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گیاهان دارویی

گیاهان دارویی

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Ethiopian Christmas Historic tour Christmas Celebration at Lalibela by Air ( Tour Code: SGTT 01 Duration 10 Days) This Northern Historic Route trip will show you the ancient civilization of Ethiopia dating back to 3000 years in Axum to the medieval civilization of the Gondarian castles. Among the 10 World Heritage Sites in Ethiopia, which registered by UNESCO, 4 are worth to be visited in this route. The Lalibela Rock hewn churches (The 8th Wonder of The World), the 17th century Gonderian castles (Camelot of Africa), single standing stele of Axum and the Semien Mountains National Park are acknowledged by UNESCO as a World Heritage. Lalibela is known as the Eighth Wonder of the World, a must visit sight in Ethiopia!!!

Orthotic insoles Or Custom orthotics Stacey ZervasPodiatrist/Manager Vibrant and driven. Stacey has been in private practise for over 10 years. She loves nothing more than helping people, engaging the community to increase awareness of the importance of foot health and her profession. Highly skilled and experienced she is always improving on her knowledge through continued education and currently undertaking post graduate studies. Fluent in Greek she brings the best and most innovative therapies into the practice.

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