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Latest SEO & Search Engines News

Latest SEO & Search Engines News

Mac Internet Marketing And SEO Blog Social Stacking for SEO purposes is perhaps one of the most underused strategies to really build both your brand and link authority. As you can see in this post's header graphic, a social profile can have it's own Page Authority distinct from the Domain Authority of the site it sits on. That profile can be boosted with other links to strengthen it even further. Note how it only took a handful of links to push my profile from PA0 to PA48. Social Stacking SEO tactics are about fully leveraging the power of the links on high Domain Authority Profile Pages you already have or can build around the internet. Flavors.meVery simple and straightforward, Flavors offers an easy to setup Brand page with up to 5 links for free within minutes. 1. About.meBuilding out a profile on is great place to start. 1. Knowem.comRegistering and locking-in social accounts for your Brand / Name should be done for more than just backlinks. Social Stacking Benefits Of Know'Em1. 1.

6 Best Practices for Modern SEO Erin Everhart is the director of web and social media marketing at the digital marketing and web design company, 352 Media Group. Connect with her on Twitter @erinever. Google’s search results aren’t what they used to be. If you rely heavily on search engines for pageviews and sales, as many businesses do, Google search results will drastically affect how your customers find you. 1. There’s a good probability that a large chunk of the Google searches you perform will display Google Places listings – and consumers are taking notice. If your business relies on local listings, concentrate on scoring a seat at Google Places. Citations: Ensure that your correct business information is listed in as many (reputable) sources as possible around the Internet. 2. The separation of search and social has officially ended. 3. People search in Google because they have a question. 4. Google is not stupid — it can spot paid and spam links. 5. 6. Image courtesy of iStockphoto, hillaryfox

Mac SEO Tools and Tips Mac Video Marketing : Content Creation And Submission Mac Video Creation - Submission - And Marketing Using your Apple Macintosh to record, edit, publish, submit and market videos is easier than you think. On this page we recommend some Mac video creation services, software, webcams, microphones, tripods and lighting gear to generate your video content marketing materials, recommend ways to distribute your videos widely, and tips for marketing them effectively to drive as much traffic to your website as possible. Low-Cost and Free Video Distribution Services For broad distribution, RankCrew's Video Posting Service manually submits your video that you upload (8MB max) to the Top-20 video hosting services, including Vimeo, MetaCafe, YouTube and others. Just fire up any Apple web browser, enter your submission details, upload and let them do all the online video distribution work. They then submit all 20 of the posted video page URL's to a backlink indexing service to help get them crawled fast and to boost the authority of your video's pages.

Drives For Mac OSX : Apple Data Backup Gear Market Samurai vs Long Tail Pro Mac Keyword Research Tools | Mac Internet Marketing And SEO Blog Those who are Apple affiliate or internet marketers with one or multiple websites know the value of having good Mac keyword research tools that directly run on OSX such as Market Samurai's Keyword Analysis module or as an alternative, Spencer Haw's Long Tail Pro. Both of these run by using Adobe AIR runtime technology for cross-platform use on either a Windows PC or Macintosh computer. Both tap into your registered Google AdWords account to leverage data from their keyword planner. Market Samurai is clearly the most established player. LongTail Pro has a narrower scope, primarily keyword research and competition analyzing - as well as domain purchasing research for optimal partial and exact match domain choices. In your own shoot-out of Long Tail Pro vs Market Samurai Mac -- I'd encourage Apple web masters to explore the free trial of BOTH these two keyword research apps for Mac OSX.

Deindexed? Google Hates Your Site! What To Do NEXT? | Mac Internet Marketing And SEO Blog POOF! Overnight your website traffic collapsed. After a day or three you might come to realize Google hates your website and has (for whatever reasons) completely de-indexed your website. If your domain/pages have been completely banned, you ought to swallow your pride and give serious consideration about what to do next. After you've ascertained there wasn't some major hosting outage, temporary glitch and checked your Meta Header section and Robots.txt file to make sure no errant 'rel=noindex' accidentally told Google not to index anything: You're left with some big decisions. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. to start with a clean slate. Personally I prefer the latter. Get Revenge! You might opt to TRY aggressive or what you thought were 'risky' strategies and link building automation tactics that you were previously afraid of experimenting with. By and large, webmasters are DELUSIONAL about recovering from Google slaps.

Social Bookmarking and Shares with Spintax Diversification - From the desk of Kane MillerOctober 21, 2018 Dear Website Owner, As a marketer trying to build a new business, there was nothing that soaked up more of my time than getting traffic. Of course free traffic is what I really wanted, which means getting my pages indexed and ranked in the search engines. I got turned on to social media sites as a great way to build backlinks to my pages. Yesterday's Tools Just Don't Cut It I knew that there were automated tools available, so I decided to look into them. Well, they certainly sped up the process. When All Else Fails, Build Something Better I was out of options and at my wits end. I had a whole list of problems to address, and I set out to build a system that would take care of all of them at once. "SocialAdr gets FABULOUS results" I've been using SocialAdr for over two years now and am an absolute Disciple!

Instant PR Pro - - DIY Mac press release pr syndication Best All-In-1 Mac SEO Software - - Market Samurai ROCKS! Integrating Vidnami’s technology into GoDaddy’s product offering will help entrepreneurs with one of their more important jobs: attracting and engaging customers online to grow their businesses. Beyond traditional products like domains or hosting, GoDaddy also focuses on growth tools that elevate your brand. Vidnami’s video and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities are being integrated into GoDaddy Studio. These capabilities will enhance content discovery and enable auto-creation of content. In order to focus on the integration of Vidnami’s core capabilities into GoDaddy Studio, the standalone version of Vidnami was retired on Aug. 20, 2021. Below are some frequently asked questions relating to the acquisition of Vidnami: Q: Why didn’t you keep Vidnami up and running during the integration? Running a business like Vidnami is a complex, full-time undertaking. To expedite the integration, the decision was made to shut down the standalone version of Vidnami on Aug. 20, 2021.

Best Mac Keyword Research Tools 2016 Mac Keyword Research Tools Using your Mac to perform keyword research is critical to successful SEO and website ranking - and it's getting more difficult. As Google, DuckDuckGo, Yahoo - and soon Bing hide more 'Not Available' keywords from your web stats, you need to up your game. Best Mac Keyword Software Personally, I can't imagine life as an Apple webmaster without using the awesome All-In-One Market Samurai For Mac as my #1 swiss army knife SEO tool for Mac OSX. Longtail Keyword Software For Mac Alternately, Long Tail Pro for OSX - LTP also runs natively on OSX using Adobe Air. Google Keyword Planner A drastic overhaul of Google's free keyword suggestion tool is now wrapped into signing-up for a free AdWords account to access it. 3rd-party tools like LTP and Market Samurai For Mac's Keyword Module directly access Google's API to help with your research and traffic levels. Bing Keyword Tool In a world obsessed with Google, Oogle, Oogle... Free Mac Keyword Tools Mac Keyword Rank Checkers

Parasite And Barnacle SEO Survival Strategies For Affiliate Marketers | Mac Internet Marketing And SEO Blog Parasite website or Barnacle SEO is a popular search engine ranking strategy to get online visibility by getting your content and links on high domain authority, top-ranking sites that allow users to post their own content. When your own website doesn't or can't get direct Page 1 or 2 organic SERP rankings -- you can still get meaningful referral traffic from select barnacle authority sites high up the ranks. It's especially useful for trying to salvage penalized money sites and keep traffic coming in from anywhere you can get it. The key to a powerful Parasite platform SEO strategy is trying each of the following popular barnacle backlink types -- and assessing which properties are currently most capable of squeaking into the cracks of Top-20 rankings and driving direct referral site traffic; both near and long-term. Parasite Video Marketing Parasite Article Marketing Parasite Press Release Marketing Parasite Web 2.0 Blog Marketing Keep the theme / niche tight. Parasite Social Marketing SEO

The Best Mac Social Media Marketing Apps 2016 Mac SMM - Social Media Marketing is easy when you combine some of the best Safari SEO extensions, Apple compatible browser toolbars, and online social bookmarking tools and services for content promotion on your Macintosh. Social Profile Traffic Tools If you're smart, you've set-up and are using Social Profiles at all the major services like Google+, FaceBook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube and Twitter (at the very least) to try to drive referral traffic to your sites to support (or replace lost) organic search traffic. But without sufficient Followers or Fans, all your social posting efforts will be for naught. Another service that works quite well is You Like Hits which notably lets me target specific countries that I prefer. For all of the above mentioned services, I simply log-in each day and spend 10 or 15 minutes between them to earn some free points, and use them primarily for gaining Twitter and Google+ followers. Mac Social Bookmarking Tools Social Sharing Buttons For Mac Websites

Rank Crew Review 2016 : Manual SEO Link Building Outsourcing Service | Mac Internet Marketing And SEO Blog Review Of Rank Crew :Rank Crew offers a highly powerful Manual SEO Link Building Service engineered by one of the most highly noted people in SEO, Internet and Affiliate Marketing. Still in business after many years, it's staffed with an experienced team of veteran, highly trained link-building experts trained to help you obtain higher search engine rankings utilizing a blend of both the most conventional and more modern link building types and methods. Wide Link-Type Diversity :The kinds of backlink services available include PR Press Release distribution and Article Directory submits, Web 2.0 and Forum properties in addition to Authority profile registration, Video submission, Web Directory and Social Bookmarking tasks. Low-cost Pinterest and Twitter promotion gigs are available too. Extremely Affordable And Reputable SEO Services : The pricing of Rank Crew's link packages are highly affordable, typically ranging from $4 to $10 or $30 for many of them.