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Domotica, Bwired, Home automation showcase in the Netherlands, Domoticaforum

Domotica, Bwired, Home automation showcase in the Netherlands, Domoticaforum

RE·BL - Infrared to Bluetooth Converter for the PS3 RE·BL X - Infrared to Bluetooth® wireless converter for the PS3As Blu-ray becomes more and more popular, and as the PS3 is one of the best Blu-ray players on the market, the lack of IR support on the PS3 has become a frustrating problem for many PS3 owners. Now finally the problem is solved by the RE·BL X: An easy to use IR to Bluetooth converter for the PS3. No configuration it needed, just add the RE·BL X device to your Harmony remote (or any other universal remote) and it is ready for use.For those who need it, the RE·BL X offers advanced configuration options through the USB connection and the accompanying PC-software. The RE·BL X can be supplied by batteries, USB or a DC-adaptor, and it has an advanced low-power mode for extended battery life. Compatible with most remotesRE·BL X is officially supported by several manufacturers of remote controls and A/V systems, and fully compatible with almost any IR remote on the market. Technical specifications

Smartcasa – home automation Martin's corner on the web | Martin's Hobby Projects Screws Small Encyclopedia Sometimes You do not know, what Sometimes You do not know, what screw you need to turn this piece of furniture. That is why this little encyclopedia was created. Screws Head Style Drive Types Washer Type Nut Types by Part 3: Mobile Website Optimisation - 7 Considerations When Designing Buttons on Mobile Websites This is the third post in a series on optimising mobile websites for conversions. The previous two posts covered Content Prioritisation and White Space.In Summary: Buttons rule on mobile devices. The rule of thumb means that big, well spaced buttons with clear calls to action will likely result in more conversions.Before looking at how buttons can make the mobile user experience better we must first understand the way mobile users navigate. Think about the way you hold your phone. More often than not it’s in just one hand and because your fingers are gripping the phone from behind, you are left only with your thumb for navigation of the screen. As you can see from this image, fingers are behind the phone leaving the thumb to do all the work. The Mobile Rule of Thumb: If it cannot be done with the thumb, it cannot be done.The hyperlink is a poor user experience on a touchscreen mobile device because it is very hard to use with an imprecise instrument like the human thumb.

О том, как рисовать кривые графики в стиле XKCD Недавно я публиковал статью на Хабре про гитарный тюнер, и многих заинтересовали анимированные графики которые я использовал для иллюстрации звуковых волн, в том числе технология создания таких графиков. Поэтому в этой статье я поделюсь своим подходом и библиотечкой на Node.js которая поможет строить подобные графики. Предыстория Зачем делать графики кривыми? Вообще, идея создания кривых графиков идет из академической культуры — не только российской, но и мировой. Этот подход, когда даже довольно сложная научная информация иллюстрируется небрежными графиками является довольно распространенной практикой. Именно на этом нюансе создаются комиксы XKCD, юмор которых базируется на простых зависимостях интерпретируемых в некоторой необычной манере: Небрежность в графиках позволяет сместить внимание с количественной оценки, на качественную, что в свою очередь способствует лучшему восприятию новой информации. Зачем писать скрипты для построения графиков? Почему Node.js? Добавление искривлений Анимация <!

Nathan Chantrell - The The Pronto's IR Code Format (1) Barry Gordon The following page was printed from This document describes the format of learned IR codes as they are displayed in ProntoEdit program. It is assumed that the reader has a working familiarity with the Philips Pronto remote control and the ProntoEdit software system. Acknowledgments: This document could not have been possible for me to write without the assistance of a lot of people who contributed their time and effort to helping me understand the various parts of the ProntoEdit IR display format. I would like to thank; AHP (A Helpful Person), Jack Schultz, Manu Duarte, Timm, CDecker, and others. Please pardon my use of the BBS handles, but in many cases that is the only way I know them.