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Amazon Inspire: Educational resources for teachers, created by teachers, school districts, publishers, and OER providers.

Amazon Inspire: Educational resources for teachers, created by teachers, school districts, publishers, and OER providers.

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Helping Students Spot BS and Decipher ‘Fake’ News “Fake news” has been thrust into the national spotlight since the 2016 U.S. Presidential election. The term has since become widely used, mocked and, in some instances, abused. That’s a problem. With an ever-increasing amount of news and entertainment sources available online, students have greater access to information now than at any other time. Anyone can create and upload content online, whether it is factual or not, and reach a wide audience. Matt Vaudrey For students to become self-directed learners and constructive members of society, they should direct their own behavior to impact their circumstance. Instead of teachers yelling and nagging, music cues can direct the student action. Instead of micro-managing (“Damien, take out your notebook.”), we’re helping students direct themselves and manage their own time.

Open Textbooks Maths Science Downloading our books You can download our open textbooks in different formats to use them in the way that suits you. The files can be big, so we don't make them available from our mobi site (the one you're currently viewing). Visit the desktop version of the site to access the download files for all of our titles. The Best Interview Questions We've Ever Published Hiring is by far the biggest concern we hear from founders. Finding the right people to work at your company is high-stakes. Poor performers can take a catastrophic toll on your success. Most seasoned CEOs say that founders should be spending as much as 50% of their time early on getting the right talent in the door. Yet, the actual hiring process tends to remain more of an art than a science for startups — regardless of all the structure and rubrics they try to impose. This makes the questions you choose to ask during interviews of paramount importance.

Designing Shifts-Aligned Interventions in the Math Classroom As teachers, we want to help all kids learn and when we’re faced with the realization that some students just aren’t “getting it,” we work to figure out how to catch kids up. It’s a prevalent struggle many educators grapple with and a frequent conversation in schools: How do we address unfinished learning in math and fill gaps in student understanding? Over the course of my career I have seen, all too often, students behind grade level denied access to grade-level mathematics, in an effort to catch them up or “fill the holes.”

Access the Materials - OpenSciEd OpenSciEd Middle School Science Units OpenSciEd materials are open educational resources (OER) licensed to be free for anyone to use, share, redistribute, adapt, transform, and build upon for any purpose, even commercially. Using the links below, units can be downloaded as a PDF or added to a Google Drive folder. The units are also available in print from our partner print vendor. ​A Starter Kit for Instructional Designers A 2016 report funded by the Gates Foundation found that in the U.S. alone, there are 13,000 instructional designers. Yet, when I graduated from college in 2008, I didn’t know this field existed. Surely a lot has changed! Instructional design is experiencing a renaissance. As online course platforms proliferate, institutions of all shapes and sizes realize that they’ll need to translate content into digital forms.

Visual Math Improves Math Performance - YouCubed Mathematics educators have long known that engaging students in visual representations of mathematics is extremely helpful for their learning. When youcubed offered “How Close to 100” as an activity for learning math facts with visual representations, teachers across the world were thrilled and responded with thousands of tweets showing students learning by playing the game. Some of the world’s top mathematicians engage almost entirely with visual mathematics. For example, Maryam Mirzakhani, arguably the most important mathematician of our time, works almost entirely visually.

Presentations Call them resistant, negative, or mediocre. Whatever we call them they are still our most difficult staff members to work with. How do we motivate, regulate, or eliminate these troubled teachers? How can we get other staff members to help us? New Jersey Center for Teaching and Learning Note: This page has additional resources available for logged in users. Courses by Subject: Common Core Mathematics Common Core Mathematics (Español) Steele Thoughts: Becoming a School of Choice: Teaching and Leading in a School We Would Choose for Our Own Child This summer many parents are going to be deciding where to send their kids to school. This may mean buying a new house so they will be zoned for a "good" school system. It may mean finding a private school. It may mean trying a charter school. Or it may even mean homeschooling.

Hands On Plate Tectonics with Students Who Are Blind Additional follow up activities to use in a unit on Pangaea: Teacher preparation: Find a copy of a map of the Earth with the major plates indicated. Glue the map to a sheet of cardboard. Label the plates in large print/braille. Cut the map and cardboard along the fault lines.

Making Student Feedback Work Research and insights from Robinson and educational psychologist Hunter Gehlbach of the University of California, Santa Barbara, show how schools can get the most out of student feedback, and how principals can help teachers get on board with using it — creating a more communicative school culture for all. Getting Started: Making Student Feedback Work One very real caveat to using student feedback in schools is that students aren’t automatically fair evaluators. A hyper fourth-grader or a sullen sophomore won’t always be particularly just or perceptive. However, with the right scaffolding, most students can be more helpful than many educators assume.