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Sync tabs across devices - Chrome Help When you sign in to Chrome version 18 or later, you can see the tabs that you have open on other computers, phones and tablets where you're signed in. Get to tabs already open on other devices You can access any open tabs from your other synced devices, like computers, phones, and tablets. 9 Windows 10 Anniversary Update Features You'll Love The Windows 10 Anniversary Update is finally here! It’s now been one year since Windows 10 went live, and even though the operating system is still far from perfect, this update brings a lot of much-needed changes and additions. In other words, if you haven’t been happy with Windows 10 up until this point, the wide array of new features and improvements may be enough to win you back — unless you’re boycotting Microsoft for its aggressive marketing practices.

What is a CSV file and how do I save my spreadsheet as one? - BigCommerce Support CSV Files A CSV is a comma separated values file, which allows data to be saved in a table structured format. CSVs look like a garden-variety spreadsheet but with a .csv extension (Traditionally they take the form of a text file containing information separated by commas, hence the name). Meet Cortana: The ultimate guide to Windows 10's helpful digital assistant So long, search. Windows 10’s file-scouring functions have been assumed by Cortana, Microsoft’s smart, sassy digital assistant, which debuted with roaring success on Windows Phone 8.1. But Cortana does a lot more than simply poke through your local documents. This virtual assistant lives up to its title: setting reminders, tracking your schedule, surfacing news she thinks will appeal to you, personally, and a whole lot more, powered by Bing and Microsoft’s machine learning in the cloud. Cortana’s no search slouch either, responding to your voice and understanding natural language commands like “Find my pictures from June.” And if you try to get clever, Cortana isn’t afraid to joke right back.

Object picker UI The document is archived and information here might be outdated Published: June 25, 2014 Updated: July 3, 2014 Applies To: Windows 8.1, Windows RT 8.1, Windows Server 2012 R2 How to use Windows 10's game DVR tool to capture video in any app In April, Microsoft introduced the Game bar to Windows 10 as a means for recording gameplay sessions on PCs. But that’s not all it’s good for, as it turns out: you can also use the new Game bar recording function as a quick and dirty screen video recorder for other apps. In fact, this could work as a basic alternative to third-party options like Camtasia, as BetaNews first discovered. The new feature only works in more recent updates to the Windows 10 insider preview.

How to Clone a Hard Drive For backing up data, there's no shortage of alternatives to choose from. Few, however, are as simple and straightforward as simply cloning your hard drive. If you need to copy all of your data, or want to safeguard against a corrupted or physically damaged hard drive, having a functional copy of the drive you can immediately turn to is hard to beat. 12 obscure new Windows 10 features that eliminate everyday hassles Windows 8.1 altered the way Windows handled OneDrive integration, using “pointer files” to make it look like your OneDrive-stored files were on your PC, but they weren’t really downloaded until you tried to open them. That’s gone in Windows 10. Microsoft’s reverting to the way Windows 7 and 8 handled OneDrive integration, with a selective sync option. A useful side-effect: The handy-dandy Fetch feature is back, after being abandoned in Windows 8.1.

The Most Useful Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts When it comes to using your computer, it's keyboard shortcuts that get things done the fastest. And for every version of Windows, Microsoft add a few useful new ones to the old standbys. Here are our favorites. New Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts The Windows key is the key on your keyboard that has the Windows logo on it. On a regular desktop keyboard, it sits between the Ctrl and Alt keys to the left of the space bar.

Secret Cortana commands you may not know "Hey, Cortana, tell me your secrets." Cortana does a lot — some of it obvious, some of it not so. Microsoft's virtual assistant both manages to make life easier and more delightful across the Windows 10 line-up, appearing on both Windows 10 PCs and Windows 10 Mobile Phones. She's more than just Microsoft's answer to Siri and Google Now — Cortana is both proactive and reactive. There's so much that Cortana can do that it's near impossible to know it all. Here are a few not-so-obvious commands that reveal the true power of Cortana!