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Categories in Mos Maiorum Forum

Categories in Mos Maiorum Forum
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Mos Maiorum Foundation 10 Lifehacks from 100 Years Ago In the late 1880s, cigarette manufacturers began inserting stiffening cards into their paper packs of cigarettes to strengthen the containers. It wasn't long before they got the idea to put artwork, trivia, famous people, and pretty girls onto those cards, grouped into collectible series. The cards, which continued into the 1940s, are highly valuable now, with the most expensive (bearing the face of stringent anti-smoking baseball player Honus Wagner) selling for $2.8 million in 2007. In the 1910s, Gallaher Ltd of Belfast & London and Ogden's Branch of the Imperial Tobacco Co printed "How-To" series, with clever hints for both everyday and emergency situations. From steaming out a splinter to stopping a mad dog, these cigarette cards told you the smart way to handle many of life's problems. (Please note these cards were published a hundred years ago, when safety was not as popular a pursuit as it is now. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. More from The Week... J.K. - Social Network Builder | Create Social Network Free FluffyApp 45+ Most Wanted Beautiful Free Hand Drawn Fonts One of the trends in creating site designs are in Hand Drawn Concept. It gives a playful and fresh feeling to the design that appeals to the audience. Talking about Hand Drawn Design, using a Hand Drawn Fonts is mostly a must to match the design. On this matter I have listed down 45+ Most Wanted Beautiful Free Hand Drawn Fonts. If you want more of these, we have collected useful freebies for you to check out and download for free. FFF Tusj Grutch Shadedw Pointy Sketch Rockwell Jamaistevie Childs Play Pee Pants Script Mia’s Scribblings HandVetica Fh Scribble Fh Ink Positiv-A Aguzlo Handwerk HansHand Marker Twins Julies Mellyboo Font Handwriting Toms Handwritten Pen of Truth Sketchy Sketchbook Teenage angst Tire Shop Demo Version Waste Of Time 123 and… Barnes Erc Un-finished Jump Start My Turtle WC RoughTrad Bta Against Myself Peixe Frito Thurston Erc Roughage Gribouille Fail Octember Script Karabine Tiza Love Ya Like A Sister Rock Show Whiplash McCoy – Hello Lori Clementine Sketch Oh Ashy

You Can't Argue With Christians One of the things I have noticed in dealing with Christians on this blog and in person is that they are hard to deal with. They are hard to deal with because of their belief system and their world view. They are nearly impossible to talk with rationally (about religion, especially theirs) and they are dead set in their ways. They can quote snippets of the Bible with such forceful authority that it can make your hair stand on end. They speak as if their opinion is the God-sanctioned truth about both religion and politics. Having been a Christian myself, I know from personal experience that “proving” to a Christian that they are wrong doesn’t work. Look at the things they believe: I know not all Christians believe every single one of the things I wrote down, but that is another problem with Christianity – there are just too darn many variations. Remember change occurs gradually. My deconversion story is much the same. My deconversion was a slow and imperfect process. Dear Christian,

Dollar Collapse? World Bank Whistleblower Predicts Global Currency Gregg Prescott, M.S., In5D GuestWaking Times According to World Bank whistleblower Karen Hudes, the US dollar is set to crash and will be replaced with a new, interest free, gold-backed currency. Hudes is a lawyer that worked in the World Bank legal department and has been recently reinstated by the 188 Ministers of Finance on the Board of Governors on the World Bank In an interivew with Russia Today, Hudes stated, “there is 170,500 metric tons of gold deposited in a vault in the Bank of Hawaii, 130,500 metric tons in AMEX Hong Kong plus 150,000 metric tons in Development Bank of Singapore, for a total of 451,000 metric tons. In 1950, Ferdinand Marcos kept this gold in a secret trust fund for 50 years “so all the claims on the world’s wealth would be subject to the statute of limitations, which basically says that if somebody claims that they own something, but they haven’t been able to gain control of it for 50 years, then they’ve lost their claim. What is the hold up? 1. The new currency

Collaborize Classroom | Online Education Technology for Teachers and Students Form Management - " Your program is perfect. The form creator my server company provided was overly complicated and simplistic. Most of the other programs on the internet were the same or just too expensive. After I found your program, I stopped looking. It does exactly what I need for all different types of applications. Webmaster >> More Testimonials is a free online email form creation and processing service that allows you to easily add contact forms to your web site. No Technical Knowledge Required Our easy-to-use online wizard quickly builds the form for you. No Special Server Setup Our robust server processes the form and then redirects the user back to your page without the user ever knowing they left your site. Feature Rich, Customizable, and FREE*! Our forms are 100% customizable and have no limits on the number or types of forms you can create.

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