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Latest SEO & Search Engines News

Latest SEO & Search Engines News

ClickZ | Marketing News & Expert Advice The importance of headlines should never be overlooked, a little time spent finding the right headline can make a lot of difference. A good headline means more people will click on your article wherever they see it, it ensures that the effort you spent in writing an article doesn’t go to waste, and it can also help your content to be picked up by search engines in the weeks and months after publishing. Here are a few areas to think about when writing headlines. It should be noted though, that its not about writing sensation headlines for short-term traffic gains, it’s about ensuring that, if you write a quality article, the headline works to sell it. 1. As I mentioned in a recent post on journalism and SEO, some lamented the passing of the pun headline with the coming of the web. They were fun, and there’s nothing to stop them being used in print, but web headlines do need to be descriptive. The problem is that non-descriptive headlines don’t work so well out of context. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

Mac Internet Marketing And SEO Blog Social Stacking for SEO purposes is perhaps one of the most underused strategies to really build both your brand and link authority. As you can see in this post's header graphic, a social profile can have it's own Page Authority distinct from the Domain Authority of the site it sits on. That profile can be boosted with other links to strengthen it even further. Note how it only took a handful of links to push my profile from PA0 to PA48. Social Stacking SEO tactics are about fully leveraging the power of the links on high Domain Authority Profile Pages you already have or can build around the internet. Flavors.meVery simple and straightforward, Flavors offers an easy to setup Brand page with up to 5 links for free within minutes. 1. About.meBuilding out a profile on is great place to start. 1. Knowem.comRegistering and locking-in social accounts for your Brand / Name should be done for more than just backlinks. Social Stacking Benefits Of Know'Em1. 1.

6 Best Practices for Modern SEO Erin Everhart is the director of web and social media marketing at the digital marketing and web design company, 352 Media Group. Connect with her on Twitter @erinever. Google’s search results aren’t what they used to be. If you rely heavily on search engines for pageviews and sales, as many businesses do, Google search results will drastically affect how your customers find you. 1. There’s a good probability that a large chunk of the Google searches you perform will display Google Places listings – and consumers are taking notice. If your business relies on local listings, concentrate on scoring a seat at Google Places. Citations: Ensure that your correct business information is listed in as many (reputable) sources as possible around the Internet. 2. The separation of search and social has officially ended. 3. People search in Google because they have a question. 4. Google is not stupid — it can spot paid and spam links. 5. 6. Image courtesy of iStockphoto, hillaryfox

Matt Cutts: Gadgets, Google, and SEO Fitbit has discontinued their Fitbit One step trackers, which seems like a good opportunity to step back and reflect on wearing one for the last decade or so. I’ve enjoyed using Fitbit trackers, but the One devices seemed like they broke down too often. I’m pretty proud that I ended up earning all the activity-related Fitbit badges though: In 2013, I ran a 50 mile race and I took 110,472 steps that day. I think I did some extra steps late that night just in case Fitbit ever increased their top step badge from 100K to 105K or 110K steps. But the Rainbow badge was a little harder: 700 floors in one day. DC isn’t known for its high buildings. That’s how I found myself on a Sunday morning in July 2018. Wait a second–the badge is only for 700 floors, so why did I climb 800+ floors? Overall, Fitbit’s badges have probably pushed me to walk more, along with a goal to get 10,000 steps a day.

Mac SEO Tools and Tips BruceClay - Internet Marketing Optimization Company: SEO, PPC, SMM, Conversion, Design, Analytics Agency Mac Video Marketing : Content Creation And Submission Mac Video Creation - Submission - And Marketing Using your Apple Macintosh to record, edit, publish, submit and market videos is easier than you think. On this page we recommend some Mac video creation services, software, webcams, microphones, tripods and lighting gear to generate your video content marketing materials, recommend ways to distribute your videos widely, and tips for marketing them effectively to drive as much traffic to your website as possible. Low-Cost and Free Video Distribution Services For broad distribution, RankCrew's Video Posting Service manually submits your video that you upload (8MB max) to the Top-20 video hosting services, including Vimeo, MetaCafe, YouTube and others. Just fire up any Apple web browser, enter your submission details, upload and let them do all the online video distribution work. They then submit all 20 of the posted video page URL's to a backlink indexing service to help get them crawled fast and to boost the authority of your video's pages.

Black Hat Seo & Affiliate Marketing Forum Drives For Mac OSX : Apple Data Backup Gear Search Engine Guide: Search Engine Marketing and Social Media Marketing Advice Market Samurai vs Long Tail Pro Mac Keyword Research Tools | Mac Internet Marketing And SEO Blog Those who are Apple affiliate or internet marketers with one or multiple websites know the value of having good Mac keyword research tools that directly run on OSX such as Market Samurai's Keyword Analysis module or as an alternative, Spencer Haw's Long Tail Pro. Both of these run by using Adobe AIR runtime technology for cross-platform use on either a Windows PC or Macintosh computer. Both tap into your registered Google AdWords account to leverage data from their keyword planner. Market Samurai is clearly the most established player. LongTail Pro has a narrower scope, primarily keyword research and competition analyzing - as well as domain purchasing research for optimal partial and exact match domain choices. In your own shoot-out of Long Tail Pro vs Market Samurai Mac -- I'd encourage Apple web masters to explore the free trial of BOTH these two keyword research apps for Mac OSX. - Search Engine Optimization & Internet Marketing Company Deindexed? Google Hates Your Site! What To Do NEXT? | Mac Internet Marketing And SEO Blog POOF! Overnight your website traffic collapsed. After a day or three you might come to realize Google hates your website and has (for whatever reasons) completely de-indexed your website. If your domain/pages have been completely banned, you ought to swallow your pride and give serious consideration about what to do next. After you've ascertained there wasn't some major hosting outage, temporary glitch and checked your Meta Header section and Robots.txt file to make sure no errant 'rel=noindex' accidentally told Google not to index anything: You're left with some big decisions. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. to start with a clean slate. Personally I prefer the latter. Get Revenge! You might opt to TRY aggressive or what you thought were 'risky' strategies and link building automation tactics that you were previously afraid of experimenting with. By and large, webmasters are DELUSIONAL about recovering from Google slaps.

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