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Latest SEO & Search Engines News

Latest SEO & Search Engines News

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Mac Video Marketing : Content Creation And Submission Mac Video Creation - Submission - And Marketing Using your Apple Macintosh to record, edit, publish, submit and market videos is easier than you think. On this page we recommend some Mac video creation services, software, webcams, microphones, tripods and lighting gear to generate your video content marketing materials, recommend ways to distribute your videos widely, and tips for marketing them effectively to drive as much traffic to your website as possible. Low-Cost and Free Video Distribution Services 10 Things You Need to Do When Getting Started on YouTube For some small businesses and organizations, building a library of video content on YouTube sounds like a daunting task. But you shouldn’t let your initial nervousness get in the way of giving this powerful channel a try. The most important thing you’ll need for a successful YouTube channel is probably something you already have — an understanding of who your audience is and what kinds of things they find valuable.

A Complete Guide About Four Types of Sitemap - Digital Talks A Site map is a list of all pages of a website to make that site easily accessible by search engines and users. A webmaster can use four types of sitemaps in his/her site. 1. Market Samurai vs Long Tail Pro Mac Keyword Research Tools Those who are Apple affiliate or internet marketers with one or multiple websites know the value of having good Mac keyword research tools that directly run on OSX such as Market Samurai's Keyword Analysis module or as an alternative, Spencer Haw's Long Tail Pro. Both of these run by using Adobe AIR runtime technology for cross-platform use on either a Windows PC or Macintosh computer. Both tap into your registered Google AdWords account to leverage data from their keyword planner. Market Samurai is clearly the most established player. Not only does it include a great keyword planning tool but 7 other modules making it a serious all-in-one SEO app which also performs SEO Competition, Rank Tracking, Domain Samurai, Find and Publish Content, Affiliate Monetization, and Link Building Promotion too. You get 8 modules in all for a one time fee to purchase.

PBN 101 – Basics of Private Blog Networks updated: November 25, 2015 I heard about Private Blog Networks, or PBNs for short, last year around the time that I heard about niche websites. PBNs seemed very exciting and very powerful. PBNs can also be confusing and slightly complicated to set up for a novice, or even an experienced internet marketer. There are many moving parts to a PBN and several failure points. This post will cover the basics of Private Blog Networks. 4 Things that SEO Newbies Need to Know If you’re new to the SEO field, fear not. Everyone of us has to start somewhere, and there’s no other place to start than at the very beginning — the bare bones, basic essentials. Every SEO has their area of expertise, but there are a few things that every SEO has to know. I’ve created the shortlist of these essentials. They are broad but nevertheless are absolutely important within the vast realm of SEO.

Deindexed? Google Hates Your Site! What To Do NEXT? POOF! Overnight your website traffic collapsed. After a day or three you might come to realize Google hates your website and has (for whatever reasons) completely de-indexed your website. The Advanced Guide To SEO Indexation & Accessibility You could have the best content in the world, the most amazing audience and even traffic coming from all kinds of places like social media and referrals. But if the search engines can’t properly access, crawl and index your site none of that matters for SEO. That is why in this section you’re going to learn how to look at your website from the search engine’s point of view. You’re going to be able to do a full crawl of your own site, handle migrations, redesigns and much more.

A Step by Step 15 Minute SEO Audit (A Sample from SEO Secrets) About seven months ago, I was asked by Wiley Publishing if I wanted to write a book about advanced SEO. Assuming they had accidentally contacted the wrong person, (You know Rand is spelled with an 'R' right?) I eventually accepted and found out they had indeed wanted me. Social Bookmarking and Shares with Spintax Diversification - From the desk of Kane MillerJanuary 29, 2016 Dear Website Owner, As a marketer trying to build a new business, there was nothing that soaked up more of my time than getting traffic. Without a steady flow of new people coming through my website, I wasn't going to get anywhere. Of course free traffic is what I really wanted, which means getting my pages indexed and ranked in the search engines.

Live Infographic Marketing Tools – That Might Be Useful For You. Email Marketing, Auto Responders And News Letter Software’s Article Writing Services iwriter – Get Content Written As Low As $1.25 An Article How To Start Learning SEO As A Beginner - Where To Begin A few years ago I was introduced to the amazing world of online marketing by a former professor of mine. I heard about keywords, rankings, conversions, code and what you could do with them if you do it right. I was hooked. And I knew that I had to learn everything I could. But where was I supposed to start?

SEO Blog for Mac Webmasters and Marketers Social Stacking for SEO purposes is perhaps one of the most underused strategies to really build both your brand and link authority. As you can see in this post's header graphic, a social profile can have it's own Page Authority distinct from the Domain Authority of the site it sits on. That profile can be boosted with other links to strengthen it even further. Note how it only took a handful of links to push my profile from PA0 to PA48. Social Stacking SEO tactics are about fully leveraging the power of the links on high Domain Authority Profile Pages you already have or can build around the internet. Particularly valuable are one's that integrate easy connection to multiple Social Media accounts, and let you add some unique content and other profile links of your own.

123 Ways to Get More Website Traffic: A Sumo-Sized Guide Examples, details for each tactic, and a spreadsheet to help you decide the best traffic channels to go after Dec 30th, 2015 by Nat Eliason The #1 question we get over, and over, and over again, is “how do I get more traffic to my site?” Well Noah, Sarah, and I put our heads together, and we came up with every single way we could think of to grow your site.