ins Gehirn kommen. Dann fehlte noch das Thema der Himmelsrichtungen…“Warum wohnen wir in Ostdeutschland? Was hilft?

15 Inspiring Examples of Free Online Education Lerntrix, Eine Werkstatt für Schlauberger Inhaltsverzeichnis Geografie - Quiz Versenden Drucken Merken Lesezeichen StumbleUpon Delicious Mister Wong Artikel versenden Einfach Karte ausfüllen und per E-Mail an Freunde verschicken! Dein Name: Deine E-Mail: Name des Empfängers: E-Mail des Empfängers: Deine Nachricht: Sorry! Vielen Dank! Labbé Verlag | Für Eltern | Copyright | Impressum | Datenschutz | NewsletterInhaltsverzeichnis | Suche | zzzebra Netz 6 Tips for the Successful Online Teacher Distance Learning | In Print 6 Tips for the Successful Online Teacher By Richard Rose06/18/12 In recent intake interviews with new students of education at West Texas A&M University, I found that teaching online is the new Holy Grail for many young K-12 educators. After two decades in online teaching in both the corporate world and higher education, I regret to report that the grass is not necessarily greener on the other side of the network connection. 1. Online teaching actually requires a much higher level of emotional security and confidence in one's own professional competence. 2. In my online classes, I find myself constantly at risk of wildly misjudging both people and their situations. Several semesters ago, I was strongly tempted to ease one particular student out of the program. 3. Upload, Annotate, Share. Online document review and collaboration - PDF, Word and HTML The Best Online Sources For Images Check out The “All-Time” Best Sources Of Online Images Jeez, there are sure a ton of ways to find images on the Web, as well as many places where you can find lengthy link lists to image collections. I’d lay odds that most people, including myself, just use Google Image Search when they need to find an image. However, there might be instances when you want to use another tool — perhaps you’re a language teacher searching for just the right clip art or photography to illustrate a verb, maybe you have very young students and are concerned about what they might find on Google, possibly you’re particularly teaching about copyright issues, or you want your students to easily connect an image to a writing exercise and have them send an E-Card. (Google has recently added an option in their advanced image search feature — go to the bottom left under “license” and choose “labeled for reuse”) I thought a “The Best…” list might be helpful in one of those, or other particular, instances. Behold Wow!